Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time for another TV program review

Thank goodness for Netflix. How would I dig this stuff up otherwise?

This time I'm going to talk about Emergency! Yes, from that series about firefighter/paramedics from the 70's. This was a show I loved through my teenage years, when Randy Mantooth graced the covers of all the teen girl magazines. Yes, I saw them. No, I didn't buy them. I thought DeSoto was much more interesting. So, I've watched a few episodes from the first season, when there were a lot of scenes between Nurse Dixie and Dr Kelly Brackett. And people going into the emergency room and getting immediate attention, even for minor - or silly - ailments.

I get amused at the show, because it was supposed to be gritty and realistic at the time. Our definitions of those have certainly changed. At least as far as television is concerned. It is fun to see the cars, and the fashions again. I grew up with those. The roads not seeming so busy, not even the freeways in the backgrounds. Nostalgia on a couple of different levels, I guess.

It is interesting to watch with a little more informed eye, though. These guys take their helmets off ALL THE TIME. I can catch the stock footage now. It is weird that there isn't a seat belt to be found. Still, in some ways, the show holds up as entertainment. Sometimes the blood/injury/doctor themes really bother Raine on TV. I love the crime drama shows, but haven't kept up with many. Raine can watch Emergency!, though, for a rescue show, there really isn't much blood or obvious injury. In fact, I told her how I wasn't that much older than she is now when it started, and I how really liked the show back then. Someday, I told her, she can share a show she loves now with her kids (and they will think she's just as dorky as she thinks I am... and that will be OK, too. Singing along with the theme song probably didn't help me much.).

So catch an episode of Emergency! or two for some light, nostalgic entertainment.