Sunday, January 31, 2010

guess what

Today was sewing day for Roxanne and I. We have told her niece that we would make her wedding dress. She wants a two piece dress, with a skirt that has these poofs in it (it looks better than it sounds) and a bodice. Today, we fitted the bodice. She got wrapped in duct tape - over a t-shirt - and we drew the pattern and cut it off of her. Carefully, of course. Now, Dev, I'm going to be asking you some questions, so be ready! (but not right her, right now. Oh, darn, I guess that means you have time to hide if you want to...)

No, the thing that you will really like - well except for the part that you are looking at pictures of me (come on, admit you would rather look at pictures of someone cuter, say, Raine) - I took pictures of what got finished today. OK, both tops still need a little handwork done, AND I really got Ron to take the pictures, but that's just details...

The first top is a tunic-y top that I made by combining two patterns. The original body pattern has a cutout in the back, which I didn't do this time, but the next time I make it, I think I'll try it That top was sleeveless, and I definitely wanted sleeves, so I found some from a pattern I thought would be compatible, and it was. I really like the length on that top, an find myself drawn to longer tops. It also has a small dart from the arm hole. I made a blue dress with a similar dart that works well, so I was happy to try it on this one. I just love that tye-died and batiked fabric, it is really soft and beautiful. It is kind of hard to tell on the photo, but the dotty kind of areas are butterflies.

The second top is on that was on hold for a couple of weeks, I got some of it sewn together, but needed to put in a couple of button holes for the ties to come through. Then the ties weren't cooperative so we got the cording. I looked for red, but found the brown. Roxanne found the red. We decided to combine them. It will a perfect top to debut Valentine's week.

arts and crafts

I went to Hobby Lobby today. I needed some cording to go with one of the tops that I'm in the process of making, and I felt like walking around in there instead of Joanns. I was alone, so I got to look at whatever I wanted for however long I wanted. It was lovely.

I found some Valentines for Raine to take to school. I also put together stuff for a little Valentine's themed art project. I'll send the parts and a little note to her teacher this week, so it can be used when and as appropriate. Basically, I found felt heart ornaments and stuff for the kids to glue on to decorate them: little paper heart doilies, confetti cut-outs of hearts, etc, and - or course - some glitter. I think kids like to decorate stuff. I know Raine does. And it isn't candy. I like that, too. (Raine's teacher probably appreciates that as well)

I got inspired to make sun-catcher like things to hang in the craft room windows to catch the light. I've been wanting some, but what I found there made me realize that putting some together on my own would be fun and creative. I found the cording I was looking for, and - since they were having a sale on calicoes, some fabric for a black and white top. It really caught my eye.

Speaking of fabric, which leads to sewing, which leads me ever back to my studio idea/dream. Carl and I were talking about that, and we both agreed that a studio shouldn't be a lonely place. For us, creativity is best shared. Every time I think about having specific studio space, there are always people included, sharing ideas, working on projects, talking, and having a great time. The studio is as much about that as having great materials and/or equipment.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

its thursday

It has been rainy off and on all day. I'm beat and ready for the weekend. Tomorrow, the students will go home at 12:15 so we can get ready for scheduling them for their classes for next year. I still have to take those quizes to be able to proctor that darned test next week. Dev has messed up her knee in some way that only Dev would do. Its one of those days. I did - however - laugh a lot at the first cake in today's CakeWrecks entry. Check it out for a little amusement of your own, but don't take a sip of anything while the page is loading. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We never quite do, do we? I think I saw my old flame at the gas station this evening. I could have spoken up, and said hi. He probably would have happily conversed for a moment or two. He has in the past. I didn't say anything. I didn't even feel like I wanted to.

When I was 18 -19, I was sure he was the one I would spend forever with. Fortunately for me, he didn't feel the same way. It took me a long time to get over him, but I did. Over the years, I've heard something about him here and there, and I'm still good friends with his brother, who I think is a wonderful person, and respect a great deal.

My old flame has not made choices in his life that I respect or appreciate. He's not a criminal, that I know of, and I guess he lives a pretty normal, ordinary life. He has - however, and among other things - snubbed most of the people I thought he cared a great deal about, including the brother mentioned above. Granted, I'm not in his shoes or even - thankfully - in his house, but over the years, I've become more and more thankful that things didn't work out between us, way back when. It isn't that I hate him, or everything he has or has done, that would be a total waste of my time, energy and emotions. That isn't why I'm talking about him today.

There was a point, though, when I realized that I didn't mourn the loss of him any more, so much as I felt the loss of the person I thought he was. I'm still sorry that person isn't in the world.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

wanting and doing

There are a lot of things I want. I'm a big "wanter." I want to lose weight. I want a patio in the back yard (actually, a whole backyard make-over). I want to have days to sew like crazy, and days to be able to just read a whole book. I want my craft room so organized that it looks practically empty. I want someone else (besides me) to clean the toilet. I could even throw in world peace, that's an excellent thing to want.

See? a lot of things to want. In all kinds of shapes and sizes.

I've been thinking about that wanting lately, because one of the things I want is a security screen on several of the doors in the house. Then, in the summer, when New Mexico actually cools off at night, you could open up the doors, and let the breezes in the house, even leave them open overnight without fear of someone just walking into the house. Now, I live in a reasonably good neighborhood. I'm not afraid of my neighbors. But, bad stuff happens, and I don't want to "invite" the bad stuff in. So, security screen doors. I don't have to have them all at once, but I'm not really good with the home repair and improvement stuff. Now comes the doing part. I've asked Ron if he would do the installation, and he wasn't really enthusiastic. Now, I don't want to demand that he do it, he deserves his leisure time, and time to pursue his own hobbies.

What am I willing to do to get the doors on... and - face it - all those other things I want? Which of them do I want badly enough to do something about? I've had this sort of understanding about my weight, but the insight into other wanting was an insight into understanding - and maybe even getting - for me. An epiphany of sorts. Even a way to sort my wants, honestly, and prioritize them for myself. I think the order of my to-so list shifted around a little, or maybe I just saw the truth of the order a little more clearly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

monday, monday

Let's see what's in store this week.

Today was the official birthday and now Raine is really 7. It was a good day, I think. She got butterfly kisses, and a butterfly fart (they smell like flowers) at bed time. I got lots of giggles. Man, can she giggle. Last night, I gave her a kiss, and she told me, "I rubbed it all over my face." There's nothing like a kid who likes to rub in her mama's kisses.

I did the handwork on one of the tops we got put together on Sunday, and I tried it on, and got Carl to photograph me and it. Kind of a dark photograph, so the colors don't really show up, but the background is a dark brown, and the medalions are larger and smaller celtic knots in tan and a light and slightly darker aqua kind of hue. Nothing too brightly colored. I made long sleeves, and they are kind of full, so I'm going to have to see how they work out, and think about shortening them some if I want to wear the top for more than the coldest part of the winter. I've made the tunic top several times, now, and I like it a lot, so I'm trying the variations, now.

I think some of our next projects will be working on a more tailored look. I don't know how much I'll like those clothes, as I'm not used to wearing anything very tailored. Still, done correctly, it should look good, and then also feel good (you know, if it fits right, thus the whole tailoring idea). That, and I think that is the next rung in the sewing skills ladder. I think I'll learn something about clothing and how it works.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the rest of the weekend

I got to sew today with Roxanne, and we finished up two tops, and a skirt. She revised a top she had made - the elastic was uncomfortable in the sleeves - and I revised her jeans again. I think i got them right this time. We are going to be making her neice's wedding dress and the fabric came in and was inspected. Measurements were taken, and plans were made for a duct-tape bodice pattern making for next weekend. Dev? are you ready Dev? Ah, we can do it, but Dev has helped in bodice construction enough times to qualify as a pro at it.

What did you ask? Did I take pictures of all the stuff we finished today? Ummmm no.... Didn't even think about bringing the camera. I sure do need to catch up on some of those photos, don't I.

In the mean time, I DO have a fairly blurry picture of the Organ Mountains from yesterday almost dark. Friday night we got rain, but the Organs got a pretty good covering of snow, and pretty far down. They were covered in clouds a good part of the day, but the looked amazing in the evening. It's blurry, I know, but I bet you get the idea... (darn digital camera with no such thing as fast film...)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, I said I would tell y'all about it, and here we go. With pictures even. Yes, Raine had a good time and a busy day.

First up, Uncle Carl took Raine shopping for some cowboy boots. She got to pick the pair she wanted, and she loves them. Yes, she is holding Ginger the patient cat, who believes any attention is better than no attention.

Then, it was off to Chuckie Cheese, where she played games, hung out with her best friends, blew out the candles on her cake, and discovered a new hair-do.

Friday, January 22, 2010

birthday party on the way

Raine will be 7 on Monday. We have her Birthday party planned for tomorrow. It won't be a big, huge affair, in fact, we've invited 3 kids - well 5, but the two from Arizona aren't going to be able to be here this year like they were last year. In fact, only one may show up. Still, it will be fun, even with only one other kid. Ezekiel is her best friend and they can't go wrong, there.

There will be presents, and cake and fun at Chuckie Cheese's, and I promise to take pictures and even share them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A friend of mine reminded me of something. I asked her what she was reading, and she mentioned that she had recently picked up a novel by Janet Evanovich. I've looked at her series, but I've not read any of them. Yet. My friend said that they were pretty amusing, and I've liked other books that she's liked, so I'll probably pick some up and try them out.

She mentioned that she really enjoyed how the reader of the audio book brought the characters to life. Audio book! I love audio books! It has been a while since I've listened to any, but the public library in Colorado Springs had a really nice selection, and I listened to quite a few. I know there are books that I've enjoyed much more by listening to them than I would have reading them, and we all know I love to read.

Our public library is not as well stocked (or as large) as the one in Colorado Springs, but I know they do carry audio books. I think it's time to make sure my library card is up to date.

Oh, yes, and since I'm talking about books... YES, Fran, book review posts would be lovely!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

come home

Well, I spent two and a half hours after school organizing things. I could have been there longer, there was certainly more to do. Still, there is something good about going home. Something great, really.

The busy season is coming up hard and fast. My students spent a day in the computer lab this week taking a mandated test. On Feb 2nd there is another and different state mandated test. I get to help proctor that one. Before then, I have to get online, read some material and take three quizes and pass them to prove that I'm qualified to proctor these tests. Today we had a meeting about how it was important to take and pass those quizes. Sure. Take the time I could be using to take the quizes, or at least look through the material, to tell me about them. Sigh.

I already can't believe how fast the semester is moving. I have stuff to do! Papers to grade! Kids to teach! Where does the time go?

It's not like I'm trying to complain, and I hope it doesn't sound like complaining. I'm just astounded at the sheer volume sometimes, looking around my classroom and noticing things that will just remain undone for the time being because it is time, oh yes it is, to come home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

planning time

Seems like just last week, it was Christmas... and wasn't New Years a couple of days ago? Raine's birthday is coming up in.... wait... less than a week!?!?


Fortunately she is an easy child to plan a party for, at least at this point. One year we did a dinosaur dig in our back yard, and that was really fun. Last year, she wanted a party at Chuckie Cheese's. It was a lot less trouble, and I didn't have to clean the house before OR after. This year I think its going to be more of the same, more or less. We don't go all out for an outrageous party, I'm afraid. We won't get noticed on party of the year. Still, I think she enjoys them (she still talks about the dinosaur dig) and that is the important part. I think bionicles will be heavy in the theme this year, not surprisingly... and even better if there were bionicle dinosaurs. Hey! There's an idea, Lego...

She'll be 7 this year. Not a little kid any more. Not to mention she's catching up to me in height. Already. Sheesh.

Monday, January 18, 2010

what I want

What I really want, today, is to tell you about all the crafty cool things I did today, and am planning to do this week. I WANT to, but since I didn't do any, well, there ya go.

I had hoped to sew with Roxanne a little today, but it didn't work out. MY fault, not hers. I didn't figure out what was wrong with the serger, although I did take it by the Bernina shop. The shop, however, is closed on Mondays. Sigh. Ron took a look at it, though, and he may have figured out the problem and how to correct it. Yay Ron!

But, back to those crafty cool things that I want to work on... Where is the time? Where is the space? I want my friends to have the time to join me, too. THAT's what will make this endeavor even more fun! Could it be a job? I don't see how it would support anyone, unless you did it in a shop, and I'm just not much of a salesperson, really... Still, anyone want to pitch in for it when they win the lottery, just let me know, OK?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a new family member

About a week ago, our local newspaper ran an article about how our local animal shelter was inundated with puppies that needed to be adopted. Carl, who has been thinking about adopting a dog - although not a puppy - took that for a sign, to use the last of his Christmas money and adopt. He and I went to the shelter to take a look. He wanted a medium sized male dog, thinking a male would probably get along with the female we have, who can be kind of persnickity. (She's a terrier, and can be very single minded about some things, like who gets to be in her yard with her.)

Well, we walked through the kennels, looking the dogs over, as one does, trying to match the cards to the dogs, and looking at the breeds, etc. We stopped at the corner for a bit, then continued all the way around. People would walk through, and some of the dogs would leap into the air for a look, and we mentally measured up the leapers with our backyard fences. Some of those dogs, I swear would have cleared our fence without even touching.

Back in the corner kennel, though, was a rottweiler mix that was built a lot like a dog Carl had had already, and he was attentive, yet not too excited. Friendly, but not too needy, and we got the kennel guy and he put that dog on the leash, and led us out to the meeting area. Pretty soon, we called Ron and got him to bring up Dixie to meet him too. That first meeting went better than any of us expected it to, and Lee (that's his name now) really, really, really wanted to play with Dixie. She showed signs that she might like to play, too, and didn't try to eat him or anything.

So, now Lee is here, and happy to be here, too. Dixie seems happy to have the company, as well, and that is a big plus. He's going to have to learn his new name, and we hope he won't think it is Dixie, although, he might. He's a good sized, friendly mutt who seems good natured and a good addition to the family, all around.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

before and after

So, one more pants post. The pants worked great. Probably the best pair of pants I've made so far. I've made several pair that I haven't liked AT ALL when I put them on.

Fran, the seams were not bothersome, and I'll bet as the fabric ages and softens more, they won't even get my attention first thing when I put them on.

I talked to Roxanne to see if she had worn her pair, and she had, although hers still need some adjustment. We'll probably have to undo the waistband to get them right. That's a pain, but part of the learning curve. Sigh. She thought we might have to loose the pockets, and I hope not, because I find pockets very helpful. Yeah, I know, those are her pants not mine, but still.

We might even get some extra sewing in this weekend, what with the Monday holiday. Woot!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, I finished the pants this evening. Put elastic in the waist and tried them on again. Even got Carl to take a picture for me... although it doesn't really show as much of the pants as I would like. Still, you can get the idea.

I like the way they fit and feel, in general, although they are a bit snug. Roxanne's came out bigger and we took them in a bit. I think I over-compensated on mine, but not fatally.

I have really been wanting those khaki pants, though. Now I have them, and I'll be wearing them to school tomorrow. I'll, let you know, Fran, if the seams are an issue. Of course you may be more bothered by them than I would be, but then maybe not.

So, we get that I'm holding the hem of my shirt up so that you can see the fit of the pants, not because I'm expecting anyone to admire my general shape or anything, right? Just so everyone understands that I understand that, too...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last weekend Carl and I found the movie Up! at Sam's. I had taken Raine to see it at the theater, and had really enjoyed it, as had she. We definitely needed it in our collection, so we got it.

Sunday evening, we popped it in and watched it. Now I feel compelled to write about it. Well, at least a little.

There are several things that make this movie a fun movie. The talking dogs, for instance. They were done so well, and the cone of shame... well, yeah. Nicely done. The bird is good, too. Very expressive and colorful and entertaining. But, the movie goes beyond the fun bits, and in some very important ways.

Up is more than a direction for a house floating through the air. The movie is about how we honor the ones we love, from building dreams with them, and trying to see those dreams through, to living the ordinary and extra-ordinary days with them. We realize that an adventure can bring us closer together, and let us discover strength we didn't know we had. We also find that a life filled with love can be the best adventure of all. We learn that sometimes it takes a whole lot of lift to get out of the sadness of loosing a loved one, but that getting rid of our baggage can help lighten that load. Finally, and maybe most profoundly, remember that a house is only a house.

I hope I haven't done too much of a spoiler here, and that you enjoy the movie Up. The sooner you see it, the better.

Monday, January 11, 2010

sewing from saturday

Since I had so much cut out, we got a good bit of sewing done last Saturday. Two pair of pants, one for me and another for Roxanne, trying out a new pattern on both pair. This pattern has a seam in the front and back of the legs, as well as on the sides. This allows for a better fitting pair of pants, and after we have worn them a time or two, we'll let you know whether we like them or not. Initial reports are good, however.

We also sewed up a top that Ron's mother had requested, a white tunic top. I have to admit a fondness for tone on tone, and the tiny white leaves on the white fabric create interest on what would otherwise just by a white top. I sure hope it fits her well.

There are still about 6 tops and another pair of pants in the basket, so we have plenty for next weekend, too, I think. Sorry all, I didn't get photos, although I did remember to take the camera. We got rather sidetracked at the end of our afternoon with Candice, Roxanne's niece, who has asked us to make her wedding dress for her. She brought patterns that she liked, and we discussed the possibilities. Now we just have to put her on a schedule, so we can get done on time. Unlike most people (me included) Roxanne is a planner, and a she will help us get it started early and done in plenty of time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sharing some fun

Ron's mom sent me some photos that she took while we were there. I really, really enjoyed them, and thought I would share a few with my friends.

We have one with Raine in the snow. Raine sleeping in on Christmas morning (yes, she actually does sleep in that position sometimes), then later on Christmas day, after the presents have all been opened, and Raine and her Uncle Shannon working on their electronics. Wait-a-minute... there is something familiar about that position. Finally, there is Raine, her grandfather Ron, and her great grandmother, Rosie. I really like those inter-generational pictures.

I'm just sorry that they turned out so small. I think that has to do with how I saved them when Ron's mom sent them to me by e-mail this morning. Now, I have something to do... go check out that e-mail and see if I can save them in a different size.

*** Well, what do you know... I'm learning something here. I'm saving the photos a different way, and it IS making a difference, so I will be changing them... I might leave a smaller version of one of the pictures, just to show the difference. Of course they will all be in a new order when I'm done. Wow, a weekend, and I learned something anyway.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

inspiration goes where?

Yes, I have an itch to create, and I know I put my ideas somewhere... I could find them, I know, even though the craft room is a wreck, but... sigh. I have to go to work tomorrow.

Fortunately, the next day is Saturday, and we all know what that means, right? Sewing with Roxanne. THIS time, I'm ready with tops already cut out and ready to stitch. Maybe we can get a couple done, or close to it... all but the button holes and buttons or something. Woot! That would be great.

Still I've been feeling that need to be crafty. I think it is a winter thing. When I sit in front of the television, I should have my lap covered by an afgan. Preferably one I am making, so that when the cold weather is over, I can wrap it up and give it to someone and not have to look at it again for a very long time. Maybe by then I'll think it looks ok again... Wait, is that a terrible thing to think? Does that mean my color combination choices leave something to be desired? Hmmmm.... I never thought about it in just that way before. Maybe. Still.

Sometimes I think my taste is all in my mouth but my fingers say "make something!!!" all the time. Lately I've had a creative itch that I just haven't been able to really scratch. Maybe some sewing would help that, and some creative stitchery experimentation. I wouldn't mind knitting or crocheting something, but.... I dunno what. Like my inspiration is doing that thing where the word you want is right on the tip of your tongue.... but you can't find it. Yikes... so now my inspiration is in my mouth... with my taste (?)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

try it, and keep trying

Ahhh the beginning of a new semester. Everything's fresh and new again, and the birds are singing, and.... oops, I think I got in the wrong movie.

Still have the same students from last semester, and I'm actually happy with that. Yes, there is something to be said for a fresh batch of students, who will be intimidated for a couple of weeks... or days... or... There is also something to be said for not having to learn close to 90 new names and faces. It takes me a good month or more, really, and I try, I really do.

Still, they came back. They started anew. Most of them did most of the work today. Well, except for 4th period. They were more interested in talking and pretending to need the bathroom so they could get snacks. My last class - 4th - is my special challenge this year. And this is a year of special challenges, so that is saying something. I can get the attention of about 4 of them at a time. Then they will listen and ask questions, etc. Maybe even put an effort in on the work. Well, some of them put an effort in all the time, some of them put in effort some of the time, and a few really don't care about the effort at all. Calls will be going home. Early. Soon. I'm saying that even though I don't like making those calls. Still, I'll do it. Just see if I don't.

I have plans. There are ideas. I don't feel like I'm basically on my own this semester, and I'm working with a teacher (and her SPED students - and no, those aren't in 4th period) and I'm really rather excited to work with her. I've known her for a while, in the SCA (yep, it's Mistress Toragana, mundanely known as Alison Greene-Wall), and more recently because of our mutual love of crafting things. Now, we are working together professionally, and so far, I'm loving it.

You know... I had a point, but I'm not sure I got to it. I guess it is that after the break, and with some changes, I'm ready to try to learn these kids something again. Its been a challenge so far. In fact it's been several. I'm sure there are several more in store for us, but at this moment, optimism.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

time for some movies

One of the great things about the holidays is that you can watch movies. Sometimes those movies are the winter fare at the theater, and sometimes the dvd's you got - or gave - for Christmas. We did some of each this year.

In the theater, we saw Avatar. Not the best named film of the year, but WOW, it sure was pretty. The 3D is not gratuitous so they can throw things at you, but the next generation of all-films-will-soon-be-made-in-3-d. There were layers of things to look at. They flew. Without too many spoilers, the movie looked wonderful, the special effects of integrating animation and live action was done very well. AND there was even a plot! A decent plot, well executed, even. Not to mention, Sigourney Weaver is in it. I recommend a theater for this one, at least once, just for the beauty on the big screen.

Another movie we watched was District 9. Woah. NOT what I expected. Better than I expected. Using aliens as a metaphor for a human situation is not a new device, but it still works. Refreshing to see a movie set in South Africa. Interesting concept for a film. Again, special effects were really good. (Remember the days when Star Wars special effects were supreme? yeah, me too) As Carl mentioned, and I aggreed, someone from the 40's or 50's who jumped straight to this movie would probably believe those aliens were real. They sure weren't guys in alien suits...

Then there was Gran Torino. Another movie that wasn't what I expected, and in a good way. Clint Eastwood sure knows his business, and he certainly didn't walk through this role. His grumpy old man scowl and growl was spot on. Not an easy character to create sympathy for, but it was achieved, and well done. Not your typical coming of age film, still I think it fits. (Just depends on which age you are coming to...) This is definately a film to watch for character development.

Then there is the Tim Burton production of 9. We enjoyed this film in the theater, and Ron picked it up on sale after Christmas. I think I enjoyed it as much the second time as the first. There were still details to notice, and questions to ponder. This one will age well, I think, and be a movie to come back to time and again.

Speaking of time and again, I also dipped into my collection of Poirot, starring David Suchet. I love these, and have for years. They are done well, and of course the stories are good, as well. Thank you Agatha Christie.

What did you enjoy recently?

Monday, January 4, 2010

one on me

So the addition to my personal to-do list today is: pay attention.

We went back to school today for our day of meetings. I help present in the morning, and that went pretty well. Then lunch, and our afternoon meetings. The first one went well, then our group had a break before our next meeting. THEN, a second meeting got postponed. That meant a decent block of time for planning and preparation before the last meeting.

So, I did that. I got out the text book, and looked through The Odyssey to plan a word wall, think about how to divide up the first part, then the second part, then... well I went to visit with another teacher for a few minutes on the topic, then back to my room and working on the drama unit.

All the time, I was glancing at my clock, waiting for time for that last meeting. Finally, I figured out something... the hallway was quiet. The teacher that I had talked to earlier - and was in the same group as me - wasn't in her room any more... what the? The clock said 12:45... hmmmm suspicion started to bloom. I made my way around the construction to the meeting room to find everything being closed up. DOH! The clock in my room was wrong! No wonder I was getting so much done so "fast." Well, fortunately I had previously had the information given in that meeting, but really, sometimes I wonder about my own perception...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is that time of year. Do you make them? I don't. Not really. Not any more than any other time of the year, at least. Still, the self reflection one might do in preparation for those resolutions might be healthy (in moderation).

In 2009, I continued on my journey of eating better. I lost a little weight, not a bunch. Not as much as a could stand to loose, but still, some. I've made healthier choices, but still have room to grow there. In 2010, I want to move. No, I don't mean households, I mean move my body. Exercise more. Move it so I don't loose it, ya know...

We have not been good about keeping in touch with family. Oh, sure, the ones in town are pretty easy. I get to sew with Roxanne almost every Saturday. The other ones, though, aren't as easy. Facebook helps some, actually... We did go to Wichita Falls for the 4th of July. It was a good trip, and we enjoyed it. I took Raine to see her grandparents. That was a good trip, too. (next time i want my sewing machine, darn it!) We talked about sending her during the summer again. I hope it can happen. I also want to visit my mom's family in Houston. I haven't been there in more than 10 years. Its time. Our plan is for spring break. Better connections.

Finally (back to the sewing) I feel like I got better at it. I learned to use my serger (yay) and I'm looking forward to more next year. I'd like to get better at fitting garments. That tailored look. (what, and I'll actually wear that??? dunno, maybe) I have a book with all kinds of things you can do with a serger. I need to go beyond the seam. Then, we also have a new machine to experiment with. An embroidery machine. The possibilities expand, and keep expanding. It's good for the creativity. It's good for the soul.

So, here are my resolutions, such as they are. Move, connect, create. Live, love, learn. Hopeful beginnings, my friends, keep to the path, find your path.

Friday, January 1, 2010


My first post of the New Year. I hope everyone as a happy one. Better than last year, even if last year was a good one, but especially if it wasn't.

Winter vacation draws to a close. Sigh. I know I shouldn't complain, as I've had a nice one, and many, many people don't get one. Still, as with all good things, I hate to see it end.

I get to go sew with Roxanne, tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that as much as always, maybe even more than sometimes as I've had to miss a couple of weeks, and miss it I do. We worked on stuffed rocking horses as Christmas gifts, although we didn't get as many completed as we had hoped, since we started on them later than we should have. They are all sewn now, although they still need to be stuffed and put together. If I can get the camera packed, I'll take a picture of one or more. I don't know that we will work on them too much tomorrow, though. I really want to work on one of the tops I've cut out. Carl gave me some good Gingher scissors for Christmas, and man, are they nice. I've had a pair for a while, but a different style, and the new ones are the right heft and weight, and I really like them. Being new and sharp and all doesn't hurt either.

I think I figured out what to do with my Christmas money, too. What's left of it anyway... We have been talking about getting security screen doors for the house. In the summer time, when the nights cool off nicely, we can open them up and get a breeze through the house and not have to run the A/C all night long. Hopefully cut down on some of those bills. I don't have enough to cover more than one, right now, but that is a start, and I'm happy with it. I've got to talk to Ron about the installation issue. I'm not sure whether I have enough to cover that or not. Hmmmm, maybe if I offer to take him to dinner he wouldn't mind too much... or maybe an new shirt?

Anyway, Happy New Year. May your to-do list be filled with things you will be happy to complete, feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment doing, and that you can honestly anticipate beginning, working on and achieving.