Saturday, February 28, 2009

rambling thoughts

The weather today was not quite up in the 80's like it was earlier this week, but it was still a very nice day out. I got a bit of yard improvement done, like trimmed the dead wood off the rose bushes. I noticed that the pomegranite bush that we planted last weekend is already getting little leaves on it. Yay, a good sign that it survived replanting. Of course, now it just has to weather the inevitable cold snap that will be coming up sometime in the next month or so. Still more work out there to do, though, and I'm hoping I can get to a bit of it tomorrow. It feels good to be outside. I hate to start watering so early, but this winter has been sooo dry that I'm afraid it is necessary.

Shopped in one of my favorite spots today... yep, fabric. Found a couple of pieces I really liked. I want to make pants. Oh, sure I've made myself pants before, but its kind of iffy whether I will like the way they feel once I've made them. Oh, they look fine, but I've got one of those shapes that patterns aren't always cut for. Or something. I haven't learned the ultimate secret of sewing pants, yet. I've made a few pair for Raine, and I think I do better on hers. (or maybe its just that I don't have to feel how they fit) Maybe that has given me enough practice... anyway, I keep finding myself buying pants fabric, and yet, I have not made new pants yet.

Carl made tomato soup again today. Did I tell you about his home-made tomato soup? Oh My Goodness. And it's simple! Almost as easy as opening a can of Campbell's, and oh, so much better. SO here's what you do. Cut up an onion, and sautee until almost browned. Throw in some garlic (we have the already crshed kind, and he puts in about a tablespoon). Stir that around a bit. Then, add two cans of diced tomatos, and two cups of chicken or vegetable broth. Bullion cubes will be too salty, but Carl has used a condensed broth from a jar that he keeps for cooking with and works just fine. Add some basil, fresh or dry, and a little tabasco, to taste. Let this simmer together for a bit, then Puree in the blender. Return to the pan, then add a cup of half & half to make it creamy. Of course you need a grilled cheese sandwich with this soup. Perfect for comfort food, I must say.

So now that my thoughts have wandered around, they are heading for bed, and I think I will follow...

Friday, February 27, 2009

really glad

I'm sooooo glad its Friday. I'm tired, but I'm staying up late... SHhhh, don't tell, Carl's out on a date and he's not back yet. No! What would make you ask if I'm staying up to wait for him? Well, I'm not, really, although, if he gets back before I go to bed...

We had a good landmark this week. Raine got good cooperation marks this week. This is the thing she's been needing to work on all year. No, I don't think we're out of the woods with it yet, but hey, we've come to a little clearing. She gets to play with Ezekiel, and maybe even have some computer time. Woo Hoo! Rewards and consequences. You are never too young to learn about the system. She's my bestest kid, you know...

OK, I'm getting silly, and seriously sleepy, now, so I'm signing off until tomorrow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ha ha on me

Here I was last night, writing about all these shows I want to watch on TV. This evening, I'm thinking, surely there is something I could watch and knit to. Nothing. Oh, you know the HGTV home buying shows. I can sit in front of those. I like looking in people's houses. They make dumb choices sometimes, but hey, that's only my humble opinion. (you know, 'cause I've never made a decision based on anything but cool, clear logic etc. yeah.)

I actually wanted to watch something, or at least be interested in how it turned out while I was knitting, but it was not to be. Still. I think I will continue with the knitting. I'm anxious to see my second sock finished. I think I'm about 5 inches into it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

television viewing

There are a couple of things that bug me about commercial television. The biggest one being - of course - commercials. bleah. That being said, the number of programs I'm willing to watch seems to be on the rise lately. First, there is Heroes, which I've talked about before, and I'm still enjoying on Monday nights. Before Heroes, is Chuck, which generally, I can leave or take, but Carl likes it, and it has Adam Baldwin in it. He used to be in Firefly, a Joss Whedon series. Yep, there's going to be a theme here, of sorts. Anyway, after Heroes is Medium, which I enjoy as a mystery series, although I've missed a season or maybe two. Still, now it is on at a time when I can easily find it, and I've enjoyed the episodes I've caught.

Now Joss Whedon has a new series this season, called Dollhouse. The premise is that certain people are maleable and suseptable to a process that lets them accept experiences, skills, and personality traits that are not their own, and use them as if they were. Need a negotiator? If there is one in the memory banks, you can hire him/her from the Dollhouse... Only that isn't all there is to it. I hope. The second episode was more interesting and held more promise of development than the first did. AND we find out that there is an escaped Doll... Alpha. I read today that Alpha will be played by Alan Tudyk, who also played one of the characters in Firefly. This character is MUCH different than that, and I will be interested in seeing Tudyk's acting. Dollhouse follows the Sarah Conner Chronicals, which features another Firefly alumni, who's name is escaping me at the moment, darn it. She played River Tam, though.

Tonight, I got to see a little preview of a new series starting March 9th, called Cathedral (I think that's right) about a mystery writer that solves crimes, I think. Wait. Isn't that Murder She Wrote? Um, only this time, move over Angela, Nathon Fillion is playing the writer. He is - in the trailer - being questioned because someone is copying deaths from his books. Nathon played Malcolm Reynolds in - you guessed it - Firefly. I like mystery series, and even enjoyed MSW, although I have to admit I would never want to meet Jessica myself, it would probably mean I was next on someone's list. That woman was around more murdered people than most homicide detectives. Being her aquantance was like the kiss of death. Anyway, I've got a season of TV to keep track of. Yikes. Good thing I know where some of the download sites are, and our DVR will let you fast forward through those darned commercials.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Carrie and Shannon made it to North Carolina. They did it in a long haul of driving the likes of which would not thrill me to do. They made it home safely, however, and that is what counts. I bet they are happy to be done with that trip.

I used up the last of my energy today walking through Walmart. Something about that store sucks me dry every time. I hope I got what I needed and won't have to go back for a while. So I'm tired and cranky and I haven't got two thoughts to rub together, much less write about. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

hello goodbye

Ron's sister and her hubby paused at our house last night on their way back to North Carolina. After (I think) three years, and a run of bad luck like crazy, they've decided to leave Albuquerque to return to the familiar and slightly more support system-y state of North Carolina. Their luck was pretty bad, although I do think some of it was - as can be - created. Still, the random factor was there. Maybe their kharma pool was shallower than they thought.

Anyway, the 26 foot truck towing the car, the two cats, and Carrie and Shannon were here for the time I would normally have been blogging. They were using my computer to plot out their course and print out directions. I'm all for them doing those things, and happy that the technology makes it easier than it used to be. I wish them better fortune. Please. And a safe trip home.

The warming tend continues here in New Mexico, and although it was mostly cloudy today - with some non-wind related particulates in the air - it was in the 70's. We are supposed to get into the 80's this week, even. Spring, spring, spring. It will probably freeze over Easter, and kill off the cherry crop up in the mountains, not to mention fruities in the valley. Ah well, nature. Soon the dust will blow, and the true spring cleaning will begin.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

spring cleaning

I know that Puxatawnee Phil saw his shadow this year, and spring should be at least three more weeks away, according to the groundhog. Still, the hope of spring is definitely in the air in this part of New Mexico, at least. The trees are growing their buds. One of my rosebushes has put on a bunch of new leaves, still dark reddish. We are expecting temperatures in the 70's tomorrow.

This winter has been very dry, so things are pretty sandy. I've gotten the itch to rake the yard and water things down a bit. OK, maybe not soak everything, but still, enough to keep the dirt down. I did rake up a few bags of leaves and debris today. Hopefully I'll get a few more done tomorrow, in time for the grappler to take them away on trash day. Yes, there is some guilt disposing of yard waste that way, but I don't have a compost system set up yet, and it needs to be taken care of now. Besides, hopefully I'll be able to get rid of a good many weeds while I'm working, and I definitely don't want those in the compost. Ron got our new pomegranite bush planted too. Raine even helped by filling in some holes that the dog had made.

Working in the yard brings that satisfaction of finishing and being able to tell you've done a good job, and that things look better when you're done. Our yard still need some work. We haven't gotten very far on the patio we want to be able to walk out the french doors in the bedroom to. Our fencing is in rather poor shape as well and needs to be replaced/repaired. That stuff can be done a bit at a time, in financially manageble lots. Thank goodness.

So, we may get a cold snap between now and April, but spring, my friends, is definately on the way. Let the cleaning begin!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

still trying to talk myself into it

So, last week, when I went to the Dr. I finally found out what the results were from the blood sugar test that I had taken in October. I know, bad me for not making sure i found out earlier, but I knew they would call me and let me know if it was bad. It wasn't. 7.2 was a big improvement over the previous one at 8. I don't have to take the test again until April. Yay me. I had even lost some more weight.

But I know that those pounds are not staying off. I go down, then back up, about 5 pounds or so, which with my body weight isn't a huge percentage of my overall weight. Still, it tells me that I'm not doing as well as I would like to think I am, and I shouldn't be fooling myself about it. No, I shouldn't. Still, as I know, there are other indicators of better overall health. I've bought smaller pants. Other clothes are fitting me more loosely. I've been making a conscious effort to walk more at work, and I can tell that my body feels better for it. Still, I would like to quit loosing those 5 pounds and work on a different 5 pounds for a while.

This is not a new problem for me. And while it has to do with my habit and desire to put food in my mouth when I shouldn't, I will also note that I've mostly been good about cutting the carbs, and eating carbs with protiens and the like. The low carb and low glycemic index meals that I've had are yummy, and I don't feel deprived by eating them. I'm not complaining about the food that I'm eating. Still, I do feel more and more like I need to invest in that blood sugar monitor. I need that daily feedback to reinforce my good days, and not let me think I'm getting away with something on the bad ones. This waiting 6 months - at this point - isn't really helping me with my learning curve on a daily basis. That monitor would help me in my personal quest not to fool myself that I'm taking care of things as I should when I'm not. It will also give me another indicator that I am taking care of things as I should, even when other indicators may be confusing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

would you want to?

What if it were possible to live 1000 years. Would you want to?

I was talking to a friend of mine in the medical field, and he mentioned some genetic research that would let people live longer, more youthful lives. Maybe even a span of 1000 years. But would you want to?

I mean, yeah, so you could choose not to die for a very long time. Death, that final thing. The one that we get kinda scared of. Yeah that. At first consideration, it seems like a no-brainer. But think about it a little more. a thousand years. 1066 was... the 100 years War? War of the Roses? Dang, I'm not good at history. Still, the point is, think how much the world has changed since then. Then think of how much it will change in the next 1000 years. Sure it would be cool to get to see all that new stuff, but change is one of the hardest things there is!

There are many things that would change here on earth if the population was able to live that long as well. First, overpopulation. We already HAVE that problem, and it boggles my mind to think of the problem magnified like that. Still, if you believed you would be around for 1000 years, maybe you would take better care of the earth, so that you would have a place to live for all of it, food to eat, etc. Perhaps we would become better stewards of the earth, more thoughtful and caring about it. I also think that craftsmanship would be back, and planned obsolescence would be out. Just think of housing. A 50 year old house is considered old. If I was going to live for 1000 years, I wouldn't want to have to have a new house every 50-100 years, I would want something that was going to endure! Something with craftsmanship.

I also think that extended lifespan would push us out to spacetravel, partly because humanity would need to expand, and partly on a search for new resources. Longer lives would allow you to see a project like that through.

Of course that doesn't even touch on the idea of the afterlife. I'm not interested in poking around in anyone's beliefs or faith, so I won't even go there. Still, there are ramifications, I think.

Anyway, I suppose the idea of a greatly extended life span - with health and youth and vigor - does hold certain appeal. I wonder if the treatment would also make your ears pointy? Would you do it? Would you want to live THAT LONG?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Have you seen this stuff? Some of it is just so very very cool! Google it, I dare ya. OK, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that I can geek out over it, after all, i really like roll playing games, AND I spent some fun years in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Anyway, some of the models and stuff that I have seen are pretty awesome.

I've read that there are organized steampunk groups. I haven't seen any around here, but I HAVE seen a poster for a steampunk convention in the Seattle area later this year. Woah, would I love to go to that. Of course I'm so very not ready to do it, really. No garb for one thing. Oh, yeah, I could make some. I know I could (see previous experience in the SCA). Garb for me, Ron, Carl & Raine. We could have some serious fun.

First I think we'll have to go local, though. Carl mentioned a steampunk costume party. I think we'll start there, with plenty of warning to people so they can put proper effort into their wardrobe... Ahhh the imagination alights.

Monday, February 16, 2009

back to the routine

Its been lovely, this long weekend. At least for the most part. I got to see some friends, Yay Rob & Raven, heading back to Colorado after much fun in Arizona. Yep, it was Estrella weekend. They are doing well, and Dakota is growing up! I wish it didn't take a year or more for us to see each other. Still life is what it is.

I also got to hear some good news, Dev's townhouse is under contract, and should close on March 10th. Woo Hoo! One step closer to that dream home. You go! I don't know what came over me, but I actually volunteered Ron & I to help Dev & Shannon move. Could it be payback for Dev helping me out with moving more times than I really wanted to move? Probably.

Not all the news was good this weekend, though. My step mother's health has not been good, and is not getting better. We still hope for the best for her, though. Our thoughts are with her, and with Ron's dad, also undergoing some treatments.

Still and all, I could easily get used to this puttering around the house thing. But I won't get to, at least not yet. Back to work tomorrow, and while I grumble about it - we all do at times - I really do like my job. Not only that, but I'm happy and grateful to have it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

putting the best foot forward

Or at least the one with the finished sock. I have now officially knitted a sock. One. Not a pair, yet, because I put my socks on one at a time. You know, put them on the knitting needles. Yeah. OK, it was lame. Still...

So, back to the sock I finished. It comes up about mid-calf, sorta, and isn't very form fitting, so will probably be kind of slip-off-y. Since it is wool, and here in the southern end of NM, where it doesn't get so cold so often or so long to really need wool socks, it is going to be worn mostly as a slipper, which I don't wear often. Still, I'm looking forward to enjoying the pair, which means I need to cast it on so I can work on it while I sit in front of the TV and stuff. It took a little getting used to knitting with the double pointy end needles, but I feel pretty comfortable with them now. I wasn't sure I would - having started a sock - ever finish one, let alone a pair. I can totally see myself knitting more socks now. I see many beautiful patterns for them, some of which I would like to try.

There is a lot of beautiful sock yarn out there, too... and I'll have to be shopping around for it, I think. I have some guidelines. I will work with wool, but, like I said earlier, it isn't the most practical material where I live. I'll have to experiment with some cotton blends, I think. Second, the yarn - and therefor the socks - have to be washable. And I don't mean by hand, 'cause, really folks, it ain't gonna happen. Socks are a working garment, and must be able to be worn and then have the stinky washed out. Also, I don't want to go broke paying $25 for the yarn to make a pair of socks. No disrespect meant for any yarn company or individual. I would pay $25 for yarn to make other things, but a pair of socks, probably not...

So, there ya have it. Sock feet... uh, sock foot?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Did you tell your sweetie? Your kids? Your family? Did you remember and get remembered?
Valentine's is one of those commercial things. Way too commercial, generally speaking. Truly, if I had the money, I would probably spend great gobs of it all the time on the ones I love. As it is, I conscientiously tell them how I feel on a regular basis. That doesn't sound as thoughtful as I would perhaps like, but I don't want that, of all things, to go unsaid. It's really not something I take lightly either, with both of my parents gone now.

So, what about that Valentine's romance? I'm terrible at it, myself. If I could think of something eclectic and personal, I'd make it in a flash, or find it to give in some form. I'm not good at romance, though, not comfortable with it on some level or another. I mean, it sounds good. The attention is good...until it gets too much, I guess. I never have been into romance, even in movies, all that kissing clogging up the screen, taking valuable air time...get on with the plot! So, romance is another one of those things that I like the idea of much better than the reality. I did get a plant today, though. We bought a pomegranite bush. We've been talking about getting one for a couple of years, and they seem to grow well around here, so, we finally got it. NOW, we just need to get it in the ground.

Friday, February 13, 2009

a long weekend

This weekend is in process of being one. We had thought about making a run to Albuquerque to see Ron's sister and her husband before they left for North Carolina, but it didn't work out. It felt like Saturday all day today. (and I'm not complaining about that, either) We even discussed among ourselves, over dinner, what we should do to entertain ourselves. Turns out, not much. We did catch the first episode of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's latest effort. It was interesting, but I wasn't overwhelmed with giddiness about it. Interesting concept, but.... well there are things about those "become anyone" series that I have a hard time with.

Then there is tomorrow, Valentine's Day. I don't feel I need to spend a fortune just because commercialism says I should, nor do I feel Ron should spend it on me. Still, I do like to be thought of, and so some token something is nice. I wish I could think of something cool to make or create that would do the trick. No such luck this year. Looks like what will happen is that I will go to the storage unit (the smaller one from last time) and we will finish cleaning it out. We'll do a little furniture moving in the house as well, change some chairs from one room to another. No gaming though. So, we're back to entertaining ourselves for the evening.

Raine has been invited for a sleep-over Sunday night with her friend, who's birthday is on Monday. We shopped for a gift, already. She's been on some cooperative behavior today. She should have a good time, though.

So, a nice, four day weekend, and no big plans, and a lot of entertaining ourselves. Really, I think we can handle it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

seeing parents

Work today was not your regular school day. Each semester we have a day called parent/teacher conference day, so that teachers can talk to the parents of their students, and parents can see how their children are doing in their classes. Today was - and wasn't - one of those days. On a typical parent/teacher conference day, teachers stay in their classrooms and wait for parents to come visit them there. Often teachers have sent notes or calls home to parents they particularly want to see. Some teachers (at least at high school level, where I work) offer bribes to their students in the form of extra credit if they will bring their parents to school to see them.

This was different than that. At GHS - and other schools - teachers have a group of students that they "follow" through their high school careers. They are supposed to help these students decide what classes to take, and help them register for their classes each year for the next year. THAT is what we were doing today. This is my third year doing this "advising" and frankly, I don't really feel adequately trained or qualified to do it. Still, I'm getting better at it. I have, by total chance, a pretty good group of students to watch over. While there has been a certain amount of attrition, they are generally passing their classes. They will be juniors next year, and several of them are taking the offered opportunity to attend the community college for free, and earn some credits. I'm happy that they will do that. It gives them a leg up on credits at no monetary cost to them, AND it lets them have the opportunity to be on a college campus, see themselves in college and successfully through high school. Its a big deal. I talked to some others about AP classes, and honors classes, and really seeing themselves doing some good work at school.

I didn't do a perfect job of it. I couldn't answer every question (but I knew who could). But finally, I think I'm getting a grasp on this advisement thing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the ideal post

Looking for something timely, relevant and witty? Look no further. no. really. There is none of that in this post. You know, I did pretty well yesterday putting some thoughts together, or at least they felt good last night, and still even a moment ago. I'm feeling better, and I've managed to gather most of my wits about me. I think. There may be a few still missing. I certainly felt their lack at times today.

Like this morning when I went to meet the car pool... but we weren't meeting today. Sigh. And if that forgetful moment wasn't enough, this afternoon, I kept looking around the cafeteria (where teachers have to go to help students register this afternoon and tomorrow) for one of the women I carpool with, wondering if she was ready to go. Then realizing that I drove by myself. Then (sadly) starting to wonder where she was and if she was ready to go...

Some things are still misfiring.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

teenagers and vampires

I just finished reading Twilight. Yes, that new book about a teenager in love with a vampire. Its not a bad book, in fact, for a light, quick read, its fairly entertaining. My problem is twofold. I read it waayy too slowly, and had time to think about it way too much. The other problem? Well, seasons of Buffy are down to $16 at Walmart. We're on season 3 already. Yep, Buffy and Angel have found each other. They did a whole lot of kissing in one of the episodes we watched tonight.

Twilight. This is probably the perfect book for a teenage escapist fantasy. It would have probably captured me as a teen in ways it just doesn't now. As I read it now, the teenagers seem insipid and shallow. Wait. So do most of the real teenagers I see every day at school. (not bad people, just... you know, inexperienced) Hmmm that may not be "bad" writing. The teens in Buffy are also insipid and shallow at times, but they are also witty and funny and they actually interact with grown-ups in a meaningful way from time to time.

Then there is the "chemestry" between the two couples. (We'll bet to the age difference thing in the next paragraph) In Twilight, Bella describes her vampire love in all manner of stoney and cold ways. This is supposed to be appealing? The vampires are just the most beau-ti-ful things around... not to mention rich and smart. But no one really pays attention to them??? How does that work? Only Bella can see their real beauty? There are no sycophants at that small high school? What is it about this nobody-from-a-big-town-that-moves-to-a-small-town that facinates the vampire? I find more and more that SAYING someone is attracted or irresistable to another just isn't doing it for me. Show me HOW and WHY they are sooo wonderful. In Buffy, we can at least see the attraction of power and power. The powerful vampire, able to easily slay most mortals if he chooses finds someone who would be more of a challenge. More of a "peer" at least in some way.

Then, there is the age issue. I get the whole We're-playing-to-the-market thing, and romance builds audience, so we will put the pedophile-ist issues of sex to the side here. Both of our contestants tonight are generally G-rated. What activities are the vampires and the mortals going to share together? At least Buffy and Angel could go on patrol together... solve the mystery and save the day. Poor Bella, she can watch the vampires be graceful, quick and clever. She can amuse them with her wit and her reactions... but how long can that last? forever? not.

SO. If you know a teenage girl, buy her Twilight. The whole series maybe. Then watch Buffy with her. THAT will be more fun. (For you, if not her.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

the fog is lifting

I saw the Dr. today, and got antibiotics. Without a lot of icky, mucus filled details, our kleenex supply dwindles, but I am feeling better, finally. I also found out that my last bloodwork for diabetes put it - albeit nominally - into the good range, and I don't have to do bloodwork again until April.

On other fronts, we are in for a cold front tomorrow and have an actual chance of snow. IF it happens (won't hold my breath) we might even get an accumulation of a couple of inches. Mind you, I was walking around today in my shirtsleeves...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

its february

So, it must be time for my annual sinus infection extravaganza. This year it traveled straight into my lungs, and I'm pretty miserable and my brain is mostly mush. My doctor's office is now closed on Fridays, which I found out on Friday, trying to make it in for a last minute visit, which was not to be. Hopefully he'll have an opening Monday morning. I don't know what it is, flying around in the air in February, but it kicks my ass year after year.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

another Coen brothers film

Carl and I just got through watching the movie, No Country for Old Men. It's a Coen brothers movie, and yes, it is strange and watchable and parts of it make you say, "What the heck just happened???" Yes, you should include multiple question marks.

I wrote about Burn After Reading, not to long ago, and it had a more comedic streak through it that No Country does not have. This film is dark and rather bleak, and you want to root for the Hero, but you know, you just KNOW, that things are not going to turn out well. For anyone.

The movie was filmed in Marfa, El Paso, and in Las Vegas, NM. Yes, Dev, when I read that, I got this echo of your voice telling me about them filming this movie up there when they were doing the filming. It is set in the '80's, and they did a really good job of recreating that feel in the sets and locations.

Do I recommend this film? Well, if you like Coen brothers films, you will probably like this one. Personally, I'm going to have to think about it a little more before I decide to really recommend it. The acting and the writing were well done. Tommy Lee Jones is superb. It isn't the bloodiest Coen brothers film I've seen. But the effect of the whole... (with out being more of a spoiler than I already have) I would say that this is a film to be appreciated for the work that it is, even if you don't like or appreciate the message of the film. Its a good film. Its very well done. I don't think I will watch it a lot of times.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was thinking of blogging earlier, but I really didn't know what to write about. Not that my topics are so mindboggling astute or that I have just the right thing to say about anything. So, I played some World of Warcraft, and thought about inspiration. I mean, considering that yesterday I wrote about the crafting studio of my dreams, you would think I knew about inspiration, at least.

Here are some of the things that inspire me, time after time. The list is by no means exhaustive.

First, the inspiration of others. Talking to people about their creative work, whether it is written, or crafted or ??? gets my own creative juices going. That would be one of the reasons that my ideal studio would be open to creative friends. I love being able to throw ideas around, and watch them evolve, and take on the different creative faces of different creative people. I also think it is nice to be able to ask someone "These together???" and get a good answer. My brother Carl is good for that. Believe me, I have put some things together thinking it would be good, then, about the time its finished, decided it was alll allll allllll wrong. It is also really important to be able to say to someone "Look what I made!" or have others say and show you what they made.

I also think the act of creating makes one creative. I made all those little dragons for Christmas, and no two of them were alike. I'm not just talking about color of yarn, either, although I did experiment with the yarns and designs. There is just nothing like being up to your elbows in a project and thinking, hmmm I wonder if I did....

Then there is nature. Nature will get me every time. I know I'm not alone in that, and maybe its cliche, but it is also true. There is nothing like seeing the colors and shapes and varigation that you find in nature to inspire you. The organic movement and lines, the sharp clarity. Sometimes, even the stuff you don't really want to see...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

out from the ether

I have this idea floating around in my brain. It came from dreaming about what I would do if I won the lottery... you know those plans. They are usually a lot of fun, but not incredibly practical in real life. But this one? I don't know... If I could get my brain around it in the right way, it just might work, and eventually provide its own support.

Part of the idea comes from crafting. I know that really isn't a surprise, is it. That if I won the lottery, I would be free to sew and knit and crochet up a huge storm and buy all the supplies I want to. AND a wonderful, well lit place to craft in, with plenty of storage, and of course my vision also has lots of windows for the sunlight. But it doesn't stop there, oh, no. When I'm having a great time, I like to share it, so this studio would have plenty of room for creative friends, and we could throw ideas around, and give feedback, and generally be "Martha's staff" for each other, and share our enthusiasm with one another. I actually envision rather a smallish store front kind of place, where people could see what was going on inside, and our finished works could be displayed in some fashion. Maybe there would be sales, but that wouldn't be the point of the studio per se. At least not at first. What it amounts to, more or less, is the job I would love if I didn't have to worry about supporting myself, or family.

People support themselves with their creative endeavors, right? Right? Well, my experience is that SOME people do. BUT, if you really had this creative laboratory going, think of the craft articles you could write and sell. Think of the classes you could give (and recieve as well). In this electronic age, you might even be able to find a niche where your creative wares sold for what your time was worth. It COULD happen. Or am I completely off my rocker here?

Monday, February 2, 2009

monday night tv

Hmmm its very odd to feel like watching a whole evening of television. I'm not sure I can do it any more. Monday nights on NBC is a line-up I'll enjoy, I thing. Even if I don't watch them all on Monday night.

First there is Chuck. I don't watch this show every week, but I do catch it occasionally. Adam Baldwin is on it (you know, from Firefly). This week had Dominic Mogn... Moun... OK, I can't spell it... from Lord of the Rings, and Lost, playing a rock star... like from Lost, only not, only yeah it was, kinda... Anyway the episode was entertaining to knit to.

Then Heros. Oh yeah. They started a new book this evening, and I think it's gonna take us for a ride. The good guys and the bad guys are moving around again. I really like Heros, and it is one of the few shows I plan my evening's activities around.

Finally, Medium. OK, I couldn't sit and watch tonight, but I'll be looking it up on Hulu or something to get caught up. I have liked this series and then lost track of it, in the general not watching network television. I'm glad to find it again. Time to set the recorder!

Speaking of Hulu, did you see that Hulu commercials? Now that was a funny one...

Ok, enough lame geekiness for one evening.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

projects 2 (or so)

I had a good weekend, as far as sewing and crafting goes. I got to finish a tunic top that has been sitting around in pieces for months. I'll wear it this week, with the new pants that I bought. (I still haven't perfected my pants making techniques) The top is dark blue and gold and Chinese dragony. I'm very happy with it.

I also almost finished a little girl's tunic top. It will go with a tiered skirt that I made last fall. No, of course Raine won't wear that. The top has flowers on it, and a skirt? Not a chance. I made several outfits last fall with the thought of taking them to Jardin de los Ninos and donating them. I couldn't contact anyone by e-mail OR by phone, to find out if there was a specific size needed, or when would be a good time to take them by, or anything. You would think that a place that requests donations would be a little more... friendly. The finished garments went into Raines closet where they will be perfectly safe from wear, and the unfinished projects wen on a back burner. Today, however, I was reading the Sewing Guild Newsletter, and read about a program called One Dress at a Time. When I get done posting here, I'll be checking out their web site, and seeing if there is anything local to contribute to.

It doesn't make me feel bad that Raine doesn't like every piece of kid's clothing that I sew. I still like to sew stuff that I know she won't wear. I also feel like this is a place where I can contribute happily, and make others happy as well.