Thursday, August 23, 2012

some tv viewing - live action

Tonight was the newest episode of Project Runway. It was the "real woman" challenge, and I was so disappointed with one of my favorite designers. Well, he was before tonight, anyway. Ven has been one of my favorites because of some amazing work early on in the contest. He made a bustier look like a rose. It was amazing. This week, his "real woman" was about a size 14, and he practically freaked out. (he's certainly no size 0 himself) THEN, he couldn't say "you're too big for this" too many times. REALLY?!?!? The other designers were playing it up in their mini interviews. Not only did he come across as a dick personally, but that unprofessional behavior nearly cost him his spot on the show. He had his "client" and her friend both in tears by his treatment and attitude. On top of that, his design was not good. So, yeah. No longer at the top of my popularity list. I was surprised by the others at the bottom this week as well, as all three are usually strong contenders. It was a surprising episode.

SO have you seen Call of the Wildman yet? OMG! This is a series I would never have thought to like. Why did I ever even watch an episode? Well, there's Raine and her animal obsession. She alternates between cartoon channel and animal planet marathons. Frankly, sometimes the animal planet shows are a relief. So Ernie, the Turtle Man, goes and gets pesty unwanted critters out of the way of humans. He catches them and makes sure they get safely transported somewhere else where they can live happily. He is from the back woods of Kentucky, and he looks it, but man this guy seems to be such a nice guy! You might not always want to sit too close, 'cause some of those animals... well, you know. Plus, I don't think he has much volume control. He does his yipyipyip and then yells "Now that's Live Action!"  Yeah. Now we're saying it too... A charming show, though. It actually is. With real people. Or pretty real. At least as far as I can tell....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I started off this summer thinking I would blog, blog, blog. Maybe take a little time off for vacation, but, a lot of writing.

Hmmmm wonder where that went? In fact I've been feeling a little guilty that I haven't blogged sooner and more, at this point.

I've been making things. I started a cross stitch project in June that I finished last week. One of a set with conji on them. Yeah I probably spelled that wrong. Chinese lettering, though. I have been reluctant to work on cross stitch for a while, due in part to  issues with my progressive lenses, but this pair of glasses seems to be working out better for me, and I thought I would give it a try with something not too big or complex. It went well, and I'll probably work on some more, while I'm saving up for framing.

I've been knitting that green scarf as well. Each row goes very quickly, but the needles are so small that there are a LOT of rows. I do like the effect of those small needles, though, and am happy with how it is turning out, although some (including me sometimes) might think it too plain. I'll have to reserve my final judgement on that score until I see the finished product.

I've sewn. I made some clothes for my neice, for Raine, and for me. I've helped Roxanne with some more. I even cut out a new camp shirt for me last weekend. I made tote bags! I went mad for making tote bags! I have three more in the works at the moment, even.

I've been creative, and it has been a good part of my summer.

I got a new job, this summer, as well. I really dislike job hunting. It is one of the worst parts of working. At least, in my opinion. The job hunt this summer, once the application process was complete - and it was, of course, a pain - the rest was fairly painless, and I have a new job that I am really happy to have, working with people that I enjoy working with. The drive to work is quick, and my stress level has dropped significantly.

So, why not writing? What happened to that? I just don't know.

Monday, August 6, 2012

the beginning

Tomorrow is my first official work day at my new job. I've been on campus, and worked on my room some (not enough, never enough) and been at Central Office to fill out paperwork. Ron & I even went to the ice cream social this afternoon for new employees. We got to check out the campus of the newest high school in town, Centennial. Wow! Nice campus, and LARGE! They had thoughtfully created shady spaces for students to hang out in and use. It also has a 9th grade academy. Nice.

So on to my new job tomorrow. I'm happy in the position. I'm looking forward to meeting the man who will be coteaching with me in the inclusion classes. I want to run some ideas by him for this first week, and hopefully get a feel for what the course has been like in the past.

New job, new classroom, new school, new students... new beginning. Hope on the horizon.