Monday, August 6, 2012

the beginning

Tomorrow is my first official work day at my new job. I've been on campus, and worked on my room some (not enough, never enough) and been at Central Office to fill out paperwork. Ron & I even went to the ice cream social this afternoon for new employees. We got to check out the campus of the newest high school in town, Centennial. Wow! Nice campus, and LARGE! They had thoughtfully created shady spaces for students to hang out in and use. It also has a 9th grade academy. Nice.

So on to my new job tomorrow. I'm happy in the position. I'm looking forward to meeting the man who will be coteaching with me in the inclusion classes. I want to run some ideas by him for this first week, and hopefully get a feel for what the course has been like in the past.

New job, new classroom, new school, new students... new beginning. Hope on the horizon.


Linda said...

I'm so happy for you : ^ ) Hope things go well on your first day.

Fran said...

It sounds SO exciting! I'm actually envious, and I love my job. Can we see pictures of your classroom?