Saturday, March 31, 2012

undie drama

This week I bought Raine some new panties. She's growing, and the ones I bought at the beginning of the school year are not what they used to be. So new undies. Not a big deal, right? We all like new things. Or maybe, not so much.

Today I washed the new undies in preparation to wearing said undies. The old, ratty ones went in the trash. WHAT!?! Well, I told her, when she found them there and was somewhat dismayed. That is kind of why I bought you new undies, so I could throw the old ones away...


Cut to bed time, which is late on a weekend, so there's that. I say try on the new undies and see how you like them. Although we had not intended to get the boy leg style, we ended up with it. Silly me, I thought, _boy_ style? Sounds just up her alley. Boy, was I wrong. She does not like them ONE. BIT. And the old ones are in the trash! No, I wouldn't let her go rescue them, but I did promise get new new underwear tomorrow. First Thing. There was nearly a meltdown. Tears were evident. And of course, it was ALL MY FAULT! When you're a mom, I guess you learn to live with that, and even - occasionally - own it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

weekend hopeful

Made it through the testing week. At least the first one. There are still kids testing next week (including Raine, I think) and LOTS of make-up testing, but things will be more normal next week. Well, except that testers are using my classroom, and I won't be. It's good, though, I'll have something for them to do in the computer lab, and that's where we'll be.

I'm hoping, this weekend, to get some sewing done. I know. It IS a surprise. HA. I've been wanting to make some bags. Something like tote bags or shopping type bags. Of course I could use a new purse. Have you seen the one I've been toting around? Shameful I tell you! But that isn't on my list today. Then, if I can remember to take pictures, I want to blog about the bag(s). Or at least the progress made.

Then, there's Easter next weekend. I have some planning to do for that. Some shopping. We'll probably dye some eggs since we enjoy doing that, and eating them afterwards, as well. Ron will actually, coincidentally, have the weekend off, so we might even "do it up" is some low-key way. Have a nice ham dinner or something.

So, sleeping in and laundry, ironing and cutting fabric, sewing sewing sewing... and a lovely weekend. At least until the wind starts bringing in the landscape from Arizona again on Sunday...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

get through it

Its testing season in school. You know, the big stakes, the mandated, the SBA. We have sophomores and juniors taking the test, and I'm one of the teachers proctoring it. The group I'm working with have been writing, and calculating and generally giving it a decent effort. It's not the strict multiple choice test it used to be. Now you have to do some splaining as well. For days at a time. # days for the sophomores, and then the juniors get one more test besides.

But it isn't just high school students. Raine, in the third grade, faces a grueling, multi-session, multi-day test too. I believe she will do well. I know she CAN do well. It won't be easy though.

The to-do list for the testing season is one item: get through it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

spring break travel

We got home today from our trip to Tucson. We had a lovely time visiting our friends there. Their spring break was a couple of weeks ago, so their kids had to go to school, and all, but still we managed to visit, entertain ourselves and have a nice get-away.

The visit was calm and relaxing. We did some shopping, and got some cute black and white fabrics for both Ron & Raine a shirt. There was also a very cute fat quarter bundle that was on sale - so we bought two. I think their fate will be to become tote/shopping bags. Cute ones. With embellishment. We ate some fabulous meals, and tried to go to the zoo, but were thwarted when our hostess did not feel well. Not to worry, she's feeling better, and we all survived and will walk through it another day.

While it was too early and too cool for swimming, we did enjoy their hot tub. Raine got a couple of horseback rides. They have a very kid-friendly horse, and a helpful teenaged daughter.

I think the hardest part was coming home today. The driving. It really isn't that long of a drive, but I was fighting tiredness the whole day. I wasn't the only one. Still, tonight, it will be sleeping in my own bed after showering in my own shower. Ahhhhhh.

Is it strange that as much as I love to travel and go places, I'm always thrilled to be home, with my stuff.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

(p)interesting (p)inspiration

I recently joined pinterest. I think I may have one picture pinned there. If I got it to work right. Not sure I did. I keep thinking, well, I should look for some pictures to post over there. I don't just want to look at other people's board and repin what they have. Oh, I'll look and enjoy and even sometimes drool. I just don't want to copy. Well, that and some of that seems so... circular. Pin what x pinned, then y pinned it, so I pinned it, then... pretty soon everyone's pinned it... and then everyone is bored by it. Or something.

Anyway, I think the idea of collecting inspiration, and even being able to share it is fabulous. People find fascinating stuff on the internets and share it freely. Cool.

Today, my friend and I went to a Arts and Crafts Show. It was a juried show, organized by (in part) a local jeweler. It wasn't huge, but a nice size, with over a hundred artists. They even had an art area for kids (probably to help keep them from handling every item in every booth) and had several activities lined up for the kids to work on. Raine had a blast drawing there.

While she made her own art, Cindy and I walked through the booths. Oh. My. Goodness. It was a fabulous show. There were potters, and fiber artists and sculptors, painters and photographers, stained glass, and a glassblower, and a bead maker, and I guy who made cut paper miniatures. I could have dropped a couple hundred dollars there and been very pleased with what I got. I didn't, though. I couldn't. I did come away with some inspiration, though. The creativity on display was awesome. I sincerely hope these artists made the money they need to be willing to come back again next year.

I walked through the show wishing for a camera, and wanting to pin this tile with a ceramic "frame" and that vase with the Asian inspired waves, the texture of delicate coppery leaves. The colors were vibrant, the movement was captivating. Wow.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

japan sushi

Once again, I have to rave about this restaurant. This is the place Ron & I went for our pre-Valentine Valentine's dinner. Yum. Sushi. Well made sushi.

Last night, we went again. We took Raine, and we met some of the people Ron works with there. A table of about 10 all together. This time, we didn't go all out with sushi rolls, but tried to keep a budget. So we ordered a total of 4 rolls (for us - this was a dutch treat get together - we're not crazy... or rich) and a teriaki chicken dinner to share. The dinner was described as a bento box, and it had more than just the chicken. Oh so much more.

There was delicious teriaki chicken, with plump mushrooms and a light sauce with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. I love sesame seeds. Then, there were the three dumplings and the three slices of California roll. There were some mixed vegetables, and several pieces of tempura vegetables and shrimp. Oh, yeah, and don't forget the ball of rice. Raine got the rice, pretty much, and a good bit of the chicken and mushrooms, not to mention her own tuna roll, which she loves. Everything was delicious. Again. MMMMmmmmm.

Then, there was a surprise. The good kind. The server brought the table two complementary rolls. Two. Yeah. Last time Ron & I were there, they treated us to ice cream balls. This time, sushi rolls. How cool is that? I'll tell you what, it is just one more reason to go back there. One more reason to look past the dated and sad looking decor, left over from the days that building was a Bob's Big Boy restaurant. HAI!

Monday, March 12, 2012

make a scarf for me... maybe

The cowl scarf I made used about half the yarn that I expected it to take, so I was left with 2 skeins of that wonderfully soft bamboo blend. I finally decided that I would make a scarf for myself. Maybe. Oh, I'll make the scarf... MAYBE I'll keep it. I can't decide if I really want a scarf. Oh, sure, there may be occasions when I might wear one for the cold. You know, if I go visit the snow somewhere. But there are people who would wear it for a fashion accessory. I would like to think I would do more to accessorize, but I'm not kidding myself about choosing to wear a scarf around all day. I just don't see that happening. I'll probably give it to someone who likes the green, and would wear it.

The scarf I'm knitting is pretty plain and simple. I'm knitting every row, and the scarf lays nice and flat. The needles are pretty small, too. This is going to take a while to knit, I'm thinking, with those tiny needles. That was what appealed to me, though, after doing the cowl on larger ones for a lacier effect. I'm almost through the first skein of yarn, and I can't tell if the two skeins will be enough for what I want, though. I'd really like to sew the ends together and make an infinity scarf.  I think it would look really nice that way.

Perhaps on someone else, though. Anyone want to volunteer for scarf experimentation?

Sunday, March 11, 2012


One of the things that I hoped taking the Curves class would help me tackle are some fan quilt squares that my mom started. This weekend, for my sewing project, I pulled them out, and spread them around to see what was there, and ironed up several sets to start sewing them together.
getting into fan season

In the Curves class, one of the final projects was to make a circle quilt that is basically the same idea as a fan quilt, with the blocks creating a circle. That gave me the idea of what to make from Mom's fans. I'm going to put them together into mini quilts. Wall hangings. There are enough blocks cut out to make four or five of them. That is enough for each of her children, and each of her grandchildren.

When I made the log cabin quilt last summer, I was happy giving it away because that quilt was about process for me. I didn't expect to feel like I was sharing time with my mom, but I did, and that was a great bonus. This time, I hope I can share some of that time and memory and feeling with my brothers, my daughter and my niece. Maybe share some love through the generations while I'm at it.
Mom's blocks before ironing

I tackled two main groups this weekend, a set with solid orange-y rust (if that color looks familiar, it was a big part of the log cabin quilt, too), and a set with solid tans/browns. I got one block put together, and several more really close. I'm not exactly sure yet if they will go well into a circle, or whether they will need sashing between the squares after all, but I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

runway allstars

I did so look forward to the season of Project Runway All Stars. I've enjoyed the few episodes that I have caught, but, for some reason, I haven't caught all that many. I did watch a couple this evening, though. The two leading up to the finals. The last three designers: Micheal, Mondo, & Austin.

There are a few things about this program that I like, besides the things that I love about Project Runway in general. The challenges I watched tonight were different. And GOOD. Good creatively, and good for these all stars. I liked the vibe between the designers better. At least on the episodes I've seen. It's friendlier, in a way, although there is still definitely competition. There is definitely emotional maturity, and probably creative maturity evident in the designers that wasn't always there during their previous seasons. It was an interesting mix of talent and esthetic for this series.

There are also some things that I miss. While I think the mentor they have this season is an excellent one, I miss Tim Gunn. I also miss the PR judges. That being said, I think the fresh eye of the new panel is valuable, and probably makes the competition aspect better. Still...

Over-all, though, I just find it a little... disappointing. Maybe these guys are just too good now. The drama seems more staged (and I could do without it in general, anyway) and there are really very few disasters. Maybe if I had watched more episodes, and gotten into the who's out now aspect that can create a lovely tension, I would be happier. Guess I'll just have to wait for the reruns!

Monday, March 5, 2012

monday blog

How was your weekend? Mine went well, mostly. Except that it ended. They always do, though. Helps us appreciated them more, I guess.

I got to play canasta this weekend, and although Carl & I lost, I had a good time, as usual. Sarah & Damon won this time. Maybe that's what I get for letting them bring the cards... ha ha. Nah, they wouldn't cheat, that's not how they are, and besides, I can loose without any help, thank you. The fun was shared by all, so that's the win.

I didn't get to sew with Roxanne. Stomach flu was happening at her house, and I was happy not to go share. I hope she's feeling better, now. I really do.

That means I sewed at home, and worked on a project from the Curves Class. It was truly a challenge, and I enjoyed working through it. I tried out starching the pieces, which really helped, even when cutting some of those curves. I realized that I might need to let someone else do the cutting when it really, really, really needs to be cut straight... I can't always see when it isn't straight, even when using "landmarks." Sigh. Still the sewing went well. I don't want to tell the whole story again, because I already told it here, in case you are interested. Here is the orange peel block that I made.

a whole lotta curves!

Friday, March 2, 2012

another weekend, more projects

Its getting so I'm looking forward to my Saturdays with laundry, and some other household projects, and a sewing project to get through as well. My dilemma this weekend is to decide which one.

I only got through one of the precise curves projects, and that was the drunkard's path circle, which I was really happy with. I have fabric for a second one, and I would like to make that, but I would also like to try something different.

Maybe I'll make the orange peel block. It's lovely, but doesn't look easy. Still, I think I'm up for a challenge. If I can find some suitable fabric quickly enough, that may be the deciding factor.

Another possibility is a notebook cover with a pieced flower on it. Some more difficult improv curves, learning to take the seam allowance into account. It's a small project and I think I could easily finish it in the day, around the other activities I have in store.

Honestly, I want to do the scalloped quilt, but I think that is a project for more than one day. Since the scallops are fairly large, and only on one half of the quilt - which is made as a baby sized quilt - it could be do-able over a weekend, but I think I'm going to have to save it for later. Maybe the summer.

Last but not least, there are those fan pieces. I'm feeling much more like I could tackle them now. So, they are kind of calling me. One of the projects for this upcoming, last week of the class is rather fan quilty, but on a larger scale than the pieces I have. Still, I could use them and create mini quilts based on that idea and make something that I could share with my brothers to remind us all of Mom while it decorates a wall somewhere near each of us. So, I think I'll save that one more week. But, it's calling to me, finally.

Of course. Of course, I'll let you know what I decide, and how it turns out...

I'm so glad it's Friday.