Saturday, March 31, 2012

undie drama

This week I bought Raine some new panties. She's growing, and the ones I bought at the beginning of the school year are not what they used to be. So new undies. Not a big deal, right? We all like new things. Or maybe, not so much.

Today I washed the new undies in preparation to wearing said undies. The old, ratty ones went in the trash. WHAT!?! Well, I told her, when she found them there and was somewhat dismayed. That is kind of why I bought you new undies, so I could throw the old ones away...


Cut to bed time, which is late on a weekend, so there's that. I say try on the new undies and see how you like them. Although we had not intended to get the boy leg style, we ended up with it. Silly me, I thought, _boy_ style? Sounds just up her alley. Boy, was I wrong. She does not like them ONE. BIT. And the old ones are in the trash! No, I wouldn't let her go rescue them, but I did promise get new new underwear tomorrow. First Thing. There was nearly a meltdown. Tears were evident. And of course, it was ALL MY FAULT! When you're a mom, I guess you learn to live with that, and even - occasionally - own it.


Fran said...

Oh my, who knew undies could cause such distress? I hope all will be well tomorrow.

Dina said...

We got new ones and were VERY CAREFUL that they were the right size and style. WHEW. So, things are better with the world, now.

Have to admit a certain sympathy with her concern, though... what can go right when your undies just aren't?