Monday, March 5, 2012

monday blog

How was your weekend? Mine went well, mostly. Except that it ended. They always do, though. Helps us appreciated them more, I guess.

I got to play canasta this weekend, and although Carl & I lost, I had a good time, as usual. Sarah & Damon won this time. Maybe that's what I get for letting them bring the cards... ha ha. Nah, they wouldn't cheat, that's not how they are, and besides, I can loose without any help, thank you. The fun was shared by all, so that's the win.

I didn't get to sew with Roxanne. Stomach flu was happening at her house, and I was happy not to go share. I hope she's feeling better, now. I really do.

That means I sewed at home, and worked on a project from the Curves Class. It was truly a challenge, and I enjoyed working through it. I tried out starching the pieces, which really helped, even when cutting some of those curves. I realized that I might need to let someone else do the cutting when it really, really, really needs to be cut straight... I can't always see when it isn't straight, even when using "landmarks." Sigh. Still the sewing went well. I don't want to tell the whole story again, because I already told it here, in case you are interested. Here is the orange peel block that I made.

a whole lotta curves!

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