Sunday, April 29, 2012

back into the routine

I was bad last week. I got so happy that I had a good A1C report that I didn't ride the bike. At all. Bad me. I knew that I had to get back to it, or I would - once more - face totally starting over on some kind of exercise. Deep breath, and stern looks in the mirror. You. Must. Exercise. Use it or loose it, girlfriend.

All along I've been struggling with what to do while I'm riding. Something besides stare at the clock watching the seconds tick by while I ride. Stretching the time out to infinity. Reading is OK. Movie on my kindle, too long, and the earphones are annoying (yeah I know, wah). TV? Well, besides finding the right thing to watch, and having to put up with all those commercials it would be great. That made me think of our dvd collection, which is pretty good, and trying to find some kind of time length solution. Wait! What's that? How many seasons of MASH are stacked in that stack? WooT! I tried it out tonight, and rode for a little over 20 minutes, which is about right for me right now. No commercials, and I'm sure there are many episodes I just haven't seen in forever.

I may need to supplement with other "half hour" programming, and I'll be on the lookout for it.

Birthday weekend was good, for the most part.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the best feedback, i'm positive

Went to the Dr. yesterday for the results of my most recent A1C test, and woo hoo! it was down! Down .3 from last time, six months ago. Almost a full point lower than last year.

I know the there are many things that contributed to that healthy sign. Cutting out the chips when we go to Carrillo's isn't one of them. Riding the bike may be. Since that is something I still have to talk myself into, even though I can tell a positive difference in strength and muscle tone, since I've started, I have one more thing to tell myself to get motivated to go DO IT.

Positive reinforcement is my friend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

time and more time

Roxanne's dress
I got a few things finished this past weekend. I got to sew a little, even though Roxanne was too busy getting ready for the end of the semester. I got one of the t-shirt dresses put together. It still needs to be hemmed, and I think Roxanne was wanting some embellishment on it. Mine will be less embellished, but I did add pockets. Yeah, love me some pockets.

look what's decorating the ironing board!
I also got the stack of fabric baskets made up. They aren't perfect, but I'm VERY happy with how they turned out. The next batch - and there WILL be a next batch - will be better, because of the practice of these. I also think making them is going to be great practice for putting together the shopping bags that are still on the to-do list. I could go crazy on these baskets. I feel like the bags will probably be similar. Useful, cute, and a creative outlet, too!

One thing that I would like to do, but I just can't see how, is do a kid's week sew-along. I just can't dedicate an hour every day to sewing. My evenings are not like that. I would rather dedicate that hour to the kid than sewing for her. SO, I will make her some new pj's and shorts and tops... and maybe even some of those this week, but not in an hour a day... You should see the fabric she's gonna get summer jammies from...ooooweeeee.

On top of all that, I got a new computer. Yay! Now I don't have to fret that all that stuff will be lost. I don't have to curse because the dang thing is hanging up again, and I can barely play words with friends. (of course I play words with friends, and my cousin Eric beats the snot out of me every game! lol) Life is good, even if it IS Monday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

t shirt dress

Remember those? I don't remember wearing one, but I've made one or two for various young girls I've known and/or been related to.

I want one. Is that crazy? Are they that out of style that they've come back on my radar? At least I know I can make it, and for cheap, too. An inexpenxive t-shirt, and fabric from my stash.

Why would I want one of these? Well, I've been thinking about my summer wardrobe. Just because I don't have the legs for shorts, doesn't mean I don't want to wear some now and again. Coolness, and I'm not talking style here. I remember those days as a kid when a dress and shorts were typical summer wear. Easy, comfy and lots of air flow...

So I'm going to make me one. And if I like it, I'll make some more. Casual, comfy, but presentable in public (at least I hope so...) Making one for Roxanne, too. The skirts are put together, and just need to be gathered onto the t-shirts, and hemmed. Embellishment of said shirts may be in order as well.

Here's what we have so far...

purple shirt, flowery skirt
purple shirt, purple on white stripe

Monday, April 16, 2012

not just here

One of my goals this spring has been to try and get my creative blogging more consistant. My time in the curves class helped a little, but it wasn't enough on its own. I've been trying to write about the projects that Roxanne and I work on when we get together as well. I'm trying to expand it a little.

That means I'm not blogging here as often. Sometimes. But I would like to invite you to check out my creative blog, and the projects there... and of course there are pictures on Flickr, and Pinterest as well.

I could hope that the creative blogging will lead somewhere, an income - as some do. I'll be happy if it leads at least to a creative community of friends to share projects, learning and inspiration with. The creativity feels so good.

Here's what I've been working on recently...

fun and easy!
and I blogged about them here:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

spring sprung

The wind blew here today. Man, did it ever. Brown air everywhere. I teased my friend from Arizona about spotting some of her laundry flying by my window.

I did my usual chores, and I did a little sewing. Even had Raine's friend over for a while. Over all, though, I just kind of took it easy.Really kind of had a "me" day. Or as close as it gets with a house and I kid to take care of. I certainly didn't go rushing around. It felt nice.

I hope it kind of served to destress me a little. Some preventative maintainance, if you will. The month before the end of school is a stressful time. The kids want to quit working (if they haven't all ready) and yet, they want that A. But really, some want it as a present, because you like them. There is still so much material to cover, and so little time to do it in. Still, though, the process can not be rushed. It is what it is. Better to cover what you can well, than rush through everything. Even knowing that, and being able to articulate it, doesn't mean there isn't stress involved, though. I'm sure those who are teachers among us - or have been - know that all too well.

So, I'm trying to learn to deal with my stress in increments, instead of letting it build until I melt down. Writing about things I stress about, excercise,sewing and being creative and working on my relationship skills are all things that help. Heck, acknowledging to myself that there are everyday stresses and I can actually do something to help deal with them in a positive way is a step in the right direction.

So, here's to spring, and though that deep house cleaning may be pointless - at least until the wind stops -  perhaps there is hope for some emotional decluttering.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

computer crash for easter

Raine's decorated egg collection.
Over the weekend, my hard drive crashed. Ouch! Wah!

Thank goodness Ron is good at computers, and he has the computer - if not that hard drive - back up and running, now with a different hard drive. Thank goodness it had been wonky for a while, so most things were backed up on an external hard drive that I've had for a while thing. Most things.

Raine hunting eggs.
Its still an emotional upheaval because MY THINGS ARE IN THERE! GIVE THEM BACK!!!

Now comes the time for finding all of my favorites again. And building my folders again. And backing things up. Again. Sigh.

Thank goodness I did have other things to distract me this weekend, though...
Ginger watching Raine hunt eggs.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

making noise

Part of the ninth grade curriculum includes the Epic. That means reading part of The Odyssey. Or watching the movie, which is what we generally do. We watch the most recent version, with Armand Assante playing Odysseus, and it isn't a bad film. The student often get caught up in the action, and actually pay attention to what is going on. But, I've watched the film a LOT. Let's see...almost 9 years of English 1. Once a semester, twice a year, and however many English 1 classes I have... Yeah, a lot.

So, I've gotten to the nit-picky point. One of the things I wish they had done with this film is to hire some musicians. Would it have killed them to have actual melodies any of the times they have people singing/drumming/dancing? How about words? OK, I could do without the words. Melodies, I really want. The guy who is famous for his flute playing? Maybe he could do more that warble random notes.  It becomes noise. It has become noise.

The other thing that bothers me with this film are Penelope's and Odysseus costumes. They are so... plain. I mean I get the whole wearing rags because of the adventures and all, but he is supposed to be a king, and Penelope is a queen, and home, and still... too plain. Too simple. (and really, the crotch shots? OMG!)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.