Tuesday, March 31, 2009

its tuesday

I'm boring. No, not bored, just boring. I want to go camping, and I'm doing some research to find my comfort options... but that is about it. Sorry.

Monday, March 30, 2009

how cool is that?

I've posted pictures here, of stuff that I have made. Tonight I'm posting a picture of something Raine made. Well, Its not even the finished product, but still, here it is.

I've known for a good while that my daughter has some artistic ability, she takes after her dad in that. For a six-year-old, (and younger) she has drawn some pretty amazing pictures. Right now, she's in a monster phase. We have learned - and shared with her teachers - that drawing helps her process information and helps her learn.

Every now and then, she is ready for paper crafts, as well. These, I can help with. We cut out shapes and make space ships with space aliens aboard. Today, when I got home, she was building a game. She had a game board and game pieces drawn up, and she explained that the one with long hair and a dagger was me, and Daddy was riding the beast, etc. And she was busily gluing some papers together. A little while later, she brought it to me, wanting me to write the words on it. It was a bag to hold the game. It is still white, and didn't want to sit still for the camera (oh no, I'm sure it wasn't me moving it around) because we decided to wait until the glue dried. It is just a very cool constructed bag.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


For small children, routines can be a comfort. Once you put a child on the path through their bedtime routine, eventually they will end up in bed. Much less argumentation along the way, I find, as well. Oh sure, Raine complains and uses the "its still daylight" ploy. Yeah I hated going to bed when there was still daylight to be had, but I did it, and so does she.

My routines today have helped me get my mind around and ready for going back to work tomorrow. Oh, sure, there are so many things that I could have done and didn't. There were also many things that I did get done this past week, and I'm happy with those. Today's routine chores of laundry and dishes and a trip to Sam's still left time for some WoW questing with Ron, and a little play time with Ezekiel for Raine. Still when he left, Raine had a little tantrum, so I know she is tired today. I hope that will help her fall asleep and rest well. I will also see about hitting the sheets early enough to sleep well, and trust my routines to make me ready to head for work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring break pulling to a close

Of all the things I write about doing - or wanting to do - this is something I could easily not do. End spring break. There are people who live for their jobs, but I am not one of those. I mean, I like my job, I don't dread going, nor do I have anxiety attacks while there. There are just so many other things I could be doing. Or not. (Oh, yeah, the lazy person in me is ALL over that). So, I work because I enjoy the lifestyle that affords. Roof and solid walls, running water, heat, cooling, electricity for my toys and other amusements, and let's not forget regular meals. Oh, sure I could spend more, but my needs are fairly simple, and I'm happy if they're met.

For now, that means gainful employment. Sometime in the future, maybe not so much. I also keep churning in my mind the possibilities if the economy goes further south and even teaching becomes a laid-off career. There are possibilities, my friends, possibilities, I tell you. In the mean time, I will enjoy tomorrow, and do the usual Sunday chores that will help get into that back-to-school swing. Only seven more weeks...

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm listening

Between Ron and I, there is a good bit of music in this house. Both of us had pretty good collections when we got married, with enough overlap to let us know we had at least some similar tastes. He tends towards jazz, which is cool, as I've found I like a lot of the more melodious stuff, smooth jazz, so to speak, which can be pretty close to pop music. My tastes have tended to a more folk sound, with Celtic music figuring in the forefront. Today's pop music tends to be, well, silly to a large extent, and it appeals to me about as much as the pop music when I was a teen appealed to my parents. Just as it should be, I think.

Most of our music is digital and is now available to my MP3 player. Ahhhh portability. Truthfully that portability will probably encourage me to extend my music collection more than the books of disks, with the disk player that Ron seems to always find a spot for on the top shelf. Have I mentioned that I'm short? yeah. Not so much fun for me to deal with, darn it.

I took the MP3 player on the road with me this trip. It was the first time. We bought a little set of speakers, and they did fine for Raine and I to listen to. We had lots of music, and if a song didn't suit us, I just skipped to the next. They were shuffled and set on random, and I don't think we heard more than one repeat the whole time. Wow, no shuffling disks to change them, no wishing I had one more hand to juggle them, etc. It was nice. I've already enjoyed the portability of the set-up, taking it into the craft room, and out to the yard while working. The car was just one more local.

So, now I just have to go through the files of music, and sort and create a couple more files to fill the favored genres for me. Once that is done, it will be time for the shopping... a few at a time, to fill in gaps, and celebrate new stuff. Sigh. sorting. My favorite.....not.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

yay, vacation

Raine and I had an excellent time in Tucson. We visited, we laughed, we talked, we played. Raine got to ride the horse a couple of times. I got to sew some. Well, mostly I ironed and put the pieces in order and Steph sewed. We had a blast, and Ana got a new outfit. It is very cute. I'd post pictures, but I was too lazy to get off my butt and take any. Doh! No pictures on horseback either. I planned... I took the camera... I spaced the actual taking of pictures. Sigh. I don't think my camera problems are all the camera's fault. I'm just sayin'.

It was a wonderful vacation of not being incredibly busy, of accomplishing a few things and mostly keeping a wonderful connection with a good friend and her family. I hope that we are even passing that connection along to the next generation. Our kids all get along so well. Oh, I know at this point kids are - to a point - happy to have someone to play with, and they do. Still the more they know each other now, the more chance for that lasting friendship in the long run.

I crocheted most of a dragon while I was there, too, still need three legs and embellishments. My stitches on this one are really tight, so he is a lot smaller than others I've made. I think a happy medium could probably be accomplished.

Somewhere along the drive home, getting gas, I caught the scent of the gas in my brain, and I have been smelling it ever since, in little wisps. I know it is not a real scent, I'm sitting here at the computer for heaven's sake. I hate when I do that, and usually it is a perfume scent. This is the first time for gas. Even talking about it probably means I'm tired enough to need to stop. Rest, and it will fade.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Everything I start thinking about this evening gets interrupted by what I need to do tomorrow to get ready to leave on Sunday. Getting the car serviced, packing me. Packing Raine. Maybe if I go over it enough times I won't forget anything. HA! Well, It all evens out, if I remember everything I want to take, I'll forget and leave something there. It feels reassuring to know that it will be safe there, and if I need it sooner than one or the other visiting, it will find its way here through the mail or something.

In the mean time... ohh, I need to pack that...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

gotta share

There's this blog, see, and it really amuses me, ya know? So, I just haveta share it with you, OK? OK. Here is the link: http://geekcentralstation.blogspot.com/ . This person finds the coolest stuff to share. I really enjoy looking and seeing what's up now. She also makes amigurumi figures. Cool ones of characters we know and love and recognize. What are you waiting for? Go 'xplore.

Oh, yeah, I am in a better mood today. I don't stay grumpy too long - or at least I try not to, if I can make the conscious choice. Life is so much better without the grumpy pants on. Thanks for letting me borrow them, Fran, I'll wash 'em up and send them on for you.

It helps that tomorrow is Friday, and one of the perks of being a teacher - spring break - is next week. I'm going to be going to Tucson, and I don't know how connected I'll be, so don't expect the blog consistency that I mostly keep. I'll think about photos to share when I get back, and adventures as well, so hopefully interesting things on my return. And for the next couple of days, too. Sure, that's the ticket.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

another of those days

Cranky and crabby. I wrote the checks to pay the bills. You might think it would put me in a good mood to know everything is paid for one more month, but no. It makes me grouchy.

Plus, its one of those days where I was supposed to be early for work (can't be done, but it makes me cranky to feel like I should and can't), then I had to stay late as well. Meetings! Argh! Tomorrow I'll be staying late too. And grades were due.

Any wonder I'm not fit to be around? Any wonder there's a stress tightness to the back of my neck? How about the headache? Yeah, Fran loan me those chartruese and violet cranky pants, will you? I'm sure my butt will fit in 'em just fine.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


OK, here are the crafts that you've been waiting for. I know, I know... I have to pile all the pictures into one post instead of spreading them out, and prolonging your... enjoyment.

If I remember right the first thing I write about should be the last picture I add. So we'll try that and hopefully it will work. I'll talk about the socks first, I really liked the blue/grey stripey yarn that I made these out of, but with the twists, it looks pretty busy. One of the reasons I was thinking about a plainer pair next time. The yarn i got for those is browns and blues. If I find some solid color, at a reasonable price, I'll be picking that up for a future pair.

The fuzzy dragon ends up looking kind of blobby. He's so much one color that he just kind of disappears into the fuzz. I'm thinking of putting a neck frill (along the lines of a tricerotops) in a lighter color to frame his head and make it stand out. I think I have a lighter blue, but maybe red or gold would be good. So there you have it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

what is it

...about taking a simple picture? I got the socks all laid out, and the power wouldn't come on in the camera. Seems it needs the battery charged. Sigh. Didn't think I had used that much battery, but, evidently, I did. Plus the camera sat, seeping battery charge, I guess. SO no pictures tonight. Again.

I did get yarn for my next sock project though. These will be plainer, but with heel, I think. Going to try that out. I got a book to work from that explains how that knitting goes. Here's hoping I'm ready.

The blue fuzzy dragon in nearly complete. He's very fuzzy now. I think he is turning out well, but that fuzzy yarn is not something that I'll look forward to using again any time soon. Don't even think of asking. Nope. Not you either.

We're in the countdown to spring break this week. Planning on a trip to Tucson next week. Not the whole week, but a good part. Raine & I will leave the house to the guys, and go have fun in AZ with our friends. I'm really looking forward to rest, relaxation, and visitation.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

socks done

Yep. They are finished. finito. Stick 'em with a fork, they are done, done done. Ok, so to my critical eye, they don't match exactly. I do not care. I look at things I make with that critical eye to see what I've learned in the process of making. I can notice many things, most of which I dismiss in the context of that item. Then if someone else finds that flaw and mentions it to me - not that anyone has discussed those with me - but, if anyone did, I would say, "man! you are careing too much about what I'm wearing/making! What is up with that? Let it go!" So the socks don't exactly match each other, mainly because of what I learned in the process of making them. They are perfect for what I want them for, which is basically slippers. That it is too hot for already. lol. Pictures? what pictures? uhhhh they're being developed? Nah, not really... just didn't take them yet, but I will, I promise.

We had a good visit from my brother today. He came down from T or C to pick up his daughter, who spent the night with us. He went to lunch with us, and we had a table full of family. It was actually quite nice. He came back to the house, scored a R2D2 type smoker that we don't use any more, Christmas presents that kept getting left behind, and a corned beef and cabbage lunch. Maybe it will happen a little more often.

I think it was a good weekend, all in all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

project update

I'm doing the toe part of my second sock. Yippee. I may actually finish it tomorrow. That will make a pair! How exciting. Of course, I'll finish my lovely pair of wool socks just in time for it to definitely be way too warm to actually wear them. Even as slippers. Still, I'll have them for next winter, and I'll feel the accomplishment of making them, and - when I can find appropriate yarn - confidence that I could make another pair... maybe even a pair with a heel.

I've also almost finished Ron's little blue dragon. He wanted a fuzzy one, and we found some fuzzy blue yarn. It was too fuzzy to actually make the dragon with, I couldn't see what the heck I was doing, and then it also seemed like more of the fuzz was ending up on the inside of the dragon instead of the outside... So, I made the dragon, and now I'm adding fuzz. He got set aside for a bit, but I got a lot of the fuzz done today, and I think I could get the rest done tomorrow... or maybe Monday, while I'm watching Heros, or Medium. He still needs his back ridge, and his wings, and his face as well. None of that will take a long time to finish.

So, hopefully I'll be taking some finished project pictures tomorrow. And, getting my next project lined up. Will it be the big dragon for Raine, or a crocheted spider plant? I'm not really sure yet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

must be instantly connected

That is what phone companies and other advertisers want us to think. Instant gratification makes us buy more and more. There are people who cannot seem to be ANYWHERE without - well, not just having a phone - talking on the phone. It's made us rather a rude society.

When you are physically with one person, but mentally (over the phone) with another, both are slighted. Where should your attention be? That's where your person should be, too. What bugs me most is the mindlessness of it. The thoughtlessness of treating the person or people you are with so poorly, and thinking nothing of it.

Personally, although I have a cell phone, I don't really want people to call me all of the time on it. Sure, I enjoy the convenience of being able to call from the store and ask Ron if he needs something, or would he rather have this or that choice. I absolutely want it while I'm on the road to and from work. The car could break down, or whatever. I make sure and keep in touch with my carpool in the mornings. If anyone calls me at work, though? They can expect to leave a message. The true emergencies exist, but they are far between, and often the cell phone does not make the difference.

While I am appreciative that a phone call can keep people in touch through a separation of distance, I really don't want to have to talk to people over the phone all the time. I much prefer the experience of speaking to them personally (anyone who knows me, knows that I can do some talking, too). I get to see their body language, their facial expression, even enjoy a quiet moment together. Things phone communication just doesn't give me. And don't even get me started on texting. I e-mail and IM people all the time, but texting? GAH! Frustration. I would have to have a much fancier phone than my current one. A phone with a qwerty keyboard, for example, to get into texting. Really, I just don't need to. Really.

So, how do I feel about something like Twitter, then? That its a lot of trouble and I just don't want to stalk myself. OK. You would think that I am some kind of ludite, at this point, yes? Well, no, I'm not. I might actually enjoy some of twitter... but I know my life is really not interesting enough to want to follow my every move. I haven't examined Twitter closely, for I fear I may get sucked into the swirling vortex, and soon, that self would be lost to this one. I'm going with ignorance is bliss at the moment.

I like that I CAN be connected to any one at any moment. I don't feel the need to make that connection every moment of the day or night. I'm grateful that the people I live with don't either.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

facebook vs ravelry

Both are online communities. But, while I enjoy reading the posts on Ravelry, Facebook tends to just... annoy me.

It helps that Ravelry is a more focused crafting community. Still, there are subgroups - and many of them involved here. When I find a group in Ravelry, I can check it out before I join it. I can read the posts, and I can check out projects made by people in that group. If I want to, I can go back to that group many times and never decide to join it. If I do decide to join, I don't have to spam all my friends to see if they want in too. Facebook? I feel like its main purpose is to cause you to create spam.

Oh, sure, I've had friends "write on my wall," on Facebook. I will say I've even touched base with someone who I'm happy to have touched base with, there. I hope she and I will talk more often. Still, the process seems... spammy. I get an e-mail, that someone has left a message on my wall. What they wrote is even in the e-mail... but I can't just hit reply. NO, I have to go to the site, enter my password, so some list of things that people want me to accept/do... although if I try to respond to any of it, it takes me through endless circles to create more annoying spam for my friends... people who you would think I would like to avoid spamming if I could. Don't others see it that way? Is it just me? Sigh. Mostly I just ignore that stuff. I hope I'm not hurting your feelings by doing that, but if I had to deal with all that go here, enter my name, enter my profile, provide X number of friends to send through this same torture... well, I probably would never log back on there again.

With Ravelry, if someone wants to send me a message, they can. Either they can happen upon my profile from a project I've posted or a comment I've made and reply in a thread, or to my mail box. When I log on, if someone's left me a message, it lets me know there is one waiting. More like my regular e-mail. I like it a whole lot better.

So, if you want to look for me, you can try Facebook. I'm there, somewhere, occasionally, but I'm not going to keep you posted on my every move... it would be waaayyyy to dull. I'm not going to poke you or pillow fight or give gifts... even though I like gifts, I don't like creating spam. Write on my wall, I'll probably answer. Look for me on Ravelry, though, if you want some real participation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

who watches the watchmen

Let me tell you, I do! This is a great superhero movie, but I won't go into any spoilers, here. Just don't take your little ones, this movie is rated R for good reason. Talent, filmography, great special effects. oooooh baby.

It didn't hurt that I got to see the movie in Las Cruces' newest theater, either. Allen Theaters has held the monopoly here for a good long while. In a way, I don't mind because at least they are locals, and not some conglomeration. Still this theater finally has the comfy seats with the armrests that raise up out of the way. Its much more like the theater Ron and I loved in Colorado Springs and have missed ever since then. They may even make it where you can buy your tickets online. We used to love doing that too...

What? Las Cruces moving into the "modern age?" Not likely... still I'm liking that theater.

Monday, March 9, 2009


...a little bit anyway. I didn't get as much yard clean-up done this past weekend as the couple before it. I did, however, get the refuse to the curb this evening, while it was still light, thanks to the daylight savings. Tomorrow it will get picked up by the grappler. I have mixed feelings about sending yard waste to the grappler, and then the landfill. I would like to be more ecologically friendly, but, I've been related to too many people with stacks of newspapers and other detritus cluttering up their homes. I'm trying NOT to be the crazy cat (or anything else) lady. If I had my compost system up and running (bought/made) I would have still sent some of that to the landfill. I don't need to recycle the weeds, for instance. At this point, I'm happy that I can let go of some things and send them away. So, taking the trash out gave a little more tidiness to the yard, and a small measure of satisfaction.

Last night, and intermittently today, we got the rain I was complaining about not getting. I head it on the skylight when I got out of the shower, pit patting. It was so gentle and quiet that it went right to your sub-conscious for a soothing massage while you sleep. This morning, the air just smelled so good. That wonderful desert after the rain smell, both at home and at school. It never rained hard, just a drizzle, but around here, it counted. It counted. Another small measure of satisfaction. What more can you ask on a Monday?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

weekend report

First of all, we had a weekend. That, in itself, is a good thing. Some respite and some rest, and of course the inevitable chores. Saturday the wind blew and it wasn't as warm as it had been earlier in the week. It was spring blowing in, though, all day long. The wind died down in the evening, which was nice. We've had cloud cover come and go, but mostly stick around for several days. It doesn't rain, of course, since we could use it. It doesn't even spit and then blow dirt in it to get your car covered. Not sure what's up with that.

I didn't get too much done in the yard this weekend, although I did get some watering done. The pomegranate bush is looking good, and the leaves are growing. My rosebushes are looking pretty happy as well. The back yard? well... I threw some water around back there too, hoping that some of the grass will take off. OK, hoping it won't just die off completely. Didn't finish raking though. Sigh.

Got a good way on my sock knitting. Almost finished with the skein of yarn and ready to tie on the second. Each skein should make one sock, but I'm making mine a little bigger around for my wide feet.

I went and picked up a donated stash of yarn to take to school for the crafting club we're trying to start. Our benefactor also donated some knitting needles along with A LOT of yarn. Perfect for learning with, and enough to make something with! Yay!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to fall asleep in this earlier daylight savings mode. It always takes a week or so to adjust to the new time, but I think I've not napped today and may possibly be able to hit the hay when I need to. Of course, I may finish the book I'm reading first... One by Charlaine Harris called Shakespeare's Champion, which I'm enjoying, and getting near the end of. Then comes the happiness of picking my next book. Will it be the next book in the Dresden Files series? How about Sue Grafton's T is for? Another Harris? Ahhh the loveliest of dilemmas...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


For those of us who have to suffer through daylight savings time, tonight is the night to set your clocks ahead. It's not really that I hate getting the hour of daylight in the evening. I really like having the daylight in the morning, though. It is sooo much easier getting up when it is light outside. Ahhh well, I can feel like I'm getting to bed early tomorrow, even though it will only feel like I'm getting up early Monday morning.

Friday, March 6, 2009

spring greening

I noticed something yesterday morning. Little hints of green in the trees in my front yard. Sure enough many of the trees - except the pecans - had the same hints of green. The little bud are opening and the leaves are starting to peek out.

The weather has been odd. Cloudy and breezy (not quite gale force) and warm. I understand from listening to the weathermen that windy mean warmer, but the clouds! Of course they aren't dropping a bit of rain, darn it. That would be too nice.

This weekend we spring ahead with daylight savings time, and in another couple of weeks - a little later than usual - spring break arrives. The signs are definitely there.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Just got home from the sewing guild meeting. There were about 9 people at the meeting, and 6 or 7 sewing machines/sergers. There was plenty of fabric, and once we got going, wow! We sewed for almost two hours (and cut and pressed and turned, etc) and finished 35 pillowcases. There were probably about 10 more in process that will get finished over the next week or so.

It was great fun to get to look at the fabric everyone brought. There were paper dolls, and watermelons, some beautiful batik and some lizards, some Christmas trees and some "believe" fabrics. Reds and greens and blues. One pillowcase looked like a striped Easter egg.

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

inspiration... and repitition

I'm inspired to craft. I am. And I've talked about and written about it already. I don't want to get repetitious and boring, I really don't.

Tomorrow is sewing guild meeting, and we will be making pillowcases as part of the guild's charitable efforts. The pillowcases go to Ronald McDonald house for the kids who stay there. So they will be fun fabrics. I have some of those. I need to go dig through my stash and pull a few out a few pieces and make sure they are not dusty. Pack up the sewing machine, scissors and appropriate thread and be ready for the meeting tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

goal for the day

Get to bed a little earlier. Not having a lot of luck at it yet. Will put more effort in.

Good night.

Monday, March 2, 2009

speaking of habits

I've talked about Ravelry, a knitting and crocheting web community. Its very cool, and rather inspiring, as evidenced by my crafty Christmas just past and my pair of socks that is a little over 1 and a half finished. On of the features on Ravelry is a queue. You can plan your projects and line them up. Well, duh! Only I hadn't ever thought of it that way. I mean, here I am with a stack of books-to-be-read, only I never thought of creating a crafty queue? Sad. Just sad.

So, now I have one. I'm not just putting crafts on it though. I'm calling it my project queue. It includes refinishing and reappholstering a chair that I got from my Granny. And let me tell you, it won't be the first time that chair has been recovered, either. It's from back in the day when craftsmen made furniture to last more than a lifetime. And it's been on the waiting list for a while, too. I have stuff to sew, and more to crochet or knit, and even some cross stitch, if I can see it well enough. There may be other kinds of projects on the list as well, rainy day projects that get put off until an unexpectedly free day happens. They do, now and then. One of the things I want to do is take a sewing challenge. I have to find one, and then I'll get busy. I don't think I'm quite up to a quilt challenge, yet, but I know those are out there. I may just make my own personal challenge to begin with.

Yes, this is tied to my blog from yesterday, talking about working in the yard, and making it a habit. Acknowledging to myself that I really do like being out there, and that I should make myself happy with being out there. I know that I have issues about putting the expectations I have for myself onto others and then being disappointed when those others don't follow through, leading me by their example. Huh. Wonder why that doesn't work... Still working on growing up in ways, I guess.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

making habits

Today, Raine and I worked out in the yard again. We both enjoyed it and we got a good bit done in a couple of hours.

I got to thinking, that a couple of hours on days when I'm home, is pretty nice. I like being outside. I like puttering around and doing stuff. I like it when things look better. Wonder what it would be like to make that a habit? I'm sure there is plenty to do. Yardwork is one of those never-ending things, you know, if you actually DO it. And our yard could really use some doing. It got neglected and then had to suffer through the indignity of the remodel. It is basically as if we are starting over on the back yard. Not pretty. Yet. But it could be. Or at least an enjoyable area. I would like that a lot.

There is a drawback though. Or maybe I should say a stumbling block. Yeah. Did I mention I was lazy? Oh yeah. And yard WORK. um hum. While the other adults are inside the house playing computer games, I'm outside working. Yep. Childish of me to feel that whiney way. Especially when _I_ enjoy being out there. But, it happens, and I know it does. So, at least until I succumb to childish petulance, I will get myself out to the yard and use what I don't want to lose, and enjoy being part of nature... at least as natural as my yard is...