Sunday, March 30, 2014

spring break

Spring break is all done but the clapping this year. The fat lady will sing soon (in the shower, so no peeking  - and if you do it serves you right) and then to bed and up to work tomorrow.

It has been a pleasant week, full of movie watching, an encouraging visit to my elderly relatives in Alamogordo, and some craftiness. Even Raine has had a good time, when I know she was afraid the whole week would be spent cleaning her room. Sure she did some of that, and not all it needed, but progress was made! She also got to take a day trip to Ruidoso, and another to Western Playland. She got to sleep over at a friend's house, and even play with some young chickens. Ron took vacation, and spent it the way he prefers, spending time with his family, and playing computer games. Well, and watching movies with me, lol.

He ordered some Sherlock Holmes videos, a collection of the movies that we didn't already own. We got to watch those. Jeremy Brett is very good as Sherlock. Oh sure, I the Benedict Cumberbatch is good, but it just isn't the same. Anyway, we also watched a movie called Odd Thomas. Yes, based on the book of the same title by Dean Koontz. I haven't read the books - it is a series - but went to Coas the next day and found the first 3. I had not heard of the movie, even though I'd heard of the books. I really liked it. There was the welcome flavor of Pushing Daisies and a fast pace that I enjoyed. Quite entertaining. Enough so that I will now read the books that I ran out to find the next day.

I've been working on some steampunk-y crafts. I have a shawl that I'm crocheting, and will share when it is more finished. I've also been inspired to dress a bunny, steampunk style. Here she is, so far:

bunny in a corset
I'll be sharing more if this as more of the look is put together. So far, I'm pretty happy with her. I'm particularly happy with how the corset came out. Want a close up?

Love the fasteners!
I'll be posting more about the bunny on my Creatlivity blog. Probably tomorrow. She is nowhere near finished, but the clothes pretty much are. Now for the embellishments! They should be fun! fun! fun!

And now back to our previously scheduled semester...

Friday, March 21, 2014


So much for my plans to post here more often. I have been stretched this semester, teaching, planning for and grading for 3 different classes. It is keeping me busy, I'll tell you that much. I don't have a lot of creative thought left over after work. This coming week is spring break, however, and I hope to get a lot of the planning taken care of for the rest of the semester, and some of the prep work, too... or at least the prep of the prep, if you know what I mean...

Other things have been going on as well. A couple of elderly cousins have needed some time this past month, and I have been blessed to be able to help them out some. I grew up with these cousins (my dad's first cousin and her husband) around and beloved. Still it takes time, and energy.

I see you!!! 

We did take the time to go to Tucson, so we could enjoy Wild Wild West Con 3 at Old Tucson. It was fun again this year. We missed Abney Park, as one of the bands, but Professor Elemental was back, as was Steam Powered Giraffe. There were other bands and entertainment as well. The children's activities were stepped up this year, and Raine and Ana created some awesome cardboard robots, and some fun bug-eye goggles.

Very creative and fun cardboard robots
We also did some make and take activities for adults... except that Raine seemed to make out like a bandit on the pouch making. It required a new belt as well.

ta da! we made it!
So there were the months of February, and March (so far) around here.