Tuesday, June 30, 2009

serge ahead

About two years ago, one of the women in the sewing guild gave me a serger type machine that she was no longer going to use. I got it checked out, and it worked great, but then I put it away. Yes, the machine rather intimidated me. I knew that poeple who used them really liked them, and used them for a wide variety of sewing, but not me. Not yet. Too many threads!

Last summer (it may have been the summer before), my sewing friend gave me some instruction on serger use. I used hers to construct a garment. It takes a little bit different logic and construction technique than a regular machine. I used it so I could get used to the idea a little. Still too many threads!

So I have a craft room now, and room to sew, and all that. One of my goals this summer has been to work on organizing said craft room more, so that it is more usable. That and sewing. I've worked some on both things.

Today, I got that machine out and dusted it off and got the instruction book out, and rethreaded it. After a few test runs, I sewed up a pair of pants that I had cut out a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm the seams went quickly, and now all I need to do is put the hems in and do the elstic casing, neither of which a serger is suitable for. Once those are done, I'll try out those pants and see how I did. Still, one more thing to check off the list...

Monday, June 29, 2009

what I've been missing

When I was growing up, summers were spent in the pool. I don't mean at the pool, I mean IN the pool. My mom made sure we had swimming lessons early, and my brothers and I were strong swimmers, and we really enjoyed it. My folks paid their Elks club dues every year because their pool was in walking distance of our house. Mom sent us up ther almost every afternoon.

As an adult, I don't swim nearly as much as I did then. Don't want to be seen in a bathing suit at a public pool at all. But I still like the water. I've had Raine in swimming lesson of some sort since she was 3, except this year the city rec budget was cut way back, and they didn't offer as much as last year. She's missed out too.

Our next door neighbors gave Raine a wading pool that they'd had for their grandchildren who have outgrown it. So she's had several days in that, and it's a nice one. Tonight, though, we really went swimming for the first time this season. We have some friends who have a pool in their back yard, and we got invited over. They would probably welcome us more often than we impose ourselves, but we don't want to over-do our welcome. It was a perfect evening for it, though, and very refreshing, and relaxing. Visiting with them was good too. Raine and her friend got to splash and play and get tired out. How can that not be a pretty great evening?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

no news is good news

At least on the home front. We spent a quiet Sunday hanging out, picking some new fish, and Raine even got to spend some play time with her best friend. I even let Ron off the weekly laundry chores, which I'll pick up tomorrow along with watering the yard. Changing the laundry around being a good cue to also move the sprinkler. Boring, boring, wonderfully, thankfully boring.

Which is nice when the world seems to be going a little wacko. The celebrity death toll seems to be mounting, with Billy Mays today. Can't say I'll miss the commercials... heck they'll probably keep running them for 10 more years, but I have to respect someone who can make their way as a salesman. That is my anti-job. The one that I really, really am terrible at.

Still. Doesn't make much to talk about, does it. I hope everyone had a wonderful day today, that was just the way they liked it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

fun at the zoo

Well, despite my heat misgivings, and it WAS hot, we had a fun time at the zoo. Raine fed the ducks, and the swans, and the grackles, blackbirds, and pigeons. One chunk of food at a time. (picture something about the size of dry cat food) There were lots of turtles swimming about, and lazing in the sun. There were other interesting animals to see as well, although most of them were already dozing by the time we got to see them. The peacocks, however, were in a mood, and several of them had there tails displayed.

The playground area was fun, and Raine enjoyed a little bit of climbing around on the various equipment. They had a cool climber that looked rather like a spider's web.

We also had a great visit with my cousin and her husband. I really enjoyed that as they are some of my favorite people and always have been. A little shopping in a few thrift stores rounded out the visit, and we headed home. I think a good time was had by all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

you too zoo

We are headed for Alamogordo tomorrow, to take Raine to the zoo there. Its a smallish zoo, but nice, not too overwhelming. I know, I know, its going to be hot. It is. Still, i'm going.

It wasn't my idea, it was Cindy's, and she has some other errands on the agenda. My only other activity is to visit with my cousins Bob & Louise, who live there. I used to see them a lot more often, when we were all younger, and they were a little more willing to travel. Still, they are dear to my heart, and I miss them. I'm hoping we can be home sometime early to mid afternoon.

Of course I'll try to take pictures, like a good mama should. I'll go put the camera in my purse right quick. And, really, that's about it for me today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, I've been working on a jumper for my cousin, Roxanne, for her birthday. At its bones, the jumper is a simple denim jumper, but we decided to embellish it. Since she loves butterflies, and I have a chunk of fabric that was just covered in butterflies, I took that over too. The butterfly fabric made a top that can go under the jumper, or with pants or a skirt, so when I talk about this outfit as a set, understand that we are both mix and match people, and these pieces both go with other things in her wardrobe. Anyway, sewing up the top and jumper, no problem.

Doing applique, understood in theory, but not practiced much. Still I have a machine that should handle it MUCH better than the old Singer that I used on my first attempt many many years ago. The other helpful thing was actually a helpful person. I have a friend who is a wonderful seamstress. I may enjoy sewing, and be happy to wear what I make, and give it away as gifts, but she is a professional seamstress. Really. She suggested that I use heat n bond to attach the applique pieces to the garment before sewing. The last time, I had used Wonder Under, and it was so stiff. The Heat N Bond is much more flexible, and I think it also bonds better overall.

Anyway, I did a little test of a couple of pieces onto denim, with a couple of different thread colors, making sure that the stitching was good, and stitch length and width and tension (which my friend also gave good advice about) etc. Then on to the real thing. So far, I've completed the back of the jumper, two large appliques. I've also place the front fabric, but have not gotten it sewed down yet. Today, I took the jumper so Roxanne could try it one, which she did, with the top.

Now for the pictures...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rick rolled

First, I appologize for no post yesterday. The lightening took out the power for a few moments, which turned the computer off. I didn't get back to it until after Raine went to bed, which was when Ron decided his reflux was not going to let him take it lying down. His recliner is in the room with the computers, and I did not want to keep him up till all hours, since he gets up early for work, so the computer stayed off till this morning.

I did have time to think about that post I was wanting to make, and it is pretty silly, but I'm not quite ready to share my adventures in applique, yet ( I have been taking pictures, though, so I AM preparing...)

Often enough, real life is referenced in cyberspace. More and more often cyberspace gets referenced in RL. Take, for example, some car commercials that are playing here locally which use IM "speak" as a gimmick. Something to the effect of, your friends will LOL if you pass these deals by... well, not really, but you get the idea. I try not to really pay attention to them...

A couple of times recently, though we've been sitting here or there, the first time, in Dions, eating a nice pizza and salad, and what should come on, but Rick Astley, "Never gonna run around and desert you..." Ron, Carl and I looked at each other with the same expression. We had gotten Rick rolled... The next day, I think it happened in the car, when the radio station played the same song. Have you ever put an experience in real life into terms of cyber?

Monday, June 22, 2009


I have one... or rather, I had one. I have flashed on it a couple of times. Today and yesterday, in fact. My mind, right now, is rather mushy, though. I think it will have to wait. Shower good. Sleep good.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

rubbing it in

Yeah, I know. I'm a proud Mama. But she says so much stuff that is cute, or profound, in an innocent way. It's really kinda cool. I know that other kids do it too, and believe me, if I heard them, I'd probably tell you about that, too... If I had a better memory, I'd regale you with these stories more often.

This evening, after Ron gave Raine her good-night kiss, she rubbed her cheek. You know, like some kids do to get the kiss off. Only, she wasn't trying to get the kiss off, she said, " I'm rubbin' it in, like lotion." Wow. How cool is that?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I know I've been talking about the books that I've been reading, but I haven't mentioned how cool it is to be voraciously reading again. I'm reading another Charlaine Harris at the moment, zooming through them at 2 maybe 3 days each.

Its been 6 and a half years since I was able to read like this. (by pure co-incidence, Raine is 6 and a half years old right now...) Of course, she doesn't always leave me alone to read, and I try not to just be rude or mean to her about it. She needs attention too. Still, it has felt so good to just read, and get lost in the books, the characters, the plots.

I know I've been missing reading, I just didn't realize how much. Woo Hoo! and shelves and shelves of books to pick through!

Friday, June 19, 2009

birthday sewing

I bought some lovely denim for my cousin for her birthday. I also told her I would help her make something of it if she would like. She did. We are making a denim jumper, and and decorating it with butterflies. She also gets a butterfly top to go under the jumper (and with whatever else it matches in her wardrobe).

The jumper is simple, and is basically finished, except putting on bias tape to finish the armholes. I forgot to take some with me. We cut out strips of butterflies to go around the jumper near (but not at) the hem, and a few more to go up one side, as if fluttering away.

I'm not very practiced at applique, but I'm going to practice a bit, and then see what I can do with these. There will be pictures, soon, of the progress if I can remember to take them, and the final product, if its worth wearing. (please, oh please, let the picture in my head be something I can accomplish on this)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sew it begins

Ha Ha, How's that for a title? I sewed up a top yesterday that I'd cut out a while ago. Today, I did a cute little top for a friend's daughter. She's 14 and still might like it even though I made it from fabric her mom picked out. I hope so, anyway. She loves the shorts I made her, so there's hope. I need to clear off the table and get a few more things cut out, which means deciding what to cut out of them.

See, the possibilities - while perhaps not endless - are myriad. I rarely look at a piece of fabric and "see" only one garment from it. I might classify "shirt" or "pants" or the like, and try to decide who it is for, as those things help determine how big a piece of fabric to get. When I try to decide which top, though, that's when the agonizing begins. hmmm What am I going to wear this top with? Which of these patterns do I like best? Have I made the pattern up before, and how hard was it to make? How many times will I have to rearrange the pattern pieces so that they fit in the best way?

Then there is my least favorite part, the actual cutting out of the pattern. Oh, I usually iron the fabric before I start laying it out. It keeps the selvages straighter, and the pattern lays out smoother. I had to learn that though. Try it both ways and decide over time which I preferred. In fact, I had to learn about iron with sewing like that. Now, I use that iron. It may be the only time the iron touches that garment, but while its being sewn, I iron.

But back to the cutting out part. The actual use of scissors is not the big deal here, except in the finality of it. I mean, you do not put the fabric back together and start over. So, taking my cue from construction, I measure twice and cut once. I don't start cutting until I'm satisfied with how ALL the pieces fit on the fabric. I still have to remember to check on the one-way-ness of fabrics, and occasionally mess that up. Sometimes that matters more than other times. Its the pinning, and un pinning and adjusting and repinning that make me grit my teeth. But, if you don't do it, you just make yourself sorry. Every time. So, I do it, but I don't haveta like it.

Then there is my to-sew pile. I'll try to cut several things out while I'm in that mode. That way, I can sew when the mood strikes me. I don't have to overcome the cutting out part to get to the good part. My to-sew pile is as much a comfort to me as my to-read pile of books (which is still pretty tall right now, although moving more than it has in a while)I think my to-sew pile is in need of restocking, though, and I'm planning to work on that tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

by request

Here is Raine's story. She wrote it before we went camping, even though she wrote in past tense. Yes it is short, hey she's only six, and hasn't even been to first grade, yet. You can get a glimpse of the lake at the left, and our car - according to Raine - is off the page to the right. The campfire is in the middle there, front and center for marshmallows. She could spell that correctly because she copied it from the bag...which we took with us and was devoured after roasting the first night.

Monday, June 15, 2009

and back to...

Our regularly scheduled summer break. Wow it feels really good that I met the goal of going camping. I had just about reconciled myself to not getting to go, and then the opportunity came, and was enjoyed by all. Pretty good positive reinforcement, I must admit.

I new little eatery opened not far from us very recently. Its a little sandwich and sushi shop. Sushi?!? Of course we just had to try it. The first time we stopped in, the shop wasn't quite open yet, but today as we drove by, we noticed the sign said OPEN. So, we went for dinner. The sushi was good, and we enjoyed it. There wasn't a huge variety, though. The owner/operator was not as comfortable behind the counter as he probably was in the kitchen, so the service was a little slow and haphazard. I hope that will change as the business goes, and he gets more practice. There are 5 tables in the place, and it seems more of a take out than an eat in place, even though we ate in. We used chop sticks, and laughed a little at ourselves, as we usually do. The pace was a little slow, but sushi can be that way. Still, the pauses were not bad, and he brought each roll as it was done, so we ate slowly, and it was good. We will probably go back again. Unless there is a line.

So, tomorrow will be packing away some camping gear. Hopefully some sewing as well. I keep looking at cloths thinking I'll add to my wardrobe for the beginning of the school year, yet I keep finding nothing I really want to wear. Sewing will have to be the adds for this year, I guess. Which isn't a bad thing, really. I have fabric for garments I want to have, I have patterns for them as well... Just need to do the work. I actually did cut out a couple of things last week, so I've got a little start on it.

So, this and that and the other. If I could stick to one of those things for a couple of hours, I bet I'd have something good to show for my efforts!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lake Roberts

Camping at Lake Roberts was much like I'd remembered it, in some ways... and not, in others. Growing up we always had a trailer, this time we tented. I've tented it a lot in the SCA, so that was not a problem. Our new tent was nice, well ventilated and kept the rain out. (of course there was rain!). The Mesa campground was lovely, our spot was fairly isolated. The bathrooms have flush toilets. The hike down to the lake and up to the campground was one I didn't want to torture my knees with, but there are other hikes in the area that aren't so steeply sloped. Our friends that joined us hadn't been in the area for years, and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Lake Roberts itself, has filled with water weeds and is viney quite a ways out. There is no swimming or even wading in the lake any more, to protect people from getting tangled in them. The park service has moved the boat ramp, and added a few floating piers to fish off of. The oak tree that my dad often fished under while we climbed in and around it, is still there. Grown older and wiser, I think, good old friend.

We saw some fish, but did not catch them. Saw some buzzards, and enjoyed watching them flying. We even managed to spot them in their roosting tree. There were robins and blue birds and hummingbirds. We spotted rabbits and even a couple deer. We listened to the ducks and the frogs call at night, when things would start to quiet down. And stars! My word!

The kids played, and hiked and fished. They entertained us by putting on plays. We roasted marshmallows. Raine discovered camel back water holders... and wore one on a short hike to the lake, drinking almost 2 liters of water in the process. Let's just say I didn't worry about her being dehydrated today... and we both got our exercise visiting the bathrooms through the evening. We had camp food that was - of course - delicious and the rain didn't start until almost dark last night.

It rained off and on most of the night, and occasionally the wind would gust up, once or twice teasing up our rain fly a little and dripping a few drops into the mesh of the ceiling of the tent. When we got up, the clouds were breaking up some, and we even got a little sun. Enough for it to warm up while we broke camp, watching more clouds start to move in. We had a lovely breakfast buffet at a little restaurant about 5 miles towards Silver City, and it rained while we were eating. We didn't care, of course. We said our good byes and headed home.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


To help Raine retain what she's learned in school, and help her practice those skills, We have her do some work in some workbooks. That rote kind of worksheet stuff is good for practicing math skills. We trade it off with a writing practice book we found, a that has those Big Chief type lines to help kids get there letters to size and it has space on each page for a picture. I've told you how much Raine likes to draw, right? So she draws a picture and writes a few lines about it.

Today she drew and wrote about our camping trip. The one we are going to have this weekend. She wrote in the past tense. I'm sure that it is a developmental thing, and I didn't correct it (as the language arts teacher I am) because THAT was not the point of her writing. She wrote about roasting marshmallows. She drew our campsite, and the fire we had, and included a box for all the fish she caught. And we were all inside the tent. Oh, and the car was just out of the picture, on the other side of the tent (off the page).

Think she's excited? Yeah I do too. Know what? I'm excited too. So much so that I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, thinking of all the things I should get ready. More than a few of them already were ready... Wouldn't think a camping trip would make you feel like Christmas, but there it is. I'll regale you with pictures on our return.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sookie again

I've been reading Dresden, but I've been watching Sookie. Yeah. Carl and I finished the last episodes of the season yesterday, and I've been mulling over my thoughts about them. Mostly, I was entertained. The things that did not entertain me were things that were not in the books I read.

First, let me say, that I really enjoy the idea of doing a book justice by creating a season of television around it. It's more "permanent" than a miniseries. It gets into the details more than a movie can. THIS is the forum (format) Stephan King novels need when they are taken to video.

Having said that - and adding in a warning for spoilers to follow - what the books DON'T need is a lot of what Charlaine Harris' books got: cliches. I mean the woman went to a lot of talented, creative effort to create vampires that were not cliche, still, in the series, these vampires hold their tribunal in a junkyard. The vampires did not look like sophisticated, rich and powerful individuals, they looked like The Lost Boys, or Thunderdome... or trailer trash. In a scene that was not in the book at all!!! The character of Eric lost almost all of his power and attraction due to his treatment in the series. In the books, he holds power over Bill and over Sookie, but he also recognizes and values the usefulness of Sookie's telepathy. Values it enough to kill the vampire who attacks her himself. Still there is a tension between the two parties, that shifts interestingly as each asks favors of and does favors for the other.

Another character the series treated poorly is Andy Bellefluer. Instead of being a supercillious snob and a decent cop, he's becomes the cliche red-neck bad cop. He isn't interested in finding the killer, just putting Jason in jail. In the books, he is someone Sookie may not like, but someone whom she can trust in his profession. Someone she is willing to help, and stand up for in the second book, instead of someone we really care very little about at all at this point, even though in the second book - and the second season which has been set up to follow that book - that sympathy is a big part of the motivation for solving a murder.

Over all, I must say this for the series, True Blood. The parts that kept to the book were good. That should testify to that talent of Harris, and the quality of her work. The parts that were added were the ones that disappointed me, that didn't live up to the quality of the rest. Those superfluous plot lines didn't add to the story as it was told in the books. They didn't add to the quality of the program as a whole. If the producers don't think one book is enough material for one season, then take a cue from British television, and do the one book and do it justice, then move on to the next... weave them together some, so that you can place the cliff hangers, etc. So you can forshadow coming events and tease the audience's attention. We enjoy that!

I can't say I'll be buying season 2 of True Blood, though. I think I'll follow Fran's lead in this, and enjoy the books instead.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I grew up camping. My folks started with a little trailer, and as we (meaning my brothers and I) outgrew it (read: had to sit and sleep too close together to be able to leave each other alone), my folks bought a bigger one. We took many trips into the Lincoln Forest, and others in the Gallinus (don't think I got that spelled right) near Las Vegas, NM where my dad had relatives. We even took the trailer with us several times on our summer vacations to the coast of TX and stayed in campgrounds instead of hotels. Most of the time, though, it seems like we travelled up to Lake Roberts, in the Gila. I have many wonderful memories of camping trips with family friends, and cousins from one side of the family or the other.

When I grew up, I either had to work, or if I wasn't working, I had no funds to camp with, or gather equipment with, it seemed. At least until I found the Society for Creative Anachronism. This is a group that holds its events and conventions on open fields. Most often, and SCA event is a camping event. While I was active, I got to go 3 or 4 times a year at times. It was a large group of people who all looked after each other, and I felt perfectly safe, even as a single female to camp. It was one of the big attractions to me for belinging to the SCA. The friends I made were the best, and camping with them was Oh, so much fun.

Then the move to Colorado, and back, and being borke once again, and climbing out of the pit of debt. Doesn't allow for much traveling, although we got out for picnics now and again to some of those places. Needless to say, I've been jonesing for a campout for a long time now. One of my goals for this summer was to get a camping trip in. Somehow, someway. I drooled over RV's and trailers, knowing in my heart that they are not in my budget at the moment. Still, I didn't want to sleep on the hard ground either. Looking around the house, and storage rooms, we still have about enough stuff to go camping with.

Now, we even have friends who want to meet us there. So we are headed to Lake Roberts for this next weekend. We'll have to get a new tent, and we already picked up an air mattress. I've planned a menu, and done some shopping for it. I've started gathering the necessities. I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself, and I feel like a kid because of that. Not only do we get to spend time with some really good friends, we get to do it while camping.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I've had this term turning around in my brain for a while now. I just don't know whether it really hits the spot, or whether it just seems contrived. I'd like a little feedback, if you don't mind.

I would like to do more with my creativity, challenge myself more, create more. Have fun with it, and pass the inspiration along even. It seems like creatlivity to me. Would you visit a blog named that? Would you look at a gallery? Would you want to play there, or create there? Would you want to hang out with people there and discuss the state of the world? Would you give and accept creative challenges there? Would you share your knowledge of crafting? Would you expect to gain knowledge from others?

Would it satisfy you?
Would it walk right by you?

Oh, darn, the singing has started... still... opinions?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

making headway

Well, some of the organizing tasks I set myself to are underway now. I know I've talked about Raine's room, and we have made headway. Sometimes it feels a little frustrating to me, but I'll just have to take it in stride. The child uses her room, for goodness sake, AND she plays with her toys! (the nerve). What we sort and straighten one moment, is strewn around her room the next. Still there are things that have surfaced that I know she has missed, and its getting better in there, it really is.

Now its on to my own stuff. Starting to sort in the craft room... not meticulous, basically by craft genre into tubs. Storing stuff into the cabinets, and thinking that I probably will need more shelves of some flavor, but... sigh. They will have to wait. I can reach stuff that was hidden... and there is fabric. More fabric. Of course there is. Some of it has been mysteriously covered in cat hair. Hmmmm wonder how that happened? Ahh well, more laundry then. I have some tubs for fabric, too... and that needs to get done too.

So, yes, purging as well. trips to good will, and where ever else are in my future. And hand-me-downs. I love getting them, and I hope those who receive are equally excited. Not only that, but sewing. Getting some of that fabric into garments, and into the closet is a good step, too. I thought about cutting some things out this evening, but it doesn't look like I'll get that done. Tomorrow, maybe, in between loads of laundry, and washing dishes, and some of those other chores... Dang it! why doesn't that stuff stay done!


Raine is a saver. She keeps everything. She doesn't like it when we throw away the reciept from Sonic. I mean everything. I have no idea where she gets it (HA!).

One of my goals this summer was to clear out some (most) of the papers she kept from school this year. I did that. I also kept some of them, and we spent some time the past few days putting some of the ones I saved up on her walls. She has some cool solar system things, and ocean stuff. And of course she loves to draw, so there are even her own creations, too. I also got to set some aside to send/give to grandparents.

Now she has - once again - room to see her supplies, and find them and use them. The games she was making are uncovered and she can work on them some more. The progress continues. So two of the bigger projects in Raine's room have been tackled. She needs more storage (what? surely that's not a surprise...) but I think I know the solution, if I can just materialize it for not too much $$$. Bins. Yep, bins. I have a couple, but I would like to put 3 or 4 more than that in there in a nice tall stack for her to be able to put stuff away, and yet see it and be able to find it when she wants it. Still a few things to purge as well, to make room.

So, when we are done purging her room, I'm going to see how I can use that momentum to purge some of mine... Its only fair.

Friday, June 5, 2009

music camp

This week, Raine has been having a great time in music camp. Today, they had their performance. In one week, the camp leaders got a pretty big group of kids ready for a show. I was impressed, and the show - not quite an hour's worth - was very cute. I joked with a friend about the talent scouts scoping out the kids... and of course there were none. Still I enjoyed it, and the kids seemed to as well. What a great way to get kids interested in activities that they will be able to participate more in when they get to mid and high school.

There was singing, and dancing, and story in the performance, and I do think the kids, and their directors did a great job!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

sookie stackhouse

I have some good friends. How do I know? They lent me books. They lent me good books. I know, that doesn't narrow the field much, does it.

Some of the books were by Charlaine Harris, and some of those books were about a character named Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is a young, attractive, woman of good morals and values, who can read people's minds. Oh, she doesn't WANT to, it just happens. Often at very inconvenient moments. Mostly, people just think she's crazy. Then, she meets her first vampire, and her adventures begin.

I have not read the whole series yet, but I will say I have enjoyed what I have read, and look forward to reading the rest.

HBO created the series TrueBlood, based on these works by Ms. Harris. Much like the first season of Dexter followed the first book of that series, this series follows the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books. This - like Dexter - is not a series for prime-time family viewing. There is a lot of nudity and sex. Not the hardcore kind, of course, but not appropriate for every family member.

Now, I don't get HBO, but the first season of TrueBlood recently came out on DVD. OK, maybe not THAT recently, but in the grand scheme of things... Anyway, we picked it up at Sam's, our usual. Carl and I have been watching a couple of episodes each evening, and enjoying them. HBO has learned a few things with their Dexter experience. Many of these episodes end in CLIFF HANGERS. To the point where I would have been quite unhappy watching as the season ran for the continuation... Still, the points where they made changes, so that they could extend the material for subplots through the whole season, is not working as well for me as it generally did in Dexter. I don't want to go into major spoilers here, but they just don't.

All in all, I would recommend the books, and the series. I hope they will continue the series through the next books, which Dexter did not do, although I think the timing of the publication of that book may have had something to do with that. There are several Sookie Stackhouse books available for adaptation. Anyone else "discovered" these? Comments? Opinions?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

one day in a row

I've been slacking off. No, I don't mean getting lazy. Well, of course I've been lazy, it's summer vacation. That's not what I meant, though.

I haven't been eating the way I should be. No, I haven't completely lost it. I haven't dived into a vat of ice cream covered with hot fudge and caramel. More like the occasional frapaccino. But, who am I fooling? That is not a legal beverage for me, at least not the way Starbucks makes it. Even if I ask for the sugar free flavoring. Which they have. One flavor. McDonalds has sugar free coffee flavoring too. You know what? We have three flavors at home, and I don't add extra sweeteners on top of that. I know where I should be getting my coffee flavored beverages from, for more reasons than just calories.

Its not just that. I haven't lost ground, but I've stopped making progress. I've been fooling myself. I do that... you know the self-talk... Oh, just one won't hurt. Well, no, usually one is OK. The thing is, I can't always stop at one chip... or one serving of them. Sigh.

So, today, I did better. Breakfast was OK, and I did better with a good lunch and a good dinner, and a good snack later on. Celery. I ate celery. And, I liked it. What will tomorrow bring? Carrots? Cucumber? Hopefully.

A good diet for me is hope. Exercise is hope. I know - oh, do I - that saying it isn't doing it. Still. If I can say it enough, to remember it at the right times, I'll stay on the wagon. My feet were dragging there, just a little too much, and I need a little less precarious seat. Today, I did good.

Monday, June 1, 2009

this and that again

It took me a long time to get to sleep last night. It doesn't usually, and I consider myself pretty lucky for that. It is not a gift horse I look in the mouth of. I'm a morning person, so I don't do late nights well. So today is a little discombobulatory. And I want to be in bed pretty soon. Setting the alarm during summer break is something one does for those one loves...

The first day of music camp went well. It started off with a crowd of kids parents and more kids... not all of whom stayed. The music teacher from Raine's school was there, so I made sure we said "hi" before I left. It helped Raine that there was a familiar face, and someone who knew her name. When I picked her up, she told me all about snack time, and that they learned some songs and got to play on the xylophones - which they had a collection of - but she did not get to play the electric guitar. She had a good, musical time.

Friday, they will give a performance. I'm looking forward to it.