Tuesday, June 30, 2009

serge ahead

About two years ago, one of the women in the sewing guild gave me a serger type machine that she was no longer going to use. I got it checked out, and it worked great, but then I put it away. Yes, the machine rather intimidated me. I knew that poeple who used them really liked them, and used them for a wide variety of sewing, but not me. Not yet. Too many threads!

Last summer (it may have been the summer before), my sewing friend gave me some instruction on serger use. I used hers to construct a garment. It takes a little bit different logic and construction technique than a regular machine. I used it so I could get used to the idea a little. Still too many threads!

So I have a craft room now, and room to sew, and all that. One of my goals this summer has been to work on organizing said craft room more, so that it is more usable. That and sewing. I've worked some on both things.

Today, I got that machine out and dusted it off and got the instruction book out, and rethreaded it. After a few test runs, I sewed up a pair of pants that I had cut out a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm the seams went quickly, and now all I need to do is put the hems in and do the elstic casing, neither of which a serger is suitable for. Once those are done, I'll try out those pants and see how I did. Still, one more thing to check off the list...

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Fran said...

Congratulations on using something so intimidating -- and they are!