Sunday, June 7, 2009


Raine is a saver. She keeps everything. She doesn't like it when we throw away the reciept from Sonic. I mean everything. I have no idea where she gets it (HA!).

One of my goals this summer was to clear out some (most) of the papers she kept from school this year. I did that. I also kept some of them, and we spent some time the past few days putting some of the ones I saved up on her walls. She has some cool solar system things, and ocean stuff. And of course she loves to draw, so there are even her own creations, too. I also got to set some aside to send/give to grandparents.

Now she has - once again - room to see her supplies, and find them and use them. The games she was making are uncovered and she can work on them some more. The progress continues. So two of the bigger projects in Raine's room have been tackled. She needs more storage (what? surely that's not a surprise...) but I think I know the solution, if I can just materialize it for not too much $$$. Bins. Yep, bins. I have a couple, but I would like to put 3 or 4 more than that in there in a nice tall stack for her to be able to put stuff away, and yet see it and be able to find it when she wants it. Still a few things to purge as well, to make room.

So, when we are done purging her room, I'm going to see how I can use that momentum to purge some of mine... Its only fair.

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