Friday, June 5, 2009

music camp

This week, Raine has been having a great time in music camp. Today, they had their performance. In one week, the camp leaders got a pretty big group of kids ready for a show. I was impressed, and the show - not quite an hour's worth - was very cute. I joked with a friend about the talent scouts scoping out the kids... and of course there were none. Still I enjoyed it, and the kids seemed to as well. What a great way to get kids interested in activities that they will be able to participate more in when they get to mid and high school.

There was singing, and dancing, and story in the performance, and I do think the kids, and their directors did a great job!


Fran said...

So, is she ready for Lillian to make Raine her own smaller sized electric guitar?

Because she might very well do it!

Dina said...

Lets see... her first comment, the first day when I picked her up, was that she didn't get to play the electric guitar...

I think she'd play it.