Thursday, June 4, 2009

sookie stackhouse

I have some good friends. How do I know? They lent me books. They lent me good books. I know, that doesn't narrow the field much, does it.

Some of the books were by Charlaine Harris, and some of those books were about a character named Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is a young, attractive, woman of good morals and values, who can read people's minds. Oh, she doesn't WANT to, it just happens. Often at very inconvenient moments. Mostly, people just think she's crazy. Then, she meets her first vampire, and her adventures begin.

I have not read the whole series yet, but I will say I have enjoyed what I have read, and look forward to reading the rest.

HBO created the series TrueBlood, based on these works by Ms. Harris. Much like the first season of Dexter followed the first book of that series, this series follows the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books. This - like Dexter - is not a series for prime-time family viewing. There is a lot of nudity and sex. Not the hardcore kind, of course, but not appropriate for every family member.

Now, I don't get HBO, but the first season of TrueBlood recently came out on DVD. OK, maybe not THAT recently, but in the grand scheme of things... Anyway, we picked it up at Sam's, our usual. Carl and I have been watching a couple of episodes each evening, and enjoying them. HBO has learned a few things with their Dexter experience. Many of these episodes end in CLIFF HANGERS. To the point where I would have been quite unhappy watching as the season ran for the continuation... Still, the points where they made changes, so that they could extend the material for subplots through the whole season, is not working as well for me as it generally did in Dexter. I don't want to go into major spoilers here, but they just don't.

All in all, I would recommend the books, and the series. I hope they will continue the series through the next books, which Dexter did not do, although I think the timing of the publication of that book may have had something to do with that. There are several Sookie Stackhouse books available for adaptation. Anyone else "discovered" these? Comments? Opinions?


Fran said...

Oh, I do enjoy Sookie, and I'm a big fan of Bubba. Have been, ever since he was alive, actually.

There's some really good urban fantasy out there, and Charlaine's a sweetie so I'm glad that they've made the series. That being said, I'm not sure I want to see it. I have a picture in my head of what everyone looks like and I'm not sure I want to see what someone else has decided.

Have fun with the books, though! They're a hoot!

Dina said...

Well, yeah... Carl and I have discussed that very thing. They did a nice job of casting vampire Bill. Anna Paquin is acceptable as Sookie. Sam? Not as good. Eric should have been some huge hulk of a Viking. Not that true Vikings were so huge, but they SHOULD have been...

So, there you go... I still have been enjoying them.