Saturday, June 27, 2009

fun at the zoo

Well, despite my heat misgivings, and it WAS hot, we had a fun time at the zoo. Raine fed the ducks, and the swans, and the grackles, blackbirds, and pigeons. One chunk of food at a time. (picture something about the size of dry cat food) There were lots of turtles swimming about, and lazing in the sun. There were other interesting animals to see as well, although most of them were already dozing by the time we got to see them. The peacocks, however, were in a mood, and several of them had there tails displayed.

The playground area was fun, and Raine enjoyed a little bit of climbing around on the various equipment. They had a cool climber that looked rather like a spider's web.

We also had a great visit with my cousin and her husband. I really enjoyed that as they are some of my favorite people and always have been. A little shopping in a few thrift stores rounded out the visit, and we headed home. I think a good time was had by all.

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