Sunday, June 7, 2009

making headway

Well, some of the organizing tasks I set myself to are underway now. I know I've talked about Raine's room, and we have made headway. Sometimes it feels a little frustrating to me, but I'll just have to take it in stride. The child uses her room, for goodness sake, AND she plays with her toys! (the nerve). What we sort and straighten one moment, is strewn around her room the next. Still there are things that have surfaced that I know she has missed, and its getting better in there, it really is.

Now its on to my own stuff. Starting to sort in the craft room... not meticulous, basically by craft genre into tubs. Storing stuff into the cabinets, and thinking that I probably will need more shelves of some flavor, but... sigh. They will have to wait. I can reach stuff that was hidden... and there is fabric. More fabric. Of course there is. Some of it has been mysteriously covered in cat hair. Hmmmm wonder how that happened? Ahh well, more laundry then. I have some tubs for fabric, too... and that needs to get done too.

So, yes, purging as well. trips to good will, and where ever else are in my future. And hand-me-downs. I love getting them, and I hope those who receive are equally excited. Not only that, but sewing. Getting some of that fabric into garments, and into the closet is a good step, too. I thought about cutting some things out this evening, but it doesn't look like I'll get that done. Tomorrow, maybe, in between loads of laundry, and washing dishes, and some of those other chores... Dang it! why doesn't that stuff stay done!

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Fran said...

You remember the scene in "The Witches of Eastwick" where Jack Nicholson taunts Cher about doing housework? "Make the beds, you'll just have to make them again tomorrow", that sort of thing?

That's what explains the exploding entropy that is our house. We need a horde of Finnish house sprites or gentle, well-behaved brownies to get into this house, and stay.

Because you know? It's all gotta be done again tomorrow.

Which is my way of saying I totally sympathize!