Friday, June 19, 2009

birthday sewing

I bought some lovely denim for my cousin for her birthday. I also told her I would help her make something of it if she would like. She did. We are making a denim jumper, and and decorating it with butterflies. She also gets a butterfly top to go under the jumper (and with whatever else it matches in her wardrobe).

The jumper is simple, and is basically finished, except putting on bias tape to finish the armholes. I forgot to take some with me. We cut out strips of butterflies to go around the jumper near (but not at) the hem, and a few more to go up one side, as if fluttering away.

I'm not very practiced at applique, but I'm going to practice a bit, and then see what I can do with these. There will be pictures, soon, of the progress if I can remember to take them, and the final product, if its worth wearing. (please, oh please, let the picture in my head be something I can accomplish on this)

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