Monday, June 8, 2009


I've had this term turning around in my brain for a while now. I just don't know whether it really hits the spot, or whether it just seems contrived. I'd like a little feedback, if you don't mind.

I would like to do more with my creativity, challenge myself more, create more. Have fun with it, and pass the inspiration along even. It seems like creatlivity to me. Would you visit a blog named that? Would you look at a gallery? Would you want to play there, or create there? Would you want to hang out with people there and discuss the state of the world? Would you give and accept creative challenges there? Would you share your knowledge of crafting? Would you expect to gain knowledge from others?

Would it satisfy you?
Would it walk right by you?

Oh, darn, the singing has started... still... opinions?


Fran said...

I like it. You'd have to be careful because it does look like a typo, but once you get past that, it makes you wonder.

Well, it did me, anyway.

It kind of depends on what you do with it, though. It has the potential to be too cutesy for words, and that could be a death knell.

Good food for thought, anyway.

Dina said...

Could you see it as the name of a crafting studio? And yes, cutesy and contrived get old way too fast.

Is createlivity better as far as mis-spelling goes?