Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, I've been working on a jumper for my cousin, Roxanne, for her birthday. At its bones, the jumper is a simple denim jumper, but we decided to embellish it. Since she loves butterflies, and I have a chunk of fabric that was just covered in butterflies, I took that over too. The butterfly fabric made a top that can go under the jumper, or with pants or a skirt, so when I talk about this outfit as a set, understand that we are both mix and match people, and these pieces both go with other things in her wardrobe. Anyway, sewing up the top and jumper, no problem.

Doing applique, understood in theory, but not practiced much. Still I have a machine that should handle it MUCH better than the old Singer that I used on my first attempt many many years ago. The other helpful thing was actually a helpful person. I have a friend who is a wonderful seamstress. I may enjoy sewing, and be happy to wear what I make, and give it away as gifts, but she is a professional seamstress. Really. She suggested that I use heat n bond to attach the applique pieces to the garment before sewing. The last time, I had used Wonder Under, and it was so stiff. The Heat N Bond is much more flexible, and I think it also bonds better overall.

Anyway, I did a little test of a couple of pieces onto denim, with a couple of different thread colors, making sure that the stitching was good, and stitch length and width and tension (which my friend also gave good advice about) etc. Then on to the real thing. So far, I've completed the back of the jumper, two large appliques. I've also place the front fabric, but have not gotten it sewed down yet. Today, I took the jumper so Roxanne could try it one, which she did, with the top.

Now for the pictures...

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Fran said...

Woo hoo, look at what you've done! That's pretty darned cool! Congratulations!