Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rick rolled

First, I appologize for no post yesterday. The lightening took out the power for a few moments, which turned the computer off. I didn't get back to it until after Raine went to bed, which was when Ron decided his reflux was not going to let him take it lying down. His recliner is in the room with the computers, and I did not want to keep him up till all hours, since he gets up early for work, so the computer stayed off till this morning.

I did have time to think about that post I was wanting to make, and it is pretty silly, but I'm not quite ready to share my adventures in applique, yet ( I have been taking pictures, though, so I AM preparing...)

Often enough, real life is referenced in cyberspace. More and more often cyberspace gets referenced in RL. Take, for example, some car commercials that are playing here locally which use IM "speak" as a gimmick. Something to the effect of, your friends will LOL if you pass these deals by... well, not really, but you get the idea. I try not to really pay attention to them...

A couple of times recently, though we've been sitting here or there, the first time, in Dions, eating a nice pizza and salad, and what should come on, but Rick Astley, "Never gonna run around and desert you..." Ron, Carl and I looked at each other with the same expression. We had gotten Rick rolled... The next day, I think it happened in the car, when the radio station played the same song. Have you ever put an experience in real life into terms of cyber?

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Fran said...

Not so much cyber as appropriate music popping up at odd times, songs I might not have chosen if I was providing the "soundtrack" to that moment, but fitting anyway.