Wednesday, June 3, 2009

one day in a row

I've been slacking off. No, I don't mean getting lazy. Well, of course I've been lazy, it's summer vacation. That's not what I meant, though.

I haven't been eating the way I should be. No, I haven't completely lost it. I haven't dived into a vat of ice cream covered with hot fudge and caramel. More like the occasional frapaccino. But, who am I fooling? That is not a legal beverage for me, at least not the way Starbucks makes it. Even if I ask for the sugar free flavoring. Which they have. One flavor. McDonalds has sugar free coffee flavoring too. You know what? We have three flavors at home, and I don't add extra sweeteners on top of that. I know where I should be getting my coffee flavored beverages from, for more reasons than just calories.

Its not just that. I haven't lost ground, but I've stopped making progress. I've been fooling myself. I do that... you know the self-talk... Oh, just one won't hurt. Well, no, usually one is OK. The thing is, I can't always stop at one chip... or one serving of them. Sigh.

So, today, I did better. Breakfast was OK, and I did better with a good lunch and a good dinner, and a good snack later on. Celery. I ate celery. And, I liked it. What will tomorrow bring? Carrots? Cucumber? Hopefully.

A good diet for me is hope. Exercise is hope. I know - oh, do I - that saying it isn't doing it. Still. If I can say it enough, to remember it at the right times, I'll stay on the wagon. My feet were dragging there, just a little too much, and I need a little less precarious seat. Today, I did good.


Fran said...


Hey, baby steps. Yes, you have to be conscientious, but you don't have to live in a dark room and eat nothing but cardboard either.

Did we send you the Schwartzbein book on how to eat? Great recipes and good knowledge that encourages you to eat things you like, that won't screw with your blood sugar.

If we haven't, we will.

Hang in there! Very proud of you!

Dina said...

No, you didn't. Would love to have all the ideas I can get...