Friday, November 29, 2013

an epiphany of thanksgiving

I had an epiphany this year for Thanksgiving. It has to do with the nature of feasting, feeding people, and being a guest. You see, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was nearly a pot luck, in the very best sense of a pot luck.

Carl volunteered to cook the turkey. He knew what he wanted to do with it, and what he wanted to eat, and he wasn't taking requests. No one else's dietary restrictions or preferences were going to be taken into account. Anyone who wanted to eat what he was cooking was welcome to come have some, but if you wanted something else, you should bring it.

There are people who would be very offended by that, but truly? Why should they be? It is no ruder to cook what you want, to put your time and effort and money into the dish you want than it is to require someone cook a meal to your specifications. That, gets done all the time, though, doesn't it. In fact some people - are very loud and specific with their dietary "needs" when they are a guest at a meal.

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that everyone has their food preferences. There are food allergies, and sensitivites, and some are quite serious. There are dietary choices that we all make, often for good reason. There just isn't always good reason to impose those dietary needs on a whole company of people. I certainly want to know if someone is so allergic to nuts that having them in the house might cause a serious  reaction (by the way, if you ARE that person, you probably don't want to come to my house) but don't get angry because I made pecan pie and you can't have any. If it makes that much difference, perhaps you should bring something that you CAN have. Made from a recipe that you really like. To share with others who might like to try it too. If you are a vegetarian, don't make a big deal of it, just don't eat the meat. It doesn't take a snooty, superior comment with added huff. Bring one of your favorite dishes to share instead.

Just don't demand the cook to prepare the meal by your requirements alone. If you are that picky, the wrong person is preparing the meal. YOU should be bellying up to the stove. We were taught as children, to taste everything, be quiet about what you don't like, and say "Thank you." Our dinner was delicious. We all tried everything, were quiet about what we didn't like, and were thankful for our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I found the show Medium on Netflix this fall. Patricia Arquette in the leading role. I used to watch this series, back in the days before Raine paid attention to what was on the TV. I love crime dramas, she doesn't so much. Probably appropriate. Now, I can watch when she's busy somewhere else. Soon she'll be watching along with me. Or, not. Doesn't matter.

It had been so long since I had seen it that I didn't really remember where I had left off. So, I started at the beginning. I'm about halfway through season two, now, and enjoying it again. I like that they worked hard to get the family part "right." Or at least as right as it can be on television. The plots are interesting, and varied and I think it was well cast. Without too many spoilers, the main character is a medium, who works with the Phoenix Distric Attourney's Office, putting the bad people away. It is based on a true person, and if you read the credits, she acts/acted as an advisor on the series.

Honestly, I would much rather watch someone else be the medium than experience being one myself.

Monday, November 25, 2013

yes, i know

Well, sometimes it is silly things that stop one from blogging. You see, I lost my camera on my recent vacation. I'm sure someone else has it now, but it's only because I left it in a hotel room after we checked out. Sigh. I miss it. Fortunately I have most of the photos off the memory  card, so I'm not devistated that I lost photos, only photo ops. Like the rest of the vacation, and everything since then.

What is it about doing something like that that takes you back to being a kid again, and not responsible enough for "nice things." And - indeed - perhaps I am not. I know I am prone to distraction and walking away from items. I don't carry my laptop many places for that reason.

Anyway, what does that have to do with writing? Except that I can't add photos. Because I can't take them. Because the camera is gone. Even if I don't add a photo every time, what if I wanted to? Wow, it sounds like a lot of excuses to me. And - of course - it is.

So here is one thing. The DVD of "The World's End" came out recently. You know, the latest from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. We didn't get to it in the theater, but there it was at Sam's, so of course it came home with me. Ron and I watched this evening, and we laughed and enjoyed. Yes, we did. I don't want to do spoilers, but it was and it wasn't what we expected. Simon and Nick had both leaned down/shaped up some. There were some good guest faces. Some sort of expected, and others not. Did I mention that we laughed? Yeah, more than once. If you are fans of the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost team, this is definitely another movie for your collection.

Monday, November 4, 2013

the rare celebrity on my list to meet

I'm not a super fan, or a stalker fan or anything of the sort for any celebrities. OK, I follow Wil Wheaton's blog, and I met him when we went to the same gaming convention in Tucson.But I didn't follow him around the con. I didn't plan my time according to where he would be (or where I thought he would be).

Truthfully, I enjoy characters, and those actors/actresses becoming those characters. The actor or actress is NOT the character. I am (thank goodness) able to separate the two. Even so, when Mel Gibson rants some drunken racist rant, I get a little disappointed that he is so... human.

So mostly, I don't have a list of celebrities to meet. Of course if Nathan Fillian ever wanted to photo bomb me, who would I be to say no... but that really isn't meeting the man. I would get an autograph, etc, even. Shake his hand. Say a few words in meaningless but friendly type banter. But really meet him? I dunno.

Stephen Fry, however, I would really like to meet. Spend time in conversation with. There is something about his wit, his sense of humor, that appeals to me as someone I could really be friends with. Of course, he lives in England, and I don't. I doubt we have any common acquantances to introduce us. In other words, it will most likely never ever happen.

Still. Conversing with Stephen Fry is on my To-Do List. Just so you know.