Monday, November 4, 2013

the rare celebrity on my list to meet

I'm not a super fan, or a stalker fan or anything of the sort for any celebrities. OK, I follow Wil Wheaton's blog, and I met him when we went to the same gaming convention in Tucson.But I didn't follow him around the con. I didn't plan my time according to where he would be (or where I thought he would be).

Truthfully, I enjoy characters, and those actors/actresses becoming those characters. The actor or actress is NOT the character. I am (thank goodness) able to separate the two. Even so, when Mel Gibson rants some drunken racist rant, I get a little disappointed that he is so... human.

So mostly, I don't have a list of celebrities to meet. Of course if Nathan Fillian ever wanted to photo bomb me, who would I be to say no... but that really isn't meeting the man. I would get an autograph, etc, even. Shake his hand. Say a few words in meaningless but friendly type banter. But really meet him? I dunno.

Stephen Fry, however, I would really like to meet. Spend time in conversation with. There is something about his wit, his sense of humor, that appeals to me as someone I could really be friends with. Of course, he lives in England, and I don't. I doubt we have any common acquantances to introduce us. In other words, it will most likely never ever happen.

Still. Conversing with Stephen Fry is on my To-Do List. Just so you know.

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