Sunday, October 20, 2013

star trek into darkness

Ron and I picked up a copy at Sam's this weekend. I didn't even pay attention to it being out on dvd all ready. It was a happy moment, when we put it in the basket, and an even happier one when we put it in the dvd player. Yep, Benedict Cumberbatch may be my new favorite addition to the Star Trek reboot universe. And since I think they did a pretty good job casting these movies, that is saying something.

At one point, in the action, Chris Pine (Kirk) even sounds very much like Shatner. Be still my trekkie heart...

If you haven't seen this one, it is definitely time. If you like Star Trek BUY IT! Looks like this series won't suffer the fate of the original series movies... where every other one was... well, iffy is generous, but I do like my Star Trek...

Monday, October 7, 2013

falling for it

So that little nip is in the air, even in southern NM. It is definitely fall, and I think I'm liking it. I know, summer is HOT, and I get HOT, but really, I love me some summer. I really do. The sunlight, the days off, what's not to love?

Luckily, we have a pretty extended warm season, and we aren't quite to the end of it. Usually we go through October, and sometimes into November with temp in the 70's, but I have a feeling this year, with the late rains we had, that it will soon be jacket weather. Not that I hate that. In the fall, it is a change, while in the spring I'm anxious for the end of jacket weather.

So the sun shines, but there is coolness in the breeze. The evening sunlight brings the long shadows a little earlier every day. There are pumpkins in the store, and walking through one of the hallways, the culinary program class was cleaning pumkins, and it smelled fabulous. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cupcakes, and I even found pumpkin marshmallows. (Raine loves marshmallows)  I bought some pumpkin so Ron could make pumpkin dump cake if he wanted. Soon, it will be time for yummy pumpkin pies, too.

As we fall slowly through October and into the holiday season, we wait for the leaves to turn, and the first freeze to drop them from the trees. The school year presses onward, and grades will soon be due, and we will be one quarter through the school year, just like that. Welcome to Autumn.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

to sleep, perchance...

Dreams are interesting things. I often have very lively ones. I don't know that I believe that my dreams tell me "the future" or anything like that, but I do think they give me some insight on the state of me, as a person.

First there are the stress dreams. Mine are usually set at work, with students in the classroom, waiting for me, and probably an administrator. But I'm wandering through a maze of hallways, and sometimes even buildings, knowing the bell has all ready rung, and I should BE THERE, but I just can't find it.

Often, these merge into the you-better-wake-up-and-pee dreams, where I'm wandering through endless bathrooms where the stalls have no doors, or no toilets, or there seems to be random people wandering through, or you just couldn't possibly stand to do anything in THAT. Once, I walked into a public restroom that was so bad I had that moment of wondering if I was in one of those dreams. I wasn't, but I found a different restroom...

The other night - morning really - I dreamed I was staying after school, which I often do. There were several students who had work to do, and they were there working on it (I should have known that was a dream). I was just sitting down at my desk thinking, "now I can really get some work done" when someone came in and said, "Hey! We are having a meeting, and you need to come to it!" I tried to protest, but no, I had to go to that meeting. (can you sense what I'm frustrated about this year? HA!) When I walked out into the hall, there were people setting up a few tables in the hall for the meeting. Right about then, my alarm went off. NOOoooo! I protested, I'm all ready at work! No such luck.