Sunday, July 27, 2014

road trip!

One of my favorite things is a road trip. We took one this past weekend. On Friday, we drove up to Los Alamos (I don't remember ever being there). On Saturday, we took the scenic drive, and saw some beautiful scenery.

trees, stumps, greenery and VIEW!
battleship rock
We drove, and toured and even got rained on a bit. I was hoping to spot some wildlife, but was kind of disappointed. Even though there were watch for elk signs everywhere, we spotted none. Had to make do with some prairie dogs.

on the look-out
We had a lovely time in the free range trees, and the cooler temperatures, even if it was for only a short time.

more view... oh and I can't leave out Raine, can I?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Busy Summer not Sewing

Summer is moving right along and me with it. I got a few I don't want to do anything days in, but have had a hard time feeling like I'm accomplishing anything for the past week or so. Well, I've been accomplishing helping out my brother, who had surgery, and is recovering very nicely, thank you. He still can't drive again yet (but soon) and needs rides places, and - although he doesn't really need it - checking in on. Well, really he needs a little company, so I check in.

Still, there is sewing I would like to get into the works the next week or so, and then blog about it when I do!  I've got some sewing for me, of course, to get ready for school. To do some of it, I really need and want to get through the serger craftsy class I bought.  I want to do more with my serger than just sew basic serged seams. I want to do those too, but MORE!  I have several knit items I want to put together, and need to do some adjusting of the settings to get them right. Not difficult really, just time. I also have some shirts to make for me, my brother (Happy Birthday presents, so I better get on the ball) and a couple things to finish up for Raine. There are some crafting projects on the calendar for SCA, and I need to get some more in the upcoming months as well. The ones so far were fun! I also really, really want to try some beadwork. Bead weaving/sewing. I'm pretty excited about it.

Here's to getting some sewing done!