Friday, October 31, 2008


OK, so I did take pictures. Are you surprised? Of course not. Are you impressed that I posted them today? Maybe. (are you too nice to come out and say yes?)

This is the space alien suit I've been working on. That mess in the background? Right, the craft room, lol. Finally got the helmet finished last night. She decided no antennae, although we were ready with something to make them. She did get green face make-up, I mean alien after all...

Halloween in our neighborhood is kind of nice and low-key. About a third of the houses give out candy, including us. Most of our "customers" are small children with their parents, to elementary aged kids. Only a few teenagers, although there seem to be a growing contingent who think wheeling a baby around in a stroller gives them permission to collect candy too. I'm talking baby, not toddler, even. Right. If you give this candy to that baby, you are crazy... I mean, really, you're an adult, buy your own candy or swipe it from your kids like everyone else. Still the trick or treaters were done by 8 PM, and Raine could have her bath and head for bed and it wasn't even too much later than normal. Ron and I could move on to other things, like playing WoW...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

yikes part 2

I read one of my e-mails this morning, at work, and had a bit of a shock. One of the things my district is now talking about to help balance our budget is to basically force everyone to take a week off without pay. I have so many reactions to that, I have a hard time putting them together in my own head.

First, week without pay better than loosing job. Even better, there was no description of how that "no pay week" would be not compensated for. Now, I know in most jobs, you fill out time sheets and you mark down the hours you worked and you get paid for your hours. Teachers are basically salaried employees. You are contracted for a certain number of days, with a certain amount of pay. While the work days - for my district at least - run from August through May, our paydays run year round. That is to say, my sum of pay is divided into 24 increments, and I get paid twice per month (more or less). So, I don't really get paid next week for the hours I worked this week. I get paid for most of them, with a few being paid for in the summer, when I'm not working.

So, with this proposed "vacation," they could handle the lack of pay several ways... give us a paycheck for one week worked instead of two. Pay your bills on that, I dare ya. They could spread that lack of pay through several, or even the checks through the rest of the contract year. A little less noticeable, but still that doesn't feel good, does it. Or they could do some kind of something in between.

None of it really makes me happy. Oh, sure, I'm just as happy as the next person not to work, but believe me, I want that paycheck. I have bills to pay and all... That was what I signed that contract for, so many days, so much money.

Now on to the other implications... At the end of last school year, when gas prices were way up there, and I was wondering what kinds of things were going to happen because of it, I thought about this. What if the school district(s) was forced to close because they ran out of money? What kind of ripples would that have? If our schools are closed for an extra week, there are a lot of district employees who make a lot less than I do, who would be hurting for money. There would also be bus drivers feeling the pinch. What are all those kids going to be doing at home while mom and dad have to work? Daycare for a week? Will we meet the state requirements for hours for our classes? I know there is some time built in, for that miracle of a snow day, but a week??? Will they take away the teacher prep days at the beginning of the semester? Questions, questions, questions... and where are the answers? I hope some of them are on a new e-mail that I'll get to read tomorrow morning... I hope I like what I read, or at least don't hate it too much. I hope this whole thing isn't a sign of the apocalypse...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As if testing, testing, testing wasn't enough, the school district I work for has a budget shortfall of 3.9 million dollars. Yes, I know, someone, somewhere wasn't doing right by us. And they are gone now. So is the money. (and not to me, either)

What now? Well, Cynthia Nava, our superintendent, has several ideas. She and others at Central Office have turned in their GISD vehicles and their gas cards. She's asked everyone to be conservative in their energy usage. She also said, to help defray the cost of substitute teachers, that the people who work at GAC (Central Office) would be acting as subs. woah. Don't know how many days a month any particular person there will be a sub, but, wow, just think of having the district superentendent walking in to be your sub. You better be doin' it right, is all I got to say... I mean the classroom teacher. I think you would want her to see your classroom at its best, even without you in it. But what I cool thing for her to do! And, yes, she said that she would personally act as a sub, as well. Not just "other people."

So, should I worry about my job? Should others in the district? Well, who knows, but I'm not jumping the gun, here. There is now a hiring freeze, not a surprise. They are expecting to loose teachers through attrition, like retirement, etc, but not to have to fire anyone. They may have to move people around, some, though. For instance a new elementary school is planned and budgeted for etc, but they won't be hiring new people to staff it, but moving teachers around in the district to do so. I suspect my job will change from what it is now to something else. The budget issue might affect what it changes to, but I know that my job is going to change somewhat, no matter what the budget does. I'm developing an intervention, and it is going to change, no matter what.

So, what about this budget thing? I will wait and see. I am interested in finding out what happens and how the issues are resolved. I mean with the economy what it is already, and no one offering to bail out schools, only big businesses, well, I'm sure you get the drift here. I wonder just what, exactly, is going to happen.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, Ron came up with this idea. Let's play Warcraft again. I kinda went "huh? I thought you were just DONE with that game..." Well, he was. But time has passed. There are new games on the horizon, but it is one of those trick horizons and they never seem to get any closer.

We've tried other games. He's tried more than I have. See, I do other stuff. Not necessarily any more meaningful, nor better, just other. Then when I would get to sit at the computer needing the undivided attention and stuff, there is a five-year-old running around my house. This sitting and paying attention thing was more difficult when she was younger, but it still holds. He and I have about an hour in the evenings to play on the computer. The hour between Raine going to bed, and Ron going to bed. That is not enough for me to learn a new game. It just isn't.

Ron plays them in the afternoons and he figures them out. Really, he's better at them in the first place, than I am, but that is OK. (we're coming back around to the topic, really we are...) When we try a new game, like Lord of the Rings Online, or Warhammer, there is a learning curve. I get to take care of it in that one a-fore-mentioned hour. He takes care of it long before I do. Then, when we are playing, I follow him around and feel pretty useless. I have no idea where the quests are. I can't hit anything first or hardest, or even soak up that much damage. If there is a chest, I don't get to open it. Wait. What do you mean that doesn't sound like all that much fun? OH, right. It doesn't because it isn't. I could put my character on autofollow and have just as much effect, generally speaking.

Well. Other things are more important right now. They just are. But I have missed the computer gaming. I have enjoyed it. It is something that we can share. In the past, when Ron was ready to change games, I didn't care which game. He gets through them faster than I do, but I'm willing to try something new. I vowed that I would really try to learn Warhammer, and I meant it. I don't think I was doing too badly on it. But then, I would come in to see what Ron was doing, and he would be busy with something else, and I would get busy with something else myself. So, again, the play was still missing.

This week we've started new characters on a different server, and we are already level 11 and long out of the first newbie zone. We are playing a race we hadn't before, and back on the horde side. We started in the horde, but then took up alliance. Its been a good while since we played horde and there are new places to explore, and we'll have to be careful not to run up on things that were friendly to alliance just because we are used to doing it. I think I'm happy to be back to WoW. To have to face a much shorter learning/relearning curve. To feel useful and able and to enjoy the game for a change. Besides, the random name generator in the game came up with a very cool name: Variaria.

Monday, October 27, 2008

experiment results

Ok. I took pictures yesterday evening, and got them onto the computer, and into my blog. Then I tried to take them over to Ravelry, to illustrate my projects list there. I was halfway successful. I got the picture of the bag onto Ravelry. But the dragon would not go. I'm wondering if it is because it is not the latest picture on the blog or what. I don't think that should matter... but maybe? or because it is the second picture pulled from the same source? Ack who knows. I can't seem to get them in by loading an image from my computer either (which you would think would be the easiest and simplest).

Ahh well. still in search of that pattern...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

testing one, two

Well, since I got the camera out, I thought I would take one of the bag, finally. Here it is. Now for the experimental part... will I be able to get it to show up on Ravelry, now...

new project

A few years ago... ok, probably more than 10, and closer to 15 (I hope not 20) I crocheted a bunch of cool dragons. They are about 2-3 feet long and one of the reasons I really liked them was that each one seemed to take on a personality, and many even got named before they were given away. Yes, all but one was given away. That is what I do with things I make, generally speaking. The dragon in the picture is the one I made for Carl.

So, I would like to find the pattern and make one for Raine. I would make her other things, like dolls, or doll clothes, but she really doesn't care for them. She plays with the one I had, and she enjoys stuffed animals a lot If I made her one, then she could pick out colors, etc and have her own. Then I might, just might, get Amethyst back.

But here's the problem. The craft room. I know, didn't I say I was going to organize it during Fall break??? Well of course I said that. Didn't I do anything in there? Yes, actually, I did. I took some boxes of books out of there to my class room. I have spotted another box that can go there, too. I found a box of Lou's crochet patterns that I need to get out of the box clean the dust off of and find a home for, so I can look through them for future projects. I got some other stuff out of that room too. There is a serious dent in the stuff! but still no pattern for dragons.

I looked online for the pattern, to no avail. I mean, I found some cute patterns, and I'll be trying one of them, too. Just not the pattern I was wanting. Sigh.

Now my fingers are all in the mood for crochet and dragons. I was going to get to shop for yarn!!! But I won't until I find that pattern. I'll be good. Sad sorta, but good...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm back from an English teacher conference in Albuquerque. It was interesting, and combined with what I've been studying for the class I'm taking, I had a couple of epiphanies. I hope I can put them to work, even.

I think I'm getting to the point where I'm getting some keys to not only motivate students to do their work, but also empower them to OWN the work. This is something big for me. Something that I've been looking for for a while, but haven't really known where to look. I'm happy to be getting there, and yet, I'm kind of at a point with where I'm not really sure what to do with it immediately. I'm working on a philosophy sharpening. I almost said shift, but it isn't so much that I'm changing my philosophy of teaching, as it is that I am honing it. Bringing it into focus. Realizing how it is going to drive what I have my students do and help me inform them about how to do it and how they are doing.

I'm kind of glad that the things that I have been examining separately are turning out to be pieces of the same puzzle, and that - through turning them this way and that in my mind - they are starting to fit together. Not only that, but the picture is starting to show.

What picture? The one where students are motivated to perform to the best of their ability. Where they take ownership of their learning, and put in the effort it takes to succeed and excel. Where THEY are doing the work of learning, and I am only pointing out the road signs, and maybe giving a suggestion now and then.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

does it still count?

Well, I think I made a good choice today. It was a choice - basically - not to argue with someone. I think it was a good choice, although it was a difficult enough one that I'm obviously thinking about it still.

Some of my colleagues and I are taking a college course in teaching kids in their second language, basically. English as a Second Language endorsements will be required by our district in a few years, and the district is trying to encourage its teachers to get endorsed before the deadline so they don't have to look for new teachers. They offered us a series of four classes, one each semester, that would be offered by ENMU. Our district would pay for the tuition and the books. At the end of the four classes we would be eligible for that endorsement, without having to take the test for the endorsement. There are other ways to get the endorsement, one of which is taking a test for it.

Anyway, about 10 people from the school where I work signed up for this class. From the 10 people, two groups were made. One of the teachers who signed up, but then couldn't make it to that initial meeting because she is a coach, and it the season for that sport, made it into our group. The assignments for the class are mainly group assignments, and some of the group has been working on them for about five weeks now. Needless to say, she has not been to a group meeting. She's busy. Now, I don't say that sarcastically... she IS busy. Everyone in our group is a working adult, with personal, family and whatever other responsibilities we have. Still, taking the class is making a commitment to participate.

Negotiations are open. When do we meet? She's not there for the discussion. Those of us who are there figure out some options and pick one. She's not happy with it, but not everyone else can meet when she is available... and when others offer to meet with her at that time, she's a no-show. I've been posting our group work in school email to all members of the group to facilitate everyone being able to add comments and information, get some discussion going, whatever. She's made one comment. We're now working on the fourth of eight units. Over our fall break, we decided to meet. Again, by e-mail, I opened up negotiations for when and where... no response. As group leader, I made the "executive decision" of when and where, still indicating that there was room for negotiation/change of venue. She was - you guessed it - a no-show for that meeting as well. What is a group of adults to do? We e-mailed our professor about the situation. The e-mail was not angry, nor inflammatory, but did make it clear that we wanted our group members to participate and we were not willing to let her "have" our grade. I cc'ed a copy of the e-mail to her, as a courtesy, as I did not want to sneak or go behind her back or any of those things.

Today I got an e-mail from her that said it was not just her fault that she couldn't participate more. She was coaching. She was busy. She couldn't meet when we decided to meet. It was, I suppose, by implication, my fault. Well, we all know how that kind of accusation - even when merely implied - can set one off. It nearly did me. I had been sending her e-mails! I had tried to give her information on what we had been doing! sputter, sputter, sputter! Then I got a hold of myself. I decided that I wasn't going to get mad. OK, she was right, we hadn't been meeting when it was convenient for her. I don't have any idea when that IS, really, but then she really didn't seem to be getting into the negotiations very actively either. If that makes it partly my fault, then OK, I can own that. So, I didn't send her a scathing e-mail in return, with copies of e-mails asking for input on times and dates that had been sent out earlier. Of course, I also didn't turn into an idiot and accept full responsibilty for what someone else has chosen to do and not do.

As far as I'm concerned the issue - asside from this particular rant - is closed. I'm glad that I did not go off on her in a way that would escalate into lots of ugly drama, because, goodness knows, it could have happened. Now is the time to see if she either steps up and decides that she really doesn't have time for the class, and withdraws, or whether she just "drops out" of it, or if she bites the bullet and contributes to our group (or even joins a different group) and completes the class. I'm interested to see how the rest plays out. So now that I am done with my personal rant, does it still count that I didn't go off on her?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I finished the bag I was working on, but I don't want to talk about it yet, because I don't have a picture, yet.

So, instead, I'll be proud of myself that I think I got Chapter 1 put together. All but the editing and revising. You know. Its a unit and complete in itself, and I tried not to just ramble on. Of course what seems totally unlike ramble, may later seem obvious ramble, as the rest of the thing takes shape. Ahh who knows. I'm not worried about that now.

I'm ready to move the plot onward, for Chapter 2.

Will it be a book some day? I have hopes, but even if not, I have accomplished some goals with it, that I haven't done before. It's kind of like loosing weight... will I get to my goal weight? Don't know until I get there, and in the mean time, I'm walking the walk. That's something.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I had the week off last week, and I know you all fumed at me, if only for a moment. Today was payback time for you. Of course a week wasn't long enough. It rarely is, when you are talking about not having to go to work, and yet, the paycheck miraculously keeps arriving.

Monday today, and back to work. Face all those things I didn't get done before I left. Try to remember all the insight I had while I was gone. Try not to have to stand by the wall and bang my head on it. You know, Monday... only I was home last week, and of course, I wanted to stay home still. As usual, I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked to.

Here is another one of the reasons I would rather not have fall break. Once you are in the routine of going to work, it isn't so bad. You see people, you talk to them, the day goes by and eventually you get to go home. Getting back into that routine is a little more difficult. That is where I am, today...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hair and mommies and daughters

My "moment of zen" (thanks to the Daily Show) came pretty early today. I was sitting at my computer, checking my e-mail and doing computer-y stuff when Raine came up to see what I was doing and talk to me. Pretty soon she was playing with my hair, as children will do, and trying to "comb" it (it was braided at the time, not that easy to comb). Well she went to her room and came back carrying her box of hair stuff. Now, she has all kinds of barrettes, hair ties and the like, being a girl and all, and me having visions of doing her hair into cute styles at some time or another. Which just doesn't happen. Not that I wouldn't do it, but she would rather have short hair, and doesn't go for any "girl-y" stuff like that. She hates pink and wearing a dress may actually cause her skin to burst into a small flame. Yesterday when we went to the Farmer's market, she got her face painted as a (very cool) red dragon. She was still wearing her 'jamas on - a shirt with a set of glow-in-the-dark skeleton ribs on it.

So, anyway, there we were, her all red-dragon and bones, putting all of those little girly cute things around my head in my hair, and of course I was leaning over so she could reach. There she was, being my hairdresser, even down to an outrageous foreign accent of some flavor. I had more than a dozen barrettes of one type or another, plastic flowers and butterflies and bars, transparent flowers of blue, red, yellow and green. I had hair ties around my braid. I had a headband even. It was a work of art. I'm sure it was, even though she did not bring me the mirror. When she was done, she carefully and gently removed everything she had put in. Then she put it all away. (I know, that part doesn't really sound true, but it is!)

So, here we were, having our quintessential mother and daughter time of fixing the hair. I loved it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

comfort food

We had some on the menu this evening, but didn't quite get it made. Not difficult, just takes pulling chicken off the bone, and I didn't get to it in time. It is still on the menu, just for tomorrow instead. So what is this lovely comfort food? Why, chicken noodle soup of course. Are you too surprised? I wouldn't think so.

Chicken soup is pretty easy, but the process takes some time. We boil up the chicken and then let it cool so we can get the meat off.. which, of course goes back in the pot of what is now broth. Add a few veggies, depending mostly on what is in the house: onion, carrot, green beans, etc and let them cook for a good while. Finally, about half an hour before we are ready to eat, in go the noodles. Not just ANY noodles, you must understand, but the thick egg noodles that taste like the egg noodles Mom would occasionally make. Yeah... there is the comfort in the comfort food. Hers, being more floury than these are, being bought and all, would thicken the soup nicely. There was - one time or another - debate about whether that extra gooeyness was a good thing or not, but it never kept anyone from eating them that I ever knew of. On the contrary, vistors would mostly want there to be enough so that they could take some home, too.

Well, we don't hand make the noodles, but when the noodles we like, by the name of Country Pasta, are not in stock at Sam's (they seem to be a cold-weather seasonal item) in the big bag, we go looking at Walmart for the smaller bag, and sometimes our anxiety might show. And how do we know its good comfort food? Our sentiment on that was best expressed by Raine one evening as I set her bowl in front of her. "Now, THAT was what I was wanting."

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, a lot of the projects I had lined up to do this week didn't get done. Didn't even get touched, some of them. Yeah, other stuff superseded. Sigh. Still I did get a couple of things worked on. I would post pictures, but THOSE, I haven't gotten to...

First, the bag that I have been crocheting is almost finished. Everything is made, and all I have left to do is sew the handles on. I'm not sure the handles as made are going to be sufficient for the bag, actually, which is good sized. At some point I may have to reinforce them with fabric handles stitched to the crocheted ones. That is not a big deal, nor will I hold that against the bag, or count it as not finished anyway. Over all I am rather pleased with the results, thank you.

Second, Raine's costume. I got the top and vest put together today. I had to reassess the cording issue. When I sewed the sleeves up, the cording at the wrist was too tight and she couldn't really get her hand through. I did some surgery and it fits better now. I decided that the ends of the cording tubes were a job that needed sewing by hand. I broke my first needle on this machine (which I love). It broke into four pieces. Yikes. It really won't take that long to do the ends of the tubes by hand. Really it won't. No pictures there yet either... patience! I want to finish the hood as well. I'm trying to figure out how to get antennae on it that will stand up as good antennae should. Any suggestions? Come on, people! I'm thinking of those headband things... and having her put that on under the hood which will be provided with handy dandy slits to push things through.

Anyway, from how things look at my house right now, I will be having Halloween as an orange glittery something... There is serious glitter EVERYWHERE.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sometimes I wonder - especially as I blog - am I stuck too much in my own little world? I know that mainly I comment on things that happen to me, make comments to my friends, think over things that are important to me. This is, in the main, an exercise in getting my thoughts down, so that is what happens here. I offer the blog - besides that - as a way for my friends and family far away to get to know me better, and as a conversation starter, more or less... and as such also as a way for me to get to know them better as well.

I've used this blog as a stepping stone onto other writing, as I hoped that I could. I'm loving it for that. Is it too much of a personal tool, though? Do I/can I make observations - or enough of them - that interest an audience beyond myself? I mean I suppose a journal is part of a metacognitive look at what one knows, or thinks one does. Is this really more of a journal than a blog? Should I comment on the wider world? Should I be interested in more of it? (probably, to some degree, I should be) Then, if I am creating more of a shared journal, than a true blog... is that necessarily a bad thing? Do I care if I don't reach a wider audience with my blog? Right now, I'm thinking I would like a tiny bit wider, but not much. In the future? Who knows.

I suppose it reflects the inwardness of my life lately. I have a young daughter, and she is important to me. That takes time and attention. I have a husband. Sometimes, I'm not sure that I'm good at the being married thing... What to share, when... how... What to keep to myself. What expectations do I have? Which ones are his? As my daughter gets a little older, and is more ready for her own ventures beyond our house/family, I'm sure my focus will include more of those things again. Indeed, it has started to already. So, I don't comment much on politics, or world issues beyond how they affect me. I don't have some over arching philosophy regarding them, either. I suppose if I did, I wouldn't be writing this now. But, am I stuck? In my own little world? In my own head?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

its that time of year

The time of year when a child's thoughts turn to... their Halloween costume. Last year Raine wanted to be a dinosaur. The year before that, she was a fishie. This year she discovered costume patterns, and early on, she picked out a space suit costume that she really liked. After making the fish, I figured the spaceman would be easy. Mostly right.

I started the costume last night, getting everything cut out. Then today, a trip to JoAnn's for the rest of the supplies. Of course. Cording, of various widths that finish off almost every edge of the costume. The fabric covering the cord? bright orange with glittery waves. Uh huh, glitter. Everywhere.

But the pants are done and she loves them. The shirt tomorrow, most likely. Then the vest and the helmet (hood). They are basic patterns and pretty easy, with the hardest part being the cording, and that is a little bit of a pain, but not bad. I'm happy to have the time to do it, actually. With all the growing Raine has done this year, she's outgrown most of her costumes from last year, and yes, she does like to dress up (of course, no princesses around here!!!) as a pirate, or a dalmation, or whatever her imagination decrees. I'm glad she has a good one, too...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I meant to blog yesterday, but... it slipped right by.

I got news yesterday that my sick friend had died in her sleep the night before. It was unexpected and kind of had me floundering a bit. A couple of our other friends spoke eloquently and sweetly about her, and I don't think I could add anything new. She was one of the nicest people though, and she will be missed.

Tomorrow will be the visitation, and services for her on Thursday. I will go, and lift up her memory. I must remember to be a friend to her husband, who - as he has said - is now missing his heartmate, and needs all the friends he can get. I think he has more than he knows, as he always has, to my knowledge, done just that sort of thing for those around him. It won't be an easy time for him, and my heart goes out.

The best I can wish for, for him, and for anyone is peace, hope, love, life, friendship...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

a week off

OK. Get ready to hate me. I get next week off from school. Its called fall break, you know, like spring break, only in the fall. We get it at the end of the 9 week grading period. Yes. We've had 9 weeks of school already, because we started the first week of August. The week we have puts us more in line with the year-round schools in our district. Personally, I'd rather have the week in summer, but I'll take it now, if that's when I get it.

Nope, not going anywhere. No one else in the family gets this week off, just me. Oh, yes, of course I have plans... a lot of them left over from this summer, thank you. There are some books to take to Coas, and outgrown/unused clothes to take to good will. Some kid's clothes to donate at Jardin de los Ninos. It will, as usual, feel good to be divesting myself and my home of un-needed items. Hopefully, I can get some things moved around in the craft room, and get some of the boxes in there sorted out. Now that I'm doing more craft projects, I need organization! Then, there are a couple of appointments that I need to take care of. Doctor visit tomorrow, get the eyes checked and new glasses ordered. Maybe even the dentist if I can get them to see me on such short notice. I'll even get to do Raine's parent/teacher conference on Friday.

So, what do you do for an at-home vacation? I'll be watching some series on dvd and maybe work on some sewing and craft projects. Maybe even get some much missed music in the air. Cleaning? so passe, but a welcome side-effect of the organization that I'd like to get my teeth into. Finally, writing. I want to do some. So, there's my plan for the week. Does it seem like I've overplanned? Of course it does. I always do it, think of three things to do for every hour I have available. Still, with so much on the agenda, even procrastination doesn't provide boredom.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


As usual, it was Saturday gaming night this evening. Carl made red sauce and we took it with us for a nice pasta feast before gaming. It was - of course - yummy. What a nice way to start the gaming. We seem to be having a busy season or something, and not as many gamers are showing up. That happens sometimes, there is an ebb and flow to the group. Not enough people can be bad, but too many can be problematic as well.

Ron started running a new world, which means new characters for everyone. I think I've talked about the promise of those new beginnings, and the dice rolls helping to create the character and their little (and sometimes not so little) personality quirks. We got some good rolls tonight, fighting some trogs, and that was nice. There are nights when we feel lucky to hit anything at all. The encouraging part being that no one else rolls any better... Wait, is that the encouraging part???

Anyway, unlike MMORPG's where starting a new character means learning so much new stuff that I feel like I'm always playing catch-up, or ho hum, all those same quests AGAIN, we tend to switch between a few systems, still favoring DragonQuest for our fantasy gaming. That means I know the system pretty well. The change of ref means change of worlds, friends (or characters there-of), and quests. Its definately not the same old quests again, and as we explore our new realm, the characters come to life within them. FUN! I tell, you, FUN! The character I've started is young, and started out as a street vendor. (Rat on a stick, anyone?) She's made friends with a couple of dwarves - who may become part of the story at some future time - and travels with a young cat girl. (yes, there are anthropomorphic cats and lizards on this world) Now that we have moved to a new city and found a wizard to send us on adventures, the world is opening up. Wait, um... clean the basement? but...

Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes, today at work was weird, too. Better, but still weirdness and discomfort. bleah.

I just heard a rumble of thunder outside, so perhaps the weekend for cast for rain is correct. The grass is just starting to die off! I thought we had mowed for the last time this season already! Oh, wait, I know. W bought a shed and were going to install it this weekend. By install, I hope you know I mean build. Yeah. Not a good idea in the rain and or lightening. Ahh well.

I get to "relax" next week. It is fall break for my school district. Never heard of it? Well, its part of the reason that school starts the first week of August for us... I'm for getting rid of it and having more summer break, but hey, even when they ask me, they don't really want to hear my answer.

So, now to end the tired ramblings and head to bed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, work today ended strangely. One of the principals requested I help with something, which - in general - I'm happy to do. This request ended up giving me some strange vibes, and might work to actually do harm to the program (in an unintended way) to the program I'm trying to get off the ground at the school. I know this principal did not think of this when she made her request, but I will double check on it anyway. Another part of her request makes me uneasy... not what I was requested to do, but WHY I was requested to do it. If the motives are good, which is what I'm wondering about, I still may not be the right person for the job, in other ways than what I talked around earlier.

I know that I am not giving details here, mainly because I don't think I should at this point. We'll see what happens tomorrow, and then how things will really go on Monday. After things have flown and settled, then I can talk about specifics, but not until then. I did use someone as a sounding board (and I hope she was a good person to use) who I felt should know, and who I also felt _should_ be an advocate for the person in question. I hope it will work out that way.

In the meantime, I will have a weird time thinking the situation over until I can visit with the principals again.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pretty happy

At the moment. Several nice things have happened this evening. OK, none of them are earth shattering, but then I live a simple life full of non-drama.

So, here it is: cooked another pie. Had crust and filling left over from last week, and I actually got them put together and in the oven. Yay me. Punkin pie.

Got to play Warhammer with Ron. Only for about an hour, but we got some questing done and each made it to 4th level. Hey! we're just starting here! None of that sniggering...

I've been able to keep writing, as well. That is an accomplishment for me. I work a little on it each day. I know I'll be slow for a while, but the creative ideas are coming, and I'm loving it! Heck, I'm even planning ahead what I should write!!! That's a step for me...

Finally, I got an e-mail from one of my cousins. I haven't talked to her in I-don't-know-when. Used to really enjoy hanging out with her when we were growing up, but we never got much time to do it, and things being things, we've just gone on with our lives. She lost her mom recently, and I was sorry to hear that. She and I are kind of in that same boat, losing both our parents. Maybe she was more ready for it than I was, but I kind of doubt it. I don't think most people are ever ready for it. Anyway, I was really glad to make a re-connection there.

So, I feel like it's been a good day, even though there are things that I didn't get done. Sorry Ra, I didn't get there today and I really wanted to. I'm glad, so glad you got home. I'll see what I can do about bringing you some PIE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


OK. So we decided on a new MMORPG. Warhammer Online, as you might have guessed. After the fiasco of trying to buy a download copy of it on Saturday, I finally got to play for about an hour. So far, that's about all the time I've had, too. Sad, isn't it. I just can't be irresponsible and ignore the world like I should if I want to play these games!

Actually, once I learn the ropes on one, I usually enjoy it quite a bit. Learning the ropes is - however - like making a new friend, more daunting as I get older and more set in my ways. Remember that Taurus thing... liking the familiar, not liking to let go of things... uh huh, that's me all right. Ron, on the other hand, enjoys exploring the game's options. He tries out most if not all of the character classes. He eats them up and then, when he is tired of the flavor, he is done with the game.

"But," I say, "I haven't made it all the way through..."

"So," he replies, "neither have I, but I'm done with it anyway."

"ACK!" I respond futily.

And then we are off on the quest for a new game. Warhammer is a fantasy game, which is a good genre for me, and I do enjoy playing with him. It is the activity that brought us together, after all. So what am I doing here, anyway, when I should be exploring that elven territory? Ah, the story of my life, telling, not doing. Bye ya'll.

Monday, October 6, 2008

prayin and crochetin

I've been doing that this evening. You know what? It felt great.

A friend of mine told me that she heard of a prayer shawl that was knitted as the knitter prayed. She said she thought it would work for pretty much anything you were working on , knitted or crocheted. Send a prayer, a thought, a word, with each stitch. I thought it was an excellent idea.

We have a friend, you see, that could use all the good thoughts she can get. I bet we all know someone like that. Sometimes, its even us. So, I was crocheting with a hopeful, helpful word and thought. It went fast, and it felt good. The energy flows, you know, by the path as you imagine it, and believe it to be. That energy is good. Love. Peace. Health. Home. Happiness. Caring. Strength. Faith. Friends. Family. Hope.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

say something nice

There are times - many of them in fact - when the advice your mom gave you still holds merit. Take, for example, the advice that if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. I mean, we all know that calling someone fat (or ugly, or...) doesn't make them like you, and doesn't get you what you want from them. Giving a complement is always more effective.

Now, I have a friend who is in the hospital. She is very ill, and she looks like she is ill. I've spent some time with her this week, and her condition has improved over the time, which I'm happy for, but she has a long road ahead of her. She is at the crossroads and must decide for herself which way to go and neither of the roads are easy ones. She's fortunate that she has people who love her and care about her and will have support either way.

Here's what upsets me. Some of the people who should be supporting her, and pulling for her, seem to be sending her messages that it's all over. She needs to make that decision! With all the medical, spiritual, personal information she can gather. If it is time, OK, I'm good with that. Let it be HER decision, though. Say the truth if you have that information, but if you can't say something nice, don't say anything! Listen to her and be open to what she is saying. Listen for what she means, even if she doesn't say it right out. Sometimes we can't, you know.

Is there a conclusion to my rant? Some overall point to it? Should you voice your concerns? I suppose you should... but could you preface it with something like "I'm concerned that...." Say something nice.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Means gaming, so its late, and I'm tired. I could have used a nap today, but it was not to be. And I'm definitely not a night owl.

We got to see some relatives at dinner, we went to an Eastern Star Dinner. It was brats and sauerkraut and a potato casserole and apple crisp and it was very tasty. I mean, how hard are brats to get right? sauerkraut is more of a problem, but it was yummy, too.

Raine got to go to the fair with her best friend, AND have a sleepover, so she was thrilled. They'll go back tomorrow for the midway rides. How can you beat a weekend like that for a kid? You just can't. She's already "shopping" for Christmas presents, and it isn't that far away, is it...

So, readers, have a good weekend, and here's to hoping sleeping late will be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Friday, October 3, 2008

pie ii

I finally got it done. The pie that is. I miss the rolling cloth that my mom had... pie dough did not stick to it because of all the flour that thing had imbedded in the fabric. Does that sound kinda gross to you? Me too. But it WORKED. Whenever I roll stuff out these days, stick is what happens. Wax paper helps some, but it really isn't wide enough... and I feel the waste-y-ness of using it for that. I found a nice utensil in the drawer that helped separate the dough from the countertop, though and that was nice.

Raine helped make the pie. We have a step stool that puts her a good height to work on the counters. Probably a little taller than me, lol. She's a tall one, actually. She stirred the pied dough, and she stirred the filling. She did a great job, and although the pie had to cook while she went to bed, she will get the treat of pie for breakfast. yumm.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

making it friday

I've been trying to make today Friday all day long. It hasn't worked. I keep trying, but still no luck.

This morning I woke up before the alarm rang. It was still dark out - as usual - and I went to the bathroom, (where else) in time to hear the clock chime 6AM. I didn't want to believe it. I wanted more time to sleep. No, it was 6AM, even the alarm clock confirmed it.

I'm ready for the weekend. How about you?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

opinion research

Its election season. I take this election seriously, and I have an opinion about who I will vote for, and why. I promise not to lecture you on who and what, unless you really really want me to. Please don't lecture me on your choices, unless you agree with mine, and then lets just agree to agree, OK?

I dislike politics. I think the process is too full of compromise, even though I also understand it wouldn't work without the compromise. Its also too full of selling your vote for this or that. Politicians make me feel dirty, and not in a good way. BUT I also know that if I don't vote, it doesn't really matter what I want, if I'm not willing to stand up for it. I'm registered, and I'll vote.

OK, so, that said, here come the pollers. On the phone. Night after night, week after week. They call one of us... then 20 minutes later, someone else gets a call... and later? yep. another call. Then, the next evening, it starts again. We hang up. We ask them not to call any more. We tell them how many calls we've already had that evening... It's their job, and they don't care. I'm ready for November, and the barrage of unwanted calls to STOP! In that sense - at least - no matter who wins, we'll be glad when the whole thing is done.