Sunday, October 5, 2014

go to the fair

This weekend was the fair. It was hot and dusty and we arrived on the last day. I walked through the quilts, and the N gauge railroad displays. I went through the Exhibit hall. What do you know? There were some familiar items!

This is live dragon vs. bone dragon by Raine
Yes, she won a blue ribbon. She was pretty thrilled with it! Her friend's mom challenged her son and Raine to each draw something to enter. She herself entered some photography and some vegetables from their garden. I was inspired to enter the bunny who's dress I have been working on off and on.

This bunny dress
I got a best of lot, and a $15 dollar prize. Not bad.

Every year, I seem to come back to the feelings of nostalgia for the fairs of my youth. Going to the melodramas that the high school drama classes would set up between the quonset huts FULL of various exhibits. Roaming through the travel trailers on display (one of my favorite things) and climbing aboard the tractors. All these home based crafts are just not practiced like they used to be, or if someone is competeing it isn't at the fair. Why not, though? Why?

I wish I knew what to do to promote that competition a little more, to help inspire crafters and artists to get involved again. Hey you guys, GO TO THE FAIR!!!