Thursday, July 31, 2008


We had a sudden rainstorm this evening. It moved in with lots of wind and about 30-45 minutes of downpour. It cooled the afternoon off, but messed about with the power, and the cable. The power was back almost immediately. If the cable had been on an hour ago, this would be longer, however...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

school again?!?

Yes, tomorrow is the official first day for the teachers. I was at the school some today, for 9th grade orientation, and there were quite a few people there setting up their classrooms, checking out what others did for their vacations, etc. I did some training on one of the computer programs in the afternoon. Our students start on Monday. The first few days are the most difficult for me, then once the routine is established, its not so hard to get there. I suppose it helps that I do like my job, and the students I work with.

On another front, the "when not if" of diabetes has arrived for me. My blood sugar levels were high (not catastrophically so, thank goodness) when I had my lab tests this year for my annual physical. So we'll start with controlling it by diet, which I was able to do when I was pregnant, so I am optimistic. My levels for indicators for arthritis were higher than last year too, and of course I already know my knee and ankle aren't always happy campers. Ah the joys of living and growing older...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes, I actually made some! I spent a good portion of the day sorting and organizing books. Two boxes are empty that weren't empty before, and two have been repurposed to hold books on their way to Coas. (Coas is our friendly in-town amazing used bookstore.) Two more boxes are ready to go to school with me. Does that mean I went through all the boxes we have? HA! Of course it does not... In fact, I went A-G through the paperbacks, but I found very few D's and no E's (author's last names of course) and that just can't be right, can it? No, it cannot. Still it is progress, I tell you, progress.

The rest of the day was spent at White Sands. It was a perfect day for it, even if it is still July and has no business being a perfect day for White Sands. The rain we had over the weekend had time to mostly soak in, although we did see one humongous puddle. The sand in the parking lots was soft, damp and cool. The dunes also were damp and cool. Not damp enough to make your clothes moist when you sit down, but moist enough to build with... like sand castle fantasy. The kids played. and played. and played. They climbed the dunes, they slid down the dunes, they buried each other, they raced down the dunes. They built stuff, they pushed it over. Sand was everywhere and on everyone. We dug a little pit and had coal for hotdogs and even got to roast some marshmallows. As it got dark, we packed up and headed out. The sky was so clear and the stars were marvelous. Even the milky way was visible in that beautiful velvet sky.

Monday, July 28, 2008

books to keep

I'm a pack rat. A collector, if you will be kind. One of the things I collect is books. I've collected them ever since I can remember. When we were kids, and went shopping, we might ask for a new toy or something, but we didn't really expect to get it. Except at the book store. We could almost always get a new paperback. There are people who go on the read and release theory, not keeping many books in their houses, overall. There are people who will read the same book time and again for the enjoyment of it.

I like to read, and now that Raine is a little older, I actually can have a moment now and then to open a book. I like to have a nice stack of books around that I haven't read yet. While there are only a few books that I will read and reread, I like having that option as well. I enjoy libraries, walking through the stacks, touching a spine here or there, getting a feel for the sheer potential in the building. Mostly, I would rather wander the stacks than look through any card catalog to find something interesting to read. But when I find one I like, I tend to hold on to a copy of it. I think it may be an expression of the Taurus in me.

Now we have a nice wall of bookcases here in my house. Right now it is filled with a layer of hardback books, and a layer of paperbacks. Unfortunately, it holds only about half of the paperbacks we own. So, I still have boxes of books yet to be unpacked because there is no shelf space for them. Decision time... do we get more shelves? (WHERE would we put them???) or do I get rid of some books? (ACK! mine, mine, mine, all mine) After much agonizing, I've pretty much decided to weed them out. There are books I don't care to read again... there are some books which I would rather have than others... and, over all, I should be reasonable about the space those books are taking. So, one of my last summer projects, tomorrow, will be book sorting. We were low on book credit at Coas, anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

the beginning

In defiance of the rain, we worked in the back yard today. Ron got some redwood 4x4's to edge the patio area with. we made a trench (not very deep) to level them up and he laid them out. Well, at least one layer of them. Some places there will be two or three layers, to help give us something to make the patio kind of level. Then we will add some gravel for drainable fill and pavers for the patio flooring. I'm psyched about it. Now that they have started selling those canvas patio covers, we will have shade and all.

I also pulled some weeds. Raine came out and helped. She really did. Not that we even put a dent in them, there are so many out there right now, but we concentrated on the goat heads and we did get a good many of those. Not enough of them to get rid of them all, but a good many. The ground was soft and perfect for weed pulling. I'm hoping we can get out there for a few more tomorrow.

So, it was a good day for being able to say we started AND worked together. And I sweated, oh how I sweated. I know, the saying goes that women don't sweat, they glow... but unless glowing comes with really big drips.... well you get the idea...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well, the hurricane that hit the gulf coast finally made it here. We have been having clouds since Thursday, but the rains started up about midnight Friday and went through Saturday morning. They eye gave us a clearing through the afternoon, and Ron managed to mow the jungle that was our back yard. He said it was nice not to have a huge dust cloud following him around. This evening about 6:30, the rain started up again, and it has been raining heavily off an on since then (it's now almost midnight). I drove home in it from gaming (DragonQuest tonight, Fran), and the road were pretty wet, water running fairly deep in a couple of places. I'm glad the roads were not busy. The biggest problem is that the refrigerated air venting that was installed last summer is leaking the rain into the house. We've had that problem with a couple of vents all along, and they came back and "fixed" it, but never really got it stopped. Through the dry winter, and sun and all, what sealant they used on other places (which was pretty ludicrous when Ron went up on the roof and checked it out) has failed. Ok, so their idea of sealing the vents was - in places - duct tape (yeah, the silver stuff) or masking tape with sealant painted over it. HMMMM imagine that tape not holding... So, he's looking now to see what he needs to get since a trip to Home Depot was on the agenda for tomorrow anyway.

Friday, July 25, 2008

walking in the neighborhood

I did well today with some lifestyle choices. That's one day in a row. I realize that I have to do this one day at a time, until it just seems second nature, but still, it would be a good feeling to be able to string a few days together. If I can keep my goals in mind, and what they mean to me, perhaps I can do a little better.

Raine and I went walking today too... I got to meet one of my neighbors from over the back fence. The people directly behind me got new landscaping. They are rather elderly, and this landscaping is very easy care, but I was concerned that they would be moving. This neighbor said that they were staying put, but couldn't take care of it like they used to. She was very nice, and we talked a bit while Raine played with her great grand-daughter. She said that she had been in her house since it was new... and said her original payments on the house were $80 per month! Can you imagine that? Anyway, we had a nice little visit. I've met three of my neighbors this summer, which is cool. It wasn't even something I set out to do, but I probably should have.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

small victories

Well, a little bit of exercise has crossed my path, and I took it. Walking around the block with Raine pleases both of us. She gets to ride her tricycle, and I get to check out the neighborhood. The house directly behind ours got new landscaping this week. The couple who live there are older, and not getting around like they used to, so this will be much easier for them to care for. OR, their family could be arranging other living quarters for them, and getting ready to sell the house. We'll see.

Had my annual physical this week. Not my favorite thing to do, but I did it anyway... now I just have to go in for the blood tests and schedule that mammogram. Doctor visits are not my favorite thing (my mom taught me well on this). I've been fortunate to have been healthy and I haven't had to spend much time in the hospital, but I've also been negligent on health issues, and I'm trying to be better about them.

Made it to the farmer's market on Wednesday and picked up tomatoes, cantaloupe and a few onions. Made one of the best bacon & tomato sandwiches ever for lunch today. mmmmmmm

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the weight thing

I've got to get a handle on it. I really do. I want to learn a lifestyle that will help me be more healthy, but I'm having a hard time really getting going on it. Who else is? I know I won't have a staff for it (ha ha) but a community would help, I think. Is there anyone else reading this who would be interested? I'm talking about people who are really more interested in healthy living and sharing their successes, ideas, frustrations, recipes, resources, etc. than anyone who is all about how many pounds they've lost. Any ideas??? anyone? anyone? ... Beuller?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm believe that we all need a creative outlet. At least one, that is exercised regularly. I have several: crafts, sewing, writing, lesson planning, and sometimes even cooking. Many people find their creative outlet in their work, where they use their skills to create something, whether it be a lesson, a house, or a sidewalk, or even some marvelous medical breakthrough. Almost any job can serve as a creative outlet, if you create, or use your creativity some way.

In the teaching profession, it is said that our goal is to create life long learners. I would phrase it a little differently, and work toward lifelong creators. If you are creating, you are learning. You are trying new materials, new combinations, and new techniques, and you are getting better at what you are doing. Sometimes you teach someone else, and teaching is also learning.

Still, it is our hobbies that usually allow our creative sides to show through. There are many benefits to practicing creativity. The act of creating gives me a happy feeling and a contentment that nothing else does. Even when a project goes horribly wrong, the experimentation was a good thing. Well, mostly. Finishing a project feels so satisfying. Finally, when I look at my finished project, and it pleases me esthetically, that makes it all feel even better. Most of my craft projects are given away as gifts. I feel like I'm giving the recipient a little bit of me, or at least a closer look at who I am.

Monday, July 21, 2008

summer vacation winding down

Here it is, the last couple of weeks of summer vacation. This year's vacation was much more restful and vacation-y than last years, and that has been a very good thing. Swimming lessons have ended. I've shopped for Raine's school supplies for kindergarten, and gotten some clothes prepared for her as well... she will be going to a uniformly dressed school. She won't really mind that I don't think. At least not at first. It will sure make getting her to pick clothes out easier... here's the drawer that has the things you can wear to school... pick a bottom, pick a top, put them on. She's been favoring white T-shirts lately. I think that is because her friend Ezekiel has been wearing them with his swim suit. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She likes Ezekiel a lot.

Can I say I've met my high summer goals? Well, all of them to some degree, none are finished. To be realistic, many of them are indeed ongoing goals... I'll make a couple more pieces before school starts, and some kids clothes to donate. I straightened and organized our household files, and that has made those easier to deal with. I shredded a lot of paper and got it out of my hair and house. I didn't get all the boxes emptied that I would have liked to, but there are fewer in the house than there were.

I had even wanted to make home-made pasta this summer, and I got to do that, thanks to Steph. When we were in Tucson, she and I and everyone really, helped to make ravioli from scratch. It was fun, and they were yummy.

Still, I will start easing my way to being ready for school, and work. I'll probably go in to school early some time next week, and move stuff to my new classroom. I really need to talk to principals before they are overwhelmed about what I'll be doing, and how it will work. I'm not really sure how to set up my classroom yet, because I'm not really, for sure and positive, knowing what it is I'll be teaching this year. Confusing. I'm also starting Raine out remembering the letters she knows, and the numbers, and other stuff so she is ready for school, mentally and attitudinally. And vacation will be gone before I know it. Sigh. This was a really nice one, too.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


My lifestyle is a basically sedentary one... anyone looking at me can generally tell that right away because it shows all over my body. Sometimes I wish I were more driven to do stuff right now, but I can procrastinate with the best of them. No, I take that back, I live with people who can procrastinate better than me, so I end up doing whatever it is. Still, I'm lazy enough.

And I LIKE doing some of that sedentary stuff! I mean, I can be very entertained by a movie or television program. Recently we have been watching an animated show called Avatar, which is really good. I don't like commercials much and don't have the patience for them so I don't - in general - watch a lot of TV... Not like I used to, anyway. I can, however, spend long hours in front of the computer screen. Games, games, games. OK, and reading e-mail, and writing my blog, and lots and lots of other stuff...

Still, I am coming to a point of decision for myself, and the knowledge that my lifestyle must change for my health, for the good of myself and my family unit. I just have to do enough self-talk to be willing to take on the work. Where is that staff again? It seems, as usual, I am the staff. If only, if only, I could be cheerful about that...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the play's the thing

I've mentioned that our friends are visiting. They have a seven-year-old daughter who gets along fabulously with my daughter. They are having a great time having a weekend of sleep overs. We are having a great time enjoying them getting along so well.

For instance today, they got into Raine's dress-up clothes. First, we were treated to a fashion show. Now, you may imagine a couple of cute little girls dressing up in princess outfits and fairy wings and high heels. You would be wrong. Raine doesn't do girly. They had green horns, or green scaley hands. They had knight's swords.

The fashion show wasn't enough, though. They had more ideas... and a play was born. The princess had been cursed by the evil witch and captured. Her father had to rescue her, which, since he seemed to be married to the witch, he was able to do when he stole the key to the cell. Still the princess was cursed to have evil green horns.

In the next act, the princess and the rescuer had to fight off a dragon. It was a good thing that the princess kept a sword hidden under her robes. Together they killed the dragon and escaped the witch's clutches.

The final act found our princess bemoaning her lonely state until a prince came, and they found happiness despite her green horns and could live happily ever after. After the play, another dragon appeared, who ate the spectators and fought with the actors welding their mighty swords. It was one of the best very amateur productions I've witnessed in a long time. Unfortunately, you may not expect this play to come to your town any time soon.

PS Yes, there are some pictures, but they will have to be developed.


Our friends from Tucson arrived this evening for the weekend. We've stayed up late and watched a silly movie and talked and enjoyed ourselves. The children will no doubt be up early in the morning. I will write more tomorrow than I am willing to stay up and write now. It's been a good day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a staff

I need a staff... you know, people. People, like Martha Stewart has, or probably Oprah. Of course, I can't pay anyone like they can, and that is part of the reason I don't have a staff already. Go figure.

It's not that I just want to boss people around... although that is a perk I can handle. But I have stuff to do, and it would just be easier with a staff to help. Really! So, you want a garden? Here are some people to help you do the work of it. Make no mistake, it IS work. I could walk away from the work and just let the staff do it, but it isn't the work per se that I shun, it is working alone. Doesn't the time go so much faster when you have company and help? Of course it does. Don't forget that final look around when you get to congratulate yourselves on a job well done.

Think of all the stuff Martha Stewart designs and froofs up her house, parties, etc with. I mean most of us could do that stuff, but who has the time? Who wants to clean up after it? I could probably come up with the cool original stuff that she does, if I only had people to help me test them out and whatever else needs to be done. A staff, I tell you, a staff! I'm just not obsessive nor compulsive about doing all those things all by myself. I have discovered that I can do all the work I want towards anything I want to have done. I can. And it's work, darn it! Where oh where is my staff? Oh, lottery....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

thunderstorm part 2

I know, I know, rain is not news, everywhere. Here in NM, while other places are getting flooded, we often do without. This summer seems kind of like a miracle of water. The rains took a pause for about a week. Ron got the grass mowed, at least in the front yard. I kept looking at the clouds, rolling up over the Organ mountains thinking that it was just teasing me. No matter how rainy those clouds looked it was not meant to be.

Then, about 7 PM, a big fat juicy drop plopped here, and another one there, and pretty soon it was coming down. Faster, then slower, straight pelting down, those juicy drops of wet. And as if that weren't enjoyment enough, (and Carl had even rolled his windows up!) the thunder and the lightening began. It never really got worrisome close, although we did shut the computers off for a bit, but OH! the lightshow. The sun peeking through the clouds just a bit at sunset, giving the world that rose-colored glow for a few minutes. Then as the darkness drew in, the lightening began. No one could orchestrate that better than nature! I sat in my bedroom for a while and watched through my new french windows. Now THAT's what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

going in early

So, as you know, I'm a teacher in a public school system in NM. I work in a high school, and for the most part I really like it. One of the nice things about being a public school teacher, is of course the down-time. Whether it is 3 weeks at a time if you work in a year-round school, or a few more weeks put together in the summer, that down time is one of the ways to recharge your batteries and not get burned out in what can be a stressful and (at times) frustrating career.

I know there are teachers who work in their classrooms during their breaks, and spend many hours there on weekends and evenings. Frankly, that isn't me. I might (MIGHT) do more if my classroom weren't about 20 miles away from my home, but still, my time is MY time. I am, however willing to put some extra preparation time in occasionally.

GHS is starting a 9th grade academy this year, and I will be working in said academy. Tomorrow and Thursday, the team of teachers and whatever administrator(s) are going to be working on some general guidelines for this academy. The school's effort is fueled by state mandates and numbers of students who do - or more accurately - don't test as grade level proficient. My effort is fueled in the main by my feeling that we do our students an injustice by letting them graduate uneducated... or at least without the basic tools to educate themselves. It is frustrating because the students disconnect from their education, and it is they - not the teachers - who have the real work to do. It is their education, and they fail themselves when they choose not to participate in the process. I personally am not good at this motivation. I keep trying the "see, you really need this" approach, but they are not in a place to hear it, or ???

So this year of teaching will be a learning experience for me. It could be a wonderful chance to work with my peers and make a positive change, or it could flop miserably. I vote for the former, and am willing to put in a few extra hours to implement that change.

Monday, July 14, 2008

getting tired pt 2

This time it is me getting tired. Well, it's late, so that's a good thing, right? Sorta. With the rains, the grass grows and goes to seed, and the allergies arrive. With the allergies, all sorts of complaints, you know. I don't even have the worst allergies in the house, and I didn't suffer from them as a kid. So I shouldn't whine about them. But they close up my sinuses, and it often leads to a sinus infection and a sore throat. And more snoring than usual... pity Ron. Probably I should include him in on the getting tired...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

getting tired

I have a five-year-old daughter. This year she has really started to become a social creature, wanting friends to play with. Its fun to watch her connect with other kids. Last summer, we worked on our house almost all summer, trying to get it ready to move into before school started, which didn't happen, so while she had half a day of pre-school every day, I really didn't get much into other entertainment for her.

This summer has been different. For one thing, it was much more relaxed for me, and more fun. I've spent a lot of my time making sure Raine gets entertained. Not TOO much of my time, because that's just going overboard, but still. Today we met her friend Ezekiel, and his mom, who is my friend and her sister's house (also my friend) for some swimming. Mostly both of the moms wanted tired kids... and who better to get a kid busy and tired than another kid! She goes to bed better, she falls asleep better, she is happier because she's having fun.

Makes me look back on my own summer childhood. How many times did my mother tell my brothers and I "Go out and play!" and we did, because she would put us to work if we didn't. We spent many summer afternoons up at the Elk's pool in our neighborhood. We swam and swam and had a blast. No clue that our mom's ultimate goal was a simple one... get those kids tired out, and I'm too busy to do it myself (or tired, or whatever). Hmmmm, mom... good job!


Driving home from gaming this evening there was a nice, humid cloud cover. (I can say nice and humid together because it doesn't happen all the time here) There was lightening to the east and to the southwest as well on the drive home. Not close enough to hear the thunder. No concern with power outage. Just watching the show on our midnight drive home. Beautiful. Not much serious threat of rain, either, but still, the lightshow!

Friday, July 11, 2008

a sewing rantlet

Not a big rant... more like a whine, but you just can't hear the tone of voice.

I've written about how I really like to sew. It satisfies my creativity, and I get a good sense of accomplishment when I have finished something. I enjoy putting the pieces together and having the shape of whatever I'm sewing come together. I like garment sewing, but I also enjoy craft sewing as well. One year I made and dressed bunnies for all the young girls I knew at the time. I made about a dozen. I kept one, and entered it into the fair, even.

The planning part is fun, but I can't say that I always have a good eye for colors or style. I've learned to ask people who are better at that than I am... this? or this? The white buttons or the metal ones? I have to be careful though, because I have made some heinous things on my own. Oh yeah. Without help, I'm sure I would look like a sofa on occasion... Still, even though I'm not great at that part, I enjoy looking through patterns, and am addicted to walking through aisles of fabric, touching, touching, touching.

Here's the part that I don't really like... the cutting out of the pattern. bleah. What a pain! All the folding and refolding of the fabric... waving all this tissue paper around like it was actually not going to tear, or get sweated on. Pinning the pieces down, measuring for accuracy (yes, I do that) and then repositioning and repinning. Hoping that I actually remember to put the pieces the right direction for those one-way fabrics that every now and then I talk myself into ( or don't actually notice that they are until it's home). And we haven't even picked up the scissors yet! OK, once everything is set, the cutting out isn't actually awful, but I do find myself clenching my teeth with the closing of the scissors. OOps, does that make me weird? Oh, well, I am.

Generally, I cut out as many things as I can stand in a given time and make a nice pile which gets sewn up as I have time to do the fun stuff. Sewing! Its what to do!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

instant message

I like to instant message with my friends. Not texting on the phone, but on the computer, where I can really type. I'm not a big phone person. I'm just not. I grew up with one phone in the house, and no, I couldn't monopolize it for very long. No one in our house really wanted to, though. So, yeah, I have a cell phone, and yes, of course, I enjoy talking to my friends on it. Hearing someone's voice can really make them feel closer. On a daily basis, though, I really like IM.

I can talk to more than one person at a time, without being rude to any of them. More than you can do on a phone... and in person, multiple concurrent conversations are just... crazy. And, if I must visit the restroom, I can do it on my own, and continue the conversation in a moment. Can't do that with a phone without putting someone on hold, or calling them back. Most people don't do either...

There are some things that I have "experimented" with and observed. Some people type faster than others... I have had to learn to be a little patient, and not overwhelm someone, just to be "talking." On the other hand, it is kind of cool to be able to have a couple of conversations at the same time on occasion. Since the text lasts, you can look back at what the other person said for a refresher if needed. I also like being able to leave someone a message that they can get on their own time, and respond to, for me to get when I can. MUCH better than phone tag. Of course e-mail offers that too... and I do like my e-mail for a lot of the same reasons, it just isn't quite so conversational. I also like being able to send someone an interesting link, or the like...

So, thank you, instant messaging, for coming along, and making me able to keep in touch with my friends better. I enjoy conversing with you... and I try not to let my fingers run away with me. (I'll bet I'm a faster typist than I used to be...)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

rainy season

Want to see someone who appreciates rain? Look in a desert. Any desert. Our rainy season has started, here in southern NM, and it has been raining. I don't mean it has been getting cloudy and humid. We haven't been having thunderstorms rumble through the valley, as beautiful as those are. I don't even mean there are some clouds in the sky raining on something - but not anything in my neighborhood - which is what happens a lot. We are getting RAIN. Last night it rained, and the night before too. I wouldn't be surprised if it rained tonight. It was certainly coming down this afternoon. I nice rain that would back off a bit to let some water soak in, then here it would come again. The kind of rain you can really sleep to.

What does that mean to us? Well, the fire danger goes down. The plantlife starts greening up and blooming (hello allergy season, some more) which give the wildlife something to eat and drink. Maybe the bears in places like Ruidoso and Cloudcroft will be able to back away from the garbage cans and go further up into the mountains. Clann War will be able to happen, although I won't be going.

What else? My yard is greening up. Oh, I know, I water the measly grass that I have. I really like a green, grassy yard, but I live in a desert, for heaven's sake, and watering that much just doesn't seem like the right thing to do all the time. My grass never looks green like this until it rains, though. There is just something about the rain that makes it come alive, really alive. People in all those wet climates take it for granted, don't they. Don't they? I don't though. All the colors get that clean brightness to them after a rain. We can soak it in while we are soaking in life, like the grass.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

doin' stuff, even when it is hot

No, I mean HOT! Which it is every summer (and most of spring and fall) in Tucson. We didn't let the heat stop us from having fun or relaxing. Raine got to go horseback riding, which she loved. She even got to go on a bit of a trot! We swam. Almost every day. Raine was doing real well with her almost swimming. She glided back an forth across the pool, kicking her feet. She jumped in, swam to the surface then kicked her way to the side or the stairs over and over. She was doing so well that I went ahead and kept her in the level 2 lessons instead of keeping her in level 1 this week. From how she did today in her lesson, and how she compared to the other kids in the class, I think it was a good decision.

We had a very nice 4th of July. We went to a nice party. They grilled chicken, and it was wonderful. Of course it rained. Rained like crazy for a little bit, but then it passed, and we continued to enjoy ourselves on the patio. We even got to watch some the the big fireworks shows around Tucson. We had a nice view from a good distance, and no one felt compelled to light anything themselves.

We went and saw the Desert Museum. Now, that was HOT. But we really, really enjoyed it anyway. They have made sure there is shade and drinking water almost everywhere, since they know what the weather is like there, still we all got too hot, a little dehydrated (but not bad since we all made an effort) and saw all kinds of cool stuff. There was a tarantula backed into a shallow hole, waiting for dinner to show up. There were all kinds of gems and minerals to look at, and even some dinosaur bones. The kids got to "discover"some as well, that was a big hit. Most of the animals were hiding away from the heat, but the aviaries were lively. The desert museum has a hummingbird aviary, which is amazing. It is one thing to sit in your yard and see a hummingbird buzz by and drink out of a feeder. It is another to have a hummingbird fly right up to you and hover for a few moments, to be able to see it really up close, to see a hummingbird sitting on a nest. Woah.

Anyway, as you can tell, it was a good trip, as usual.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Is where I am... and happy from a great trip, and a great visit. I'd like to tell you all about it, but in my present, tired state, I'd probably mix it all together and jumble it up. I think I'll wait until a clearer state of mind.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

speaking of travel

I will be traveling to Tucson for a few days to visit my friend Steph and her family. Steph has been my friend for a long while, now. Since our senior year in high school, when she happened to be "the new kid in school" (a real drag your senior year) and sat next to me in science class. We held a running commentary on and in that science class and others, which kept the two of us entertained. We've been through happiness and heartaches, encouraged each other through bad times and we've been mad at each other and gotten over it. Now we help each other get through the demands of "being an adult" in the modern world. Visiting with Steph and her family is always a break from the world, even though the chores still gotta get done. With the right staff, she and I could solve the problems of the world... or give it a good go.

Raine will get to play with Steph's kids, swim in their pool and maybe even (if she's brave enough) ride their pony (who loves kids - and not in the "for breakfast" way). She will be thrilled to be able to have something to do the whole time... even being bored when Steph's girls say they are... AND all that keeping up with the other kids will keep my girl exhausted. You know, I think that is how my mom chose OUR summer activities when we were growing up... nope, nope, too restful... ahhhh, yes, THAT ought to wear them out!

So, if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't get too worried, I'll be back. I might even post while I'm gone, just to surprise you... in the meantime, think of something good to do!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


If you couldn't tell by the link below, I was born in the zodiac sign of Taurus. THere are some things in the description it gives that fit me to a T. Stubborn? OMG, yes. But then, so are Ron, Raine and Carl, and none of them are Taurus. I don't think of myself as hard-hearted, and I don't love a fight, but I do stand up for what I believe in. Oh, and you don't want to play "chicken" with me. (is this a surprise to anyone?)

Let's see some of the other attributes.. beautiful physically (HA!) and mentally (an acquired taste, I think) I DO love to travel, but I also like being home. What I really like to do, you see, is take my home with me. It doesn't have to be everything, just what can fit in - say - a travel trailer. Only I don't own one right now, so I'll have to admit to being restless at the moment. Extremely outgoing... I don't really think of myself as outgoing, but I can concede that one on an "it depends on the situation." I deal with people very well on a one on one basis most of the time. I don't do so well in crowds, I start getting overwhelmed and wall-flowery. However, I have learned - to be able to do my job as a teacher - to take on a role, a character if you will, and I can fulfill that role, even in a crowd, and be friendly while doing it.

So, I've dissected my own horoscope... Other people's I'm not so good at. I do see some similarities in some of my friends who share a "sign." Sometimes. I won't say that I believe in them, but I do think that it is interesting to look at them. I also believe that there is more at work in this world that we currently have the knowledge to understand.

thanks Cara

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