Thursday, April 30, 2009

i did it this time

I used up all my "nice" today. I got home... in fact, I even got Raine to bed, but it was gone after that. Just gone. It happens sometimes. Usually when those little things pile up...and pile up. That, and I am a morning person, and it hasn't been morning for a while now.

This time of year, the stress at school starts to run high. It doesn't have to be personal, it just starts buzzing in the air. Seniors finally start to worry about whether they will get ALL THEIR CREDITS. Next week is their last week. Then graduation the next week. Then finals for everyone the week after that.

Then Ron has piled paperwork on my computer keyboard. I really hate that. When I get to my computer, I don't want to have to clean it off. It really bugs me for anyone to make a special mess just for me to deal with. It wasn't the first time this week, and I won't get into any more nitpicky details. Suffice it to say, he has as much or more time to deal with the paperwork as I do. Why is it MY job? Didn't he see the pissy pants coming???

And if that isn't enough. I posted yesterday. Yes I did. You didn't read it? yeah, well, I WROTE it yesterday, but evidently the save button, not the publish post button got pushed. Even though normally I then check to see how it looks, evidently I didn't yesterday... see what happens? yeah. nothing. Ok, before the whining gets any louder, I'm signing off...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

swine flu

To panic or not to panic. The news makes one feel as if they should. Of course they maximize the drama, because it gets people's interest. Still, the flu can be more serious than we think in general terms.

Still, with all the economic gloom and doom, the oil crises, global warming, there are so many potential things to panic about. There's just so much panic to go around. It starts to spread too thin, and then, eh, you have to live, and go on with the every day anyway. So the panic starts to set aside.

So, for me, no panic, no dire need to find a surgical mask to hide behind, and feel claustrophobic inside. Oh sure, I'll wash my hands, and the desks in my classroom. I'll hope the sick kids stay home. But gloom and doom? not me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spider solitare

For anyone who doesn't know, (which probably isn't anyone who would actually read a blog) Spider is one of those free games that pretty comes with a computer. Or, at least with the operating system if you use microsoft. I enjoy playing spider, but I wouldn't ever have ranked myself great at it. I just play for fun. I only peven play the second level, with 2 suits. I don't have to SOLVE EVERY GAME. That wasn't really a big deal with the older version I had on my last computer. It kept track of a few stats, like how many games I'd won, and the least amount of moves for a winning game.

My new version keeps track of my win percentage. Cruel, cruel game. RIght now my win percentage is at 67%. Gah! Usually, I can keep it at 68%, sometimes in the 69% range. Once in a while, I can actual stay at 70% for a couple of games. I have no idea what other people can do with this game, but I'm kind of - when I have a moment or two to waste on thinking about it -distressed that I can only seem to keep a "D" average on this game. A D! What would my students say? (Before they shook their heads in wonder over what a geek I am.) Still it is a little humbling, and maybe that is a good perspective for a teacher to have, now and then.

Monday, April 27, 2009

well, let's see...

A couple of quick comments, none of which fit together in any coherent way. That's my life at the moment, though, so...

Fran and Lillian, I hope the car repair is quick and smooth so that your trip can continue as planned. I wish you were going to swing through here, but, it is a bit out of the way. About a state and a half. While you are in Denver, though there is a little Mexican dive near the football stadium (near where Ron and I lived while we were there) that will give you a little taste of home. It did me. It should be on Colfax at Newton. (that's west of the freeway, AWAY from downtown) If it's still there, of course.

The new Star Trek movie hits the theaters in a little over a week. WOOT! I'm pretty excited about it, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. A teacher Trekkie friend of mine suggested that we play hookie on opening day and go see it. I doubt that my conscience will let me miss work, but it sure is tempting. I bet I get to see it the first weekend though, and other times besides.

I know there was something else, but that is the problem with disjointed ideas, they don't flow from one to the next, and soon they are gone. I'm sure it will resurface sometime after I've gone to bed, as I'm falling asleep, when the computer is turned off, and I'm not going to come in and turn it back on at that point. ahh well...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Raine loves Spongebob Squarepants. We let her watch. Its cute, and silly, and there are actually some positive messages in it about being yourself, and taking care of yourself, and your family and your friends. Its also OK to be a nerd.

SO one of the schools was running a promotion, and they were going to have a Spongebob character suit, and Raine saw the commercials, and she WANTED TO GO! I thought there were worse things to do, so I figured I would take her. I was glad my friend called and reminded me, the day of, though, or I would have forgotten. Anyway, we piled into the car and drove across town, and stood in line and got to see Spongebob.

Later, on the way home, Raine asked me if that was someone in a Spongebob suit. I told her yes. I think she was probably disappointed, because of course she wanted the "real" Spongebob. Still she's familiar with people in character suits at places like Chuckie Cheese. It was still a good, and timely in the way that the lesson happened and she was the one to figure it out kind of things. You know, we all have to do that kind of realization somewhere along the line.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

no point

Give me another week. Then I'll be done with some of this stuff that is pre-occupying my mind. I still got nuttin else. Maybe a weekend would be good...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

... and still...

The mentor meeting went well. It wasn't the last meeting though, May 4th or 6th is (I can choose which). Sigh. The good news is that we will be paid for it, despite ongoing budget difficulties. The bad news is, I'm very frustrated with my mentee. He needs guidance and doesn't know it. I don't seem to be the right person to give it, either.

I've gotten most everything graded. Just a few late papers to catch up with. I've put it all on a spread sheet, so that makes the averaging a breeze. I'll be able to turn in the progress reports no problem. Of course the fact that those are due means only 4 more weeks of school. It seems like we are racing full out to that finish line.

My class project is a little further along. More materials gathered for making our display. We'll work on that some tomorrow, along with getting that notebook finished. We have to turn in all our work next week, and we're busy trying to get it ready.

So my world. Same as yesterday. Busy juggling. Don't they know I'm a klutz?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

preoccupied again

I have many things going around in my head this evening, not the least of which is the final project for the TESOL class I'm taking. It's due next week. It's taking up a lot of my brain just now.

The mentoring group is having a meeting tomorrow, and I'm supposed to go to that. I think it is the last one for the year. I hope. That will be two things I'm done with for the semester.

Progress report grades are due on Friday. I have to grade some more journals. At least I've come up with a system, but it takes a little bit, none-the-less. I'm having my students do a lot of their work for the novel they are reading in their journals, so I have to look at their entries and see if they are getting what I think they should be able to get from the novel. There are 4 grades in it for them.

Can you tell I'm preoccupied? Hopefully things will be better soon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

yes, he is

SO, the gold dragon is finished. I put his mouth on him this morning. He is happily sleeping with Raine tonight, and she is happily sleeping with him.

I had thought to use more blue than I did... but somehow these things take on a personality of their own, and (along with requests from the recipient) there you go.

Sackboys may be - as I mentioned in an earlier post - my next crochet project. Bed for me, now, though.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

another weekend

It has been, and been a relatively nice one. There are a couple people I know feeling under the weather, and I'm concerned for them. The weather this weekend was nearly perfect, though. I went out and worked in the yard. Longer than I should have, probably, but it was sooo nice out. I saw a hummingbird flitting about one of the trees yesterday. Even when we were driving to pick up Raine, I noticed the foliage through the neighborhoods. It is no longer blooming/budding, it's THERE and green and I love it. I guess this spring, for some reason, has been an affirmation of life for me, and evidently I needed it. I'm feeling revitalized.

It was sooo nice out that Ron and I talked ourselves into taking Raine to the carnival that is visiting town. She got to ride the merry-go-round and the huge slide, but the ferris wheel will just have to wait for another day.

Now, its time for baths and putting away the last of the laundry, and all those other end of weekend chores. Plus that darned dragon is still pointing to the parts he's missing...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I posted about the dragon, yesterday... and after I did, I walked into the living room, and discovered my mistake. I had put eyes on that gold dragon that I was making for Raine. Now, he was looking at me with those eyes. He was imploring me, "Finish me! I want to play with Raine..." How do you respond to that? As if Raine's pleas weren't enough... (ok, they weren't quite enough to make me HURRY). Doesn't he just seem to be wanting out of the basket?

So, now, he has two arms. I've almost finished the ridge for his back. Then, will come the other embellishments: nostrils, ears, horns, a mouth, maybe even a tongue. Most of those can be done quickly, so the next few days should do it, and he should be finished.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Carl bought a crochet pattern yesterday. So I would make something for him. No, it wasn't socks. It was Sackboy. Check out some of Maggie Wang's various sackboys to get the idea. Are those fun or what? I know, I know, you don't blame Carl for wanting some. Me either.

They don't look difficult, although I question the zipper bit. Not that I won't do it, but is it supposed to be functional? Hmmm... Anyway, I can think of a few I would like to try, once I get the basics down.

First? first I have to finish Raine's dragon. He's in the works. He's got both legs, but only one arm. I did put his eyes on this evening, though. Here's what he looked like a few days ago, before the eyes, and the arm...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

finish a good book

I've been reading (yay me). By my normal terms, I'm reading pretty slowly, because I am not spending as much time with books as I used to. More than I was for a while, but less than "normal." I suspect over the summer, my reading will increase. It usually does when I don't have things like working and reading for work to get in the way. Still.

I'm reading Sue Grafton, T is for Trespass. Probably not my favorite of her series, yet still entertaining none-the-less. I'm maybe two chapters from the end of the book, and the plot has thickened all it is going to. Now we have to see where the chunks land. I think I'll finish up here, and then finish up there.

Know what's better than getting done with a good book? Knowing there are several others waiting in the wings to be read. Yep. Got that too.

And, because I know at least Fran will want to know, here are some of the recently reads and the to-reads: Charlaine Harris, a couple from her Shakespeare series (with a few more in the to-read pile, along with the Dead series). I think I'm on book 5 of the Dresden files and that very well may be the next book I pick up, if I can find it. If not there are also some others by Lee Child that we picked up at Sam's on sale.

So, now that I've written, it's time to read.

P.S. No return of the dizziness so far, and I go back to the Dr. for blood test results on Monday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, maybe not so drastic. I woke up feeling very dizzy yesterday morning. I have several conditions that could cause it, but didn't know what was. (Still don't) Didn't feel like I should be driving, though. I waited until Carl was done for the morning, and made him take me to my Dr., who opens at 9 AM. When I got there, their comment was, "your appointment was yesterday." I had completely forgotten. Carl said the dizziness was punishment for not making the appointment, so I would HAVE to go. He may have been right.

Even though the Dr wasn't particularly helpful.

They took my blood pressure, which was only slightly above normal, pretty good since - like my mom - I will spike it in the Dr's office. They couldn't take my blood sugar reading (????) because "they don't do that any more" (again ?????) But Carl and I had stopped at Walgreen's on the way there and found an inexpensive one that came with everything. When I tested at home, 4 hours after I had eaten, it was 118, which isn't too high OR too low. The Dr thought my allergies and sinus were causing a problem in my inner ears, but there was no sign of infection (in fact my allergies and sinuses were feeling better than they HAD been the week before). He also had me lean over to see if that made the dizziness worse, but it did not. Well. Hmmm. He sent me off to get my blood taken for bloodtests that I was due for. Carl took me home, and since by that time I wasn't feeling dizzy, I drove to get the blood taken, and then to work.

It was a wierd feeling.

It made for a strange day.

But today, I'm much more myself. I even remembered to blog BEFORE I turned of the computer. I also now have a blood sugar monitor that I have felt like I have needed for a while. Of course insurance didn't pay for it, nor will it buy the strips at a dollar a pop. Still, I have it now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

listening to the quiet house

It is ironic that I - the one who is definitely NOT the night owl - am up later than anyone else this evening. And, really, it isn't all that late. The house is definitely quiet, though. We are in that between time, which is so lovely in New Mexico. It doesn't get cold enough to need the heater, nor is it hot enough - yet - to need the air conditioner. The TV is off (although the recorder box we have... well it isn't quiet unless it is unplugged, which I didn't do, but it is in the other room, and I have to listen really hard to hear in ramp up its little siren song. From where I sit, the house is quietly, peacefully asleep, and just as it is important to occasionally see the sunrise, and the beauty of a new day, it is also important to hear the sleep of loved ones. That doesn't mean I won't be heading for that sleep soon, myself.

Today was one of those rare lovely days when I got a vacation that no one else in the house did. It was calm and leisurely, even though I did the normally Sunday chores of laundry, shopping and a little lawn/yard care. I just kind of got to putter around as I wanted to for most of the day. I could live like that all the time, it just doesn't pay well.

I also got in touch with an old friend, and that was nice. She and I grew up together because our fathers were very good friends, and they were more like part of the family. Of course when we were adults, she went her own way, as people do, but there are fond memories there, and affection for her and her family, always.

Ahh the peace of the sleeping household. The calm before the storm of another busy, working day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

inside & outside

Yes, Raine enjoyed Easter fun and goodies. She found eggs inside, and outside, many had Bionicle pieces in them that fit together to make new Bionicles (Dad helped with the assembly, Raine helped with the fun). She ate a little candy, leaving her chocolate bunny unopened in favor of peeps. She is a marshmallow loving girl.

My roses are also blooming. They were lovely this morning, even in the breeze. (not enough dust in it to call it wind, really) We had a nice day, a dinner that wasn't too demanding of attention, but yummy and satisfying none-the-less. We had decided on ham, and made greens to go along with them, so I bought spinach. We also had a package of fancy salad greens in the fridge that had lasted longer than we thought they would. Hmmm we said. Why not add this lettucy stuff with the spinach? We did, and it was yummy. Well, they just fit right in and the spinach was yummy...

Hope you all had a day as satisfying for you as mine was for me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter eve

Raine is all ready for the Easter Bunny's visit. The good news is that the Easter bunny is also all ready to visit Raine.

OK, so Easter is not the holiday that I go all out for. The last holiday I had with my dad was Easter, and then he passed the next week. Makes me not so anxious about celebrating. Perhaps if I were very religious, I would at least have that to hold to the holiday with. Generally speaking I'm not enthusiastic about commercialism in any holiday.

Still, Raine is 6. I don't want to ruin it for her, so the Easter bunny will arrive, and we will have Lynda over for a nice Easter dinner that we all will enjoy. It helped me to have Raine help me give out some Easter cheer.

When I was in high school, and too old to go trick or treating - but not to old to want to dress up and have a good time - my friends and I happened on a great idea. We bought candy. We got dressed up. Then, we went around to our usual haunts and we gave out candy. Mostly, we gave it to the people who were working, but passers-by were also offered a treat. You know what? We had a great time. It's something that I've taken with me since. It translates, in some way or another, to many other holidays and celebrations as well.

Today, Raine and I filled some plastic eggs with candy, and we took them with us to dinner at my cousin's house. Happy Birthday, Harold (I can say that here because he doesn't want people to make a big deal, and he's not likely to read my blog - at least I don't think he is). We had plenty of eggs to share goodies with anyone who wanted any. I got sticky blue slobbered on by the baby! It was great.

So, have a happy spring holiday. Which ever version you happen to celebrate. I am very happy to see the renewal of life: leaves bud out, and the grass start to green up. My rose bushes are even blooming. Its spring, and THAT I do celebrate...

Friday, April 10, 2009

a good friday

So, to get ready for Easter, Raine and I made a trip through Walmart this morning. I thought we left the house reasonably early, and there really wasn't as much of a crowd there as there could have been. Still I swear we were there for 3 hours. HOW??? I do NOT know. Yes, we got a basket full ( OK not piled to the rim, but still...) We found a one piece bathing suit that she will wear... it has Spongebob, and NO pink on it. It also has like a halter strap so she won't have to fight with straps that won't stay up. We also found Easter goodies. Yep. gotta have those. I'm not one of those people who must get some overstuffed, overpriced basket for my kid every year. In fact, she really doesn't eat all that much candy. Her choice, no our limitation on her. She still has Halloween candy in the bag hanging on the door of her room. Even chocolate in it (I think - I haven't looked lately). I am not sad about that, though... Heaven knows I have had weight issues enough, and would be glad for her to avoid some if she can. So, I thought and thought about egg stuffing alternatives. I came up with a few, and we'll see how they work.

Still, even at the trip to Walmart - which I try to stretch time between, further and further - today was a pretty good day. Didn't have to go to work, that's why. Oh, sure, the morning was blown shopping, and the afternoon zoomed by while Raine was working on building some artwork for her homework, but ahhhhh anyway.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

have some fun

Raine is not a girly girl. In fact, she was about ecstatic when she learned the term "tomboy." Sometimes we tease her with threats of dresses. Pink dresses. Pink Barbie princess dresses. Yep. Just to see her scowl and sneer. Well, if WE can't cause her to need a shrink, who can?

Sometimes it is hard to know what she will or won't like for clothing. Still somehow she winds up with drawers and drawers of it. Ron's mom sent her some new clothes for spring, and what dya know... she loved 'em... at least this outfit she did. And then, she camped it up for the camera. Work it, girl! (personally, I really like that bit of tongue in the middle picture...)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

excuses, excuses

That's all they are, but they've caused (or allowed) me to miss my blogging here for a couple of days. It is a slippery slope, not to write for a day or two, as it could lead to a whole string. any readers I have may not miss much, overall, but I would be the worse for it, I think.

I don't suppose anyone would have ever pictured a diary like this, even 50 years ago. Now, it just seems the natural way to do one. AND you get to share!

So, I know this isn't much, my cranky knee is on - and has been for a week now. I know plenty of other people live with arthritis too, and I'm not special for it, but I still don't need to show the cranky side of me just because of that.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

adventuring pt 2

So, who would be the real-life adventurer of today? There are several possibilities, to explore. First, though, I think we should - more or less - define what I mean by an adventurer. In role playing games, adventurers make their living, and (they hope) their fortune and reputation/reknown by adventuring. You rescue the rich rancher's daughter from kidnappers, you kill a monster and take his/her horde, you travel - a LOT - usually by walking or riding a horse. It isn't a comfortable or easy life, unless you live to make your fortune and get to retire. Basically, it boils down to this, though, adventures tend to live off the land. That may not mean they have to catch or find everything they eat, but there is an element of that, to be sure. They pay for the things they buy with the funds gained by their trip through the land, or trade what they find for what they want.

So, lets look at the adventurers of history and fiction. Historical and fantasy fiction is full of adventurers whether it is the Four Musketeers or The Fellowship of the Ring. They were the inspiration for most role playing games. The reality in those times was that traveling from one village to the next was considered an adventure and most people may have travelled less than 10 miles from their homes in their lifetimes. Even at that, though, people lived closer to the land, and might have to hunt or gather to provide some of their food. Tribal peoples, with a primitive culture still adventure for their daily bread, in my opinion. Even in a little more advanced ages, if you wanted to seek your fortune, you went off somewhere to do it (an adventuring element) even if it was just to university or the city. Adventurers face the unknown. They often have had to experience some kind of devistating disaster, as well, to tip them out of their familiar life and set them on the road.

So what about the modern adventurer? Well, there are certainly several possibilities here: soldiers, policemen, fire/rescue personel all face danger and saving lives is certain part of their job descriptions. But there are other elements of the adventurer that they just don't meet. They may find reputation and reknown in their endeavors, but riches? Not usually. Like teachers and other "public servants," they tend to underapaid, and while they may get the occasional reward, they certainly aren't gaining riches by looting.

I think that shows that we should look in other directions. What about the new(ish) extreme sports atheletes? They are certainly living on the edge, honing their mad leet skilz. Sorry, a little gamer geek speak in there... While these folk certainly like an adventure, and experiment with the edge of the known, they are not really "on a mission." They can make material gain by their efforts, but again, no loot. No living off the land, really. So, where do we look next?

Well, the homeless, and the vagabonds certainly seem to fit the bill, wandering from place to place, living on what they find and trade for, supplimented by the kindnessess of others. They have faced some sort of disaster to set them on the road. They certainly face plenty of unkown and dangers. I'm sure that some do qualify, working their way up from their personal "low place" to a more conventional lifestyle. Still, it wouldn't seem what we think of when we think of those romanticised adventurers.

Here is another group I would like to set forth. The immigrant. Especially a frontier immigrant. Someone who may have to cut his home, life and livelyhood out of the resources available. This is a person who may have breeding, money, and abilities, and may have to use all of them to survive. Those attributes may not make them more successful then someone more common, either. Of course many of these immigrants faced the same obstacles as the indiginious peoples of those "frontiers" which would, in a way, back up my claim and primitive peoples were adventurers, living off the land.

So, where does that leave us in modern times. I mean, really, you can't go around killing people and taking their stuff... can you? Even killing "the bad guys" is pretty likely to land you in jail. There aren't that many "wild" places left, and even those are spoken for. You can just move in and build your house there. Must we wait for an apocalypse so the survivors can again live off the land? Loot and profit from it in a socially acceptable way? Personally, I think - and hope - that our next adventurers are already in the making. This planet is already overcrowded and our resources over-extended. Its time to move out. Oh sure, I've spent waaayyy too much time watching Star Trek. But I'm not really talking about astronauts. I'm talking about people who will live and work in space. People who will be known as engineers, miners, etc, not astronauts. I think there are resources in our solar system that we could untilize. We just need to put our minds to it, and find those adventurous souls who are willing to go. You could pick me, I'm willing, but I don't think I'd be of much use. Will there be setbacks and disasters? Oh, my, yes. When is there not? Still, we CAN do it, and it is there to be done. Adventuring into space, "The final frontier."

adventuring pt 1

I like role playing games. Online and off line. While we were driving home from gaming this evening (this morning), I got to thinking about what kind of person - and what kind of situation - would make someone an adventurer. The thing is, its late, and my brain is done for the day... So here is the preview of tomorrow's post. Give it some thought, and then let me know if my ideas are anything like yours.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I got observed not long ago, by one of our principals, for my yearly evaluation. I got to read his comments and notes, and they pretty much said that he thinks I know what I'm doing. Not a surprise, but, well, good. And what he saw was really what was going on that day. It was a timely lesson. I had been gone the day before, and the students copied all the work from each other that I left for the sub. I need to make a point with them, so I did. Copying is not acceptable, I'm not giving you a grade for it. Now, lets make sure you know what I expect on this work, and that you understand how to do it. Then lets take what is on the page, since I helped you so much with it, and take it a step further, and you get to practice some writing now.

I good lesson for my students, but not the dog & pony show some people present. Then again, he just stepped in unannounced, having had to miss the appointments he had previously made. I didn't care, really. I would rather my supervisor see what really goes on in my class, so that if there is a problem, they can give me some idea what it is and how to deal with it. I care about doing a good job, and I have a decent work ethic. I've also learned a lot about education, and I use what I've learned with my students. Still, I am what I am. I don't want to pretend to be something else, better or worse.

I hate job hunting. I don't sell myself well. I would rather give them the true me, with responses that are me, not just the "what they want to hear" answers. That, plus I'm not cute and perky. No one hires me because they think they might get a date. If I get hired, though, I do my best, and I don't think people are sorry to have me as an employee. Reflected in the evaluation that I just got, I guess.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

crafting club

We started one at school. Another teacher and I. I've been thinking of it for a while now, but just didn't have the push to actually do it. This year, thought I've connected to several teachers who are also crafters, and that has been excellent. One of them stepped off the ledge and pulled me along into the abyss. She got the club approved by the principal, and we had our first meeting tonight.

It's a great club, too, open to students, teachers, staff and parents to come learn a craft like knitting or crochet, or share a craft they know. I happened into someone who was ready to part with some of their stash of yarn, and she shared it with me. I took some great yarn to share with the club, and a little of it (along with crochet hooks) went home with some people tonight, to practice with and on. It was great fun!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more the fool

My shoes are untied. Never mind that I'm not wearing any. Not even socks. Oh, and my hair came down, too. And numerous other little observations, all followed by "April Fools!" I really had to smile at Raine's not too bad efforts. She seems to have gotten the hang of April Fool's Day basics today at school.

Its more than I can say about her knock knock jokes, which seem to end with something up a tree. I'm not sure exactly why. She is finally getting the hang of "orange you glad I didn't say banana." Still often as not, it comes out "orange you glad I didn't say orange. Was that funny?" And of course, the answer is yes, even though it may not be for the reason she thinks.

The funniest things to her are still - and this may be a lifetime affliction... um, affection for her - farts. Announcing the eminent arrival of, and recapping the event for those who might have managed to miss the scene. And the fart noises. Oh. My. Goodness.

Nothing new, I know. I bet 9 out of 10 kids go through these humor finding steps. Mine just happens to be doing it NOW. LOL just doesn't seem to cover it.