Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

Yes, it was. Raine got to wear her bionicle costume. It wasn't as cold as it had been for a good part of the week, but once the sun went down, it probably felt pretty good. We visited a Halloween "party" sponsored by some local radio stations, and Raine and Ezekiel got to show off their bionicle costumes, and score a little candy. Later, Ezekiel came by our house (with his folks) and they joined Ron and Raine on a trip around the neighborhood. Raine really enjoyed handing out candy at our house, as well.

I really enjoy Halloween in our neighborhood. There are quite a few young kids, and they are really cute when they come trick or treating. Not every house gives out candy, but quite a few do. Enough to give the kids plenty of candy. Thats for sure. Most of the kids we saw were elementary aged, and we gave out almost all the candy we bought. With the young crowd like that, the trick or treating is pretty much done by 8, and that's pretty much to my liking as well.

Oh, yeah, and don't forget to set your clocks back if you are in an area that changes to and from Daylight Savings Time.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I must be getting old

Yesterday, as I was walking home from taking Raine to school, in the first really cold weather we've had this year, huddling in my jacket, and glad that I had gloves on, one of my neighbors walked out to get something from his truck wearing a pair of shorts. No shirt, no shoes - not even socks, just shorts. He is pleasantly built, being all buff for his fireman job, but that was not what went through my mind at that moment. What I did think was, man, that just makes me cold to see.

I almost said something of the sort to him, as I walked by, but then - being shy, and not on a speaking basis with the man - I refrained. Then, I thought, he might be kind of hurt... some old fat lady walks by him with his pretty biceps and all, and all she can say is something like, seeing you out here like that just makes me cold. I'm sure that isn't why he works out. I'm sure he would much rather think about making the ladies hot, not cold (even if they aren't desirable ladies).

So, then, I was both glad I had not said anything to him, not wanting him to be hurt by it, and not knowing him at all to know how he would take the remark, and I was amused at myself thinking about his reaction if I had said it. Of course then I just thought, you know, cold here is barely winter in a lot of places (it almost got down to freezing... the trees still have their leaves) and it wasn't like he was out to stay in that chilly morning.

Still, I think its a sign, when an attractively built young man shows off his physique to no positive effect. Sigh.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

horror not horror

Yesterday I worked on Ron's coat, getting the lining and the shell put together almost all the way around. Now, after the last of the bits are sewn together, it needs ironing, topstitching, button holes, buttons and a little hand stitching attaching the coat lining to the sleeves. So, some time, but do-able. Just not tonight. While I was working on the coat, I got to enjoy Ghost Hunters. You know, I really do enjoy the show, and one of the best things is the attitude they really try to foster about exploration and experience, not just fear. Sure, things startle them, and one of the investigators has a lot of phobias (just not ghosts) that he deals with in the dark places, and every now and then the investigators do the "can you make a noise?" "What was that noise?" thing, in a way that makes me roll my eyes. Overall, though, I find it much more entertaining and interesting than the shows where they go some "haunted" place to get scared so they can scream and run.

So, I guess that brings us to today, doesn't it. Today, Raine went with her friend Ezekiel to his school fall festival, which (according to his mom) was a bust. Oh well, she gets to have a sleep over at his house, and eat pizza and popcorn and watch movies. She'll love it. No, I'm not a horrible mom, letting my kid go on a sleep over on a school night. Neither of the kids has school tomorrow, as it is their parent/teacher conference day. Yes, I - on the other hand - DO have school tomorrow. Sigh. One of the reasons I would like to work in the same district that she attends school in. Anyone listening???

We did our usual Carrillo's thing, where the salsa was really, really tasty. Yep, better than usual. There were yummy chicken tacos to be had (and drenched with the tasty salsa), and satisfaction all around. Then, when we got home, we broke out the movie that Carl and I had picked up at Sam's a couple of weeks ago. Yep. Drag Me to Hell. Sam Raimie. Carl saw it in the theater, and I think Dev did too, but I did not get to. What they've said about it is true, it's VERY Sam Raimie. And very entertaining, if you go for his stuff, which - face it - most of the people I hang out with do. Me too. I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it, but I will comment that it makes you not only want to clench your teeth on your lips to keep them shut, but hold your hands in front of your mouth while you are doing so...

Yep, we clenched, we bleahed, and we laughed. I gotta recommend this one as a keeper.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what to write?

Well, I got the sleeves into Ron's coat. I got the lining sewn together. Tomorrow, I'll work on getting the lining attached to the shell, and then its a matter of buttonholes and sewing on buttons. I think I'll be able to do some each evening, and get it done for Halloween. Of course, Ron, may spend a good bit of Saturday sewing on some buttons. I hope he's going to have the time and inspiration for pumpkin carving.

Ron starts his new job on Monday, and does his out-processing on Friday. He's pretty happy about the change, and I'm glad that he got the job he wanted. It will mean different hours, but I know we will adjust. He will actually be working fewer days, with 12 hour shifts instead of the 8 hours he does now. He's looking forward to putting in fewer days. Can't say that I blame him.

Other than that, I just keep thinking its Wednesday today. Are we there yet?

Monday, October 26, 2009

a geek moment

This evening's Castle had some good moments, and the one I geeked out on - and will now relate because I just can't stop enjoying it, topped them. Hey it doesn't even spoil the plot!

So, it's the Halloween episode, and Castle is getting ready for the fun. In the opening scenes, he is trying on a costume... an oh-so-familiar set of clothes. He walks out to model it for his daughter, and she asks what kind of costume is that? Space cowboy, he answers. No such thing, she remarks. Besides, didn't you dress like that about 5 years ago? she asks... HA HA HA HA HA (oh, that would be me, laughing my ass off)

Yes, he was wearing his Mal-wear. Still looked shiney in it, too.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

getting ready for halloween

One costume down, and one to go...

It was a bunch of applique. I pretty much used two spools of thread to get it all done. Still, I think it came out pretty well, conveying the idea of Bionicle, without copying exact pieces or anything.

Opening side seams on the top, and crotch seam on the bottoms really worked well to facilitate the applique, and using the serger to restitch them worked like a charm.

Oh, and I think Raine approved, as well. She tried it on, and posed for pictures... and then didn't want to take it off. Not too long until her bath time, so she got to wear it for a bit.

Now, Ron's coat still awaits. Oh, and so do the dishes... oh well.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

kids and boxes

There is just something magical about a big, empty box, isn't there. When Raine and I got to Roxanne's this morning, they had one, pushed up against the wall, where kids and cats could play. Raine was immediately drawn to the box. After finding one of Roxanne's cats, Raine crawled inside the box, and then the cat tried to play with her, reaching a paw into the box from the top or the side. Raine soon came out, and then the cat went in, and soon, string was added to the mix.

Raine tired out two cats with box and string. She then moved the box under the table and made a little cave out of it, which she played in and around for a while. Then, it got quiet. hmmmm. I walked around the table, lifted the blanket, and found Raine, curled up, asleep in the box. Now, Raine is not normally a napper, but she slept for about half an hour in that peaceful cave of a box, cute as anything.

Roxanne and I, meanwhile, got some good sewing done for my niece, who's birthday was this month. We started early, trying to get it done in time, but with one thing and another, we will have to send it out late. Roxanne was getting over being sick, but really, really wanted to sew today. So we ended up with 2 skirts, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, 2 tops, and a jacket for Shelbi. If you can't tell what the pattern is, there are several different pegasus on it. I still have a little handwork to do, and then, into the mail.

Next weekend, we'll finish Roxanne's dress, and do some cutting out of the next projects.

Friday, October 23, 2009

another review

Its a good idea to reflect on events, and assess how you've done, what you've learned, and where you will go, next.

The past week was a challenge in several ways. First (and second... well, and maybe even third) there was work. Teaching is a challenge. There is planning, and presentation, and motivation and assessment, all mingled together in something more like a chunky stew than a batter. You pull out these pieces with your spoon, and work on whatever happens to land in your mouth... hmmm... so to speak. Well, on top of the normal stressors, this week has been a week of "flying solo." Not really more of a big deal for me, exactly... although, it is a problem when I see students needing help, and I can't get there... You see, this year, I'm teaching a couple of inclusion classes with a special ed teacher. When she and I are there together, it works pretty well, but this week she wasn't. And, because there is a teacher in the room, it wasn't a priority to assign one of our limited number of subs to take her place. Its not a big deal for one day, but for a whole week? not so good. But I've thought about some thoughtful ways to encourage other teachers to support our efforts, in some small way. And I've advocated for our special ed teachers, who have a great number of expectations piled on them.

Did you hear about Hawaii's school district reducing their contract year by 17 days? Budget problems, and they were going to lower their teacher's salaries, so they decided to reduce the number of days in their contracts. Gadsden almost did that last year. Five days instead of 17, but it could happen. Our state government is reducing the amount of money they are spending on education. Because New Mexico ranks so high in the eductaion numbers, don't ya know... (like hawaii does.) The hypocrasy involved with these decision astounds me. OK, I've lived long enough that it doesn't astound me, but I do see how much the educational system is really valued by the support that it receives. (not so much, it would seem)

Then there are health issues, and reality checks. And those cookies that Ron had to bake this evening. I managed to bag them without eating one, thank you. But I had one earlier, when they were warm. I got the strips, I did. And insurance even sprang for them, yay. Now, I have to make myself USE them, so I can own what I eat, and deal with it in a way that will benefit me. I have to say that one of the things that keeps me closer to the right mind-set is being able to exchange ideas, thoughts, encouragement, recipes, and all the rest with friends like Fran and Lillian. That kind of positive talk branches into so many areas of positive action. Thank you so much.

Sigh. SO, still, and all, it has been a good week. I'm looking forward to sewing with Roxanne tomorrow. She's feeling much better, and has not been contagious for a few days now. I talked to her this afternoon, and she sounded so much better, too. She said she might poop out early, but she really, really wanted to sew. I know it will go along way to recharge my batteries for next week.

Change what you can, deal with what you can't change, and try to find the wisdom to know the difference. Yeah, I know, I'm not original...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

hold on

It did my Tauran self good to answer the phone this evening. It was my Canadian friend, Anne Marie. You know the one that I met while we were both living in Tucson. Yeah, that's the one. You know how those of us of the sign of the bull stubbornly refuse to let go of much of anything, or anyone, so to get a call from out of the blue was fabulous! We laughed and chatted for a long time, and exchanged e-mail addresses (and e-mails). It feels great to be back in touch! Really!

Oh yeah, so why did she call? She and her husband are heading for Arizona next month and she was hoping we would be able to get together sometime during their stay. Oh, man, getting together with Anne Marie? Definitely on my to-do list. On my calendar may be a different story, though. I will look and try to find a feasible date because it has been Wayyyy too long.

Friends. Hold on to 'em. They are precious.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pride and ...

I did something dumb this evening... Not dumb enough to get anyone hurt, and darn it! I just don't respond well to intimidation - or other people's feelings of entitlement. Went to get my prescription filled at the grocery store pharmacy, and was hoping - of course - for a close parking slot. I was driving along the rows, deciding which one to turn into, and Ohhhh one on the end and the car is pulling out so I'll pull in and kind of through, and then back it in, straight. Only, there was (and I didn't see her at the time) someone else waiting for the spot. Well, we all know that you don't always get the spot you want, and my car did technically hit the slot first, so... I expected her to yield, and she expected me to. I was nicer about it, but I didn't leave. So, we sat there... (I TOLD you it was stupid). Cars around us left... pretty soon, a nice young man from the store came out and attempted mediation. Since the woman in the next space was leaving, I told the fellow, I would take that next spot, (because it really IS a stupid thing for them to have to call the cops over). If there had not been a secondary spot, I would have suggested he stand in the slot, and make us both leave and let someone entirely different have it.

Then I went into the store, to turn in the new prescription, and OF COURSE that woman was there, waiting to pick up her prescription. I didn't go look at here, so how do I know it was her? Because she was talking very LOUDLY and INDIGNANTLY about the whole thing (presumably into a phone...). I was amused, actually, by that. She did not confront me, nor did I confront her. In fact, I turned in the prescription, said I would pick it up tomorrow, and I left. Then, me and my car were gone when she left. I am not about the drama, but more about the point. I made a point, right? It wasn't her spot just because she wanted it... Well, OK, I told you in the first place it was STUPID!

Oh, and the A1C test results were better than I had thought they would be, so no change in diabetic medication, but adding an ACE inhibitor for the blood pressure. Doesn't mean I'm moving back into that condo, though. I am back on a straighter, although questionably narrower, path. Just don't take my parking slot!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Yes, even though I really try to be realistic and straightforward with myself, I have taken up a residence on the riverfront. A nice condo, evidently, but I'm only renting... In fact, I'm moving out as we "speak."

I went to the Dr this past week, to get refills on my high blood pressure, and insulin medications. Well, when the nurse took my blood pressure, it was high. What? I've had it tested a few places this week, keeping a log... high every time. Not the same numbers every time, but... I HAVE been taking my medication, darn it! regularly! OK, so sometimes these things change. I haven't been walking as much as I need to, etc. (Ahhh, the river looks so peaceful from here.) And my job is more stressful this year than it was last year.

Part 2 (there usually is one, isn't there). I also went to get my blood drawn for the A1C for the diabetes. Well, here I know I haven't lost weight since the last time I had it drawn. It was down that time from the time before. That was when I started scoping on riverfront property I'm sure. Oh, I know there are changes I've made permanently. No regular sodas. I check carbs on almost all packaging... then many times I set the product back on the shelf unpurchased. But there are those chips with dip at Carrillos. MMM yeah. bad me. And of course those aren't my only transgression... although I must admit that I'm learning to feel when my blood sugar is too high, and not like it (negative reinforcement is a good thing for me). On the other hand, doing something to get that experience... not so good.

Then, last summer, I got a blood sugar monitor. I don't remember exactly why, but, I did. An inexpensive one, since insurance wasn't paying, and it only came with 10 testing strips, and those suckers add up! Anyway, I tested then, and the number was good, so that was that (yeah, 1 test on 1 day). I'll take that condo on the end, it has beautiful view of de nile. Anyway I pulled it out again this week, after the Dr's visit, mainly because I mentioned I had it, and the nurse suggested a log, along with the BP one. Well, even with the instructions, I managed to waste about half of the strips I had (that original 10) on taking the samples incorrectly. DOH! but then Ron helped me and pointed out the correct way to do it. The two samples I've taken since, were both high! argh! I'm pretty unhappy with that, and I know it's my own doing. So, I'm also pretty unhappy with myself on that behalf.

Tomorrow I go back to the Dr. for test results, hopefully, and a discussion of the necessity for a prescription for testing supplies. I have actually brought them up to him before this, but I'll be more insistent this time. I called into the office today, and told them what kind of monitor I have. Gotta keep myself in working order! Either that or live and die in denial...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last day of fall break, and back to school tomorrow. It was nicely calm and fairly relaxing, even with the normal Sunday chores. Ron and I got to play a few hours of WoW together (couples' bonding in our family). Raine got to go with Ezekiel to our local corn maze. They had been about 3 weeks without each other, and had missed each other sorely.

After computer games, and a teensie bit of shopping, I got to work on Raine's Halloween costume some more. Did I mention she wants to be a bionicle? Well, I got the top done during the week, and took some time to get started on the pants today. I'm probably about halfway done on them. My idea of opening the seams so I can do the applique on the sweats is working like a charm. I'm pretty happy about that. Still the applique will be kind of the background for the foam bits that we need to really get started on. THOSE are what will make or break the costume for Raine, I think. Although, realistically, she'll probably be pretty happy wearing the sweats as a costume for a while... except that they will be kinda hot a lot of the time... Oh well, NM.

I also got some stuff printed to go on our new word wall in my classroom. I'm trying to get my students to really be able to talk about stories and analyze them. Language barriers don't make that easy. Neither do the apathy barriers. sigh

school, tomorrow, huh...

Saturday sewing

(Has it really been since Tuesday since I've blogged??? Oh, my, where does the time go? I mean, I know I'm on fall break, but...)

So, this week I had Saturday sewing at home. Roxanne was sick, and I hope she feels better soon. Really soon. She sounded terrible when she called me to tell me she was sick. So, Ron and I worked on a coat that we had cut out for him quite a while ago. It could have been while we were living in Denver, I'm not really sure. Maybe we had already moved back... A while ago. The coat is based on one from the last part of the 1700's, and we cut it out of black denim.

Today we took it out of the bag, and looked through the directions, and had at it. I sewed while Ron ironed. We both took turns pinning, etc. We got the sleeves done, and the pockets (man, that coat has BIG pockets!) done, and we're about ready to put the collar on and then attach the outer layer to the lining. It has flaps and stuff so that will take a bit, but the coat is looking good.

So, here's the thing about Saturday sewing that I want to pass along to you: the regular use of my sewing skills has really made a difference to me. I feel much more confident of the skills. I feel like I'm a better seamstress, and better able to take on a wider variety of projects, and some more difficult ones, as well. I look forward to doing just that, in fact. I don't know exactly what they will be yet, but I'm sure the challenge will come along on its own. This coat really isn't as difficult as I thought it might be.

Of course, I know that practicing a skill improves it, but I didn't realize how ready I was for "the next level." Nor did I know how much fun it would be to get here, and how much I would appreciate being here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

to work or not to work

Well, I don't mean in general, I'm specifically talking about tomorrow. And maybe Thursday as well. I thought this week I would be able to get some work done in my peaceful classroom this week when everyone at GHS is off, but Cruces schools are not having fall break, so Raine would still be at school. The only thing is, she started running a fever Sunday, and then after most of the day went well on Monday, it popped up again Monday evening. Well today she was fine, and tomorrow - finally - she's heading back to school.

Maybe I can get out to MY school, too. Desks need to be rearranged for the new seating charts. Cleaned too, for that matter. I've got plans to make and copies to run and papers to grade. Yeah. Doesn't that sound like fun? But it should be quiet, and have fewer distractions than I will get at home, so, I'm heading out there. Tomorrow. You betcha.

...I'm going to call first, though, to make sure there is someone there and the gates and buildings are open...

Monday, October 12, 2009

still processing

Although we didn't get a lot of gaming done at the gaming convention, we did go to some seminars on writing and creating games (not necessarily all in one seminar). Good insight from people who have been/are there doing the job. Good enough insight that it is taking me to process some of it on the way to being inspired. Inspired to what? Write. Maybe even create a game... Who knows.

We also got fabric. Who's surprised? Anyone? Bueller? No? All right, I'll admit that didn't come from the con. I just felt a break from the usual fabric store was in order. One of the pieces was a cool fleecy piece that has swirly grey and black ghosts in the background and big orange skulls tossed liberally around. Needless to say, Raine loved it. I edged it on the surger this evening, and voila, a blanket. Since we got 2 yards of it, it will cover her up for a while, too.

I also got some fabric for Dev. This is not an easy task, to be taken lightly. She wasn't there to be able to check her opinion on it either. The thing is, it's fabulous garb fabric. I know there are those who are likely to be nodding their heads as they read this, knowing just what I mean. It's not even hideous, fabulous garb fabric. It's black, and purple, and definately not period. But she can use it with either side facing out, and it has textural paisleys in it that will show either way. The added bonus is this: if Dev hates it (although I don't think she will) I'll keep it and make something out of it. Win/win. One creativity inspiring another. I love it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

rincon 2009

Well, we made it to Tucson, and to the gaming convention. I had fun playing 18XX - a train game from the company that made 1830, 1850, etc. It is supposed to be a "lighter" version. A quicker version. It must be, because we played a complete game in less than 4 hours. I won on a technicality. The guy who "ran" the game for the con actually had the highest score - by about $30 - but since he couldn't officially win, that would be me. It was a good game and I felt like the strategy that I've developed basically paid off, and not just because of the people I usually play with play the way they do... if that makes sense.

Of course, we went to this con for two reasons... one is that Wil Wheaton blogged that he was going to go, which allerted me to it's existence. The second reason that we went is that I'll pretty much use any excuse to go to Tucson and visit my friends Steph & Pete, and their family. So, it was pretty much a good weekend even if only for that visit.

So, since I've enjoyed reading Wil's blog, and I wanted to hear him speak, we took advantage of our opportunity to do just that. Wil read from a couple of his pieces, and was VERY entertaining. I would recommend going to see him if you ever get the chance. He is also just a very nice guy. It is refreshing to meet them now and again. And, yes, he did game at the con. In fact, we had to wait a few minutes for the Munchkin game he was playing to be done before he came to speak. He was worth the wait. Look! I even got a somewhat blurry photo to "prove" that we were in the same place at the same time...

Fun was had.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

fashion and style

Really, I feel like I have very little fashion sense. Mostly I just don't care what is in style. I grew up in the 70's, and I wore those clothes. I've been scarred.

Still, I like to sew, and I know what I like. I appreciate some classic stylistic elements. I understand the basics of garment construction, and fitting (although I also realize there is more practice to be done in the fitting).

I've even been sewing quite a bit. Thinking of wardrobe building, and planning. Participating in it, too, to some extent. I mean I have actually finished a garment or two for myself, even though most of what I've made has been for others.

So, what am I leading to? Just this. I finally sat down and watched a couple of episodes of the runway show (OK the name escapes me at the moment) You know, the design show for fashion designers. I enjoyed the challenge element of the program, and realizing that I could make those designs - although many of them, I wouldn't... Does that mean I'm going to try out for that show? Nah, although if I did, I would want a plus sized model. So there. I really don't have the sensibility that those judges are looking for. I don't have their tastes. That's OK with me, I wouldn't touch some of the stuff they liked a lot. I probably respect the advice of the guy in the suit who checks on everyone's progress more than the judges. AND I like the way he phrases his comments. Helpful, but not leading.

So, anyway, I sat on the bench at jury duty orientation today, evaluating what people were wearing. Thinking about what worked, and what didn't, and thinking about some ideas I've been playing with. I think that is where at least some of Roxanne's and my sewing is going... Trying to create some style for us. I'm sure some of it will be disastrous, but I'm OK with that. It's a learning process. I'm getting ideas, I tell you, IDEAS!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

guest post

OK, anyone who knows me, or has hung out with me any time at all, knows I have a daughter, who I'm disgustingly fond of. I regale anyone around with her latest exploits and adventures. So yesterday and today, Raine wrote and illustrated a book. I'll help with the translation for those of you not used to reading 1st grade phonetic writing.

Her book is called The Funny Fly, which you can see on the cover.

On the first page, the fly is sleeping in a flower where a caterpillar is munching on a leaf.

Then, the fly flies around and sees a yucca on a cliff. This isn't really a cliff, but a step, but the fly is small.

Aaaaa fly said the other bugs. (I think the fly is going crazy here)

Oh no! every bug shouted. Fly is a funny fly. Every bug shouted again. (that is the fly sitting on the step, looking crazy)

Finally, the fly pushes his tooth out with his tongue, POP! Fly is a funny fly, the other bugs shout.

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, I found out today that there is a gaming convention happening in Tucson this weekend. Really??? yep. I mentioned it to Ron and Carl, hoping they might feel like going, and hanging out at a gaming convention in Tucson, visiting Pete & Steph in the off hours, and maybe even go for sushi while we're there.

Ron jumped at it. Steph jumped at it - even though she and her family will be leaving for CA and Disneyland on Sunday. Wish I could afford to follow them there, but that will have to be another time.

Carl? carl? what do you think?

I even jumped up and down and pointed... ok, e-mailed Phil & Cheryl, hoping they would want to go as well. I'm psyched.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

another sunday

With the same old chores. Some of mine I just didn't get done today. Sigh. Why is it that procrastination just doesn't feel as good as it used to. Still, it was for a good cause. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ron's birthday stealthed by this weekend. He doesn't like a big to-do. He doesn't even like a little to-do. Heck he wouldn't even give me ideas for presents, although I finally took him to the book store, and that worked all right.

Raine and I made Jody (her beloved stuffed dog) a t-shirt today. No, I didn't take pictures, so there. It was just a thrown together thing, which - if I recall my time as a kid putting together doll clothes out of scraps of material - can become some favorite things...I might even show her how to do the wrap-around the was one of our go-to fashions. I think I'm going to have to make a Raine's tub of scraps...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

another rainy day

Beautifully rainy. Cool, and refreshing. A cold front has come in, and brought clouds and rain. Of course, its the weekend of the fair, so, you know, it could be wet and well attended. Oh, well...

Me? I got the fabric for the bionicle costume, and got it through the washer and drier. While it was working, I serged around some flannel I have for some baby blankets, and then pulled out some spongebob pajamas that I had cut out for Raine. I got them put together, and she's wearing them to sleep in tonight. I think she likes 'em. I made them a nice snuggle-y flannel, but then didn't make them totally winter pj's because a lot of the time, those are just too warm around here. So, they are sort of in-between season pj's. We get a lot of in-between weather before our two weeks of winter (and the days aren't always consecutive).

Anyway, the clouds starting breaking up about the time we left for dinner. After gaming, though, they are back, low and heavy. Reflecting the light from the city streetlights, so they are kind of pinkish. If this were late December or January, I would say we might be in for some snow. As it is, probably some more rain and cool weather. Yum.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I spent about 2 hours in Walmart today. I swear you walk into that store, and it is worse than the casinos in Vegas for sucking the time away. I needed to go, though. There were Things to Get at Walmart. You know the list. Sometimes you have it too, don't you.

First, it's that time of year again. Yep, time to plan a Halloween costume. Last year, Raine was a space alien. (see attached picture) This year, she wants to be a bionicle. Last year, I could and did sew up a costume for her, no problem (well, not unless you count the glitter that still haunts the craft room). This year we're going to start with sweats. Black ones. Then I'm going to applique pieces for the bionicle onto the sweats. Oh, but that is not all... The bionicle will need a helmet, and some shoulders, and some "feet" and please don't forget the weapon. Raine has some boffer stuff we can enhance for that. So, anyway, if we can put it together, I'm thinking awesome.

But, back to Walmart... see, it does suck you in, doesn't it... sigh. Went there, got the stuff. When I emerged it was more than 2 hours later than I went in.

So, I got home, and we went to Carrillos for dinner. Yummy chicken tacos. Back at home, Raine got out her homework, and I got out mine. The costume? HA! Grades are due tomorrow. I just now got them all in the gradebook and entered into the computer. Yeah. SO, here I am typing instead of toddling off to the shower and into bed. What am I, crazy???