Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I found the show Medium on Netflix this fall. Patricia Arquette in the leading role. I used to watch this series, back in the days before Raine paid attention to what was on the TV. I love crime dramas, she doesn't so much. Probably appropriate. Now, I can watch when she's busy somewhere else. Soon she'll be watching along with me. Or, not. Doesn't matter.

It had been so long since I had seen it that I didn't really remember where I had left off. So, I started at the beginning. I'm about halfway through season two, now, and enjoying it again. I like that they worked hard to get the family part "right." Or at least as right as it can be on television. The plots are interesting, and varied and I think it was well cast. Without too many spoilers, the main character is a medium, who works with the Phoenix Distric Attourney's Office, putting the bad people away. It is based on a true person, and if you read the credits, she acts/acted as an advisor on the series.

Honestly, I would much rather watch someone else be the medium than experience being one myself.

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