Monday, June 15, 2009

and back to...

Our regularly scheduled summer break. Wow it feels really good that I met the goal of going camping. I had just about reconciled myself to not getting to go, and then the opportunity came, and was enjoyed by all. Pretty good positive reinforcement, I must admit.

I new little eatery opened not far from us very recently. Its a little sandwich and sushi shop. Sushi?!? Of course we just had to try it. The first time we stopped in, the shop wasn't quite open yet, but today as we drove by, we noticed the sign said OPEN. So, we went for dinner. The sushi was good, and we enjoyed it. There wasn't a huge variety, though. The owner/operator was not as comfortable behind the counter as he probably was in the kitchen, so the service was a little slow and haphazard. I hope that will change as the business goes, and he gets more practice. There are 5 tables in the place, and it seems more of a take out than an eat in place, even though we ate in. We used chop sticks, and laughed a little at ourselves, as we usually do. The pace was a little slow, but sushi can be that way. Still, the pauses were not bad, and he brought each roll as it was done, so we ate slowly, and it was good. We will probably go back again. Unless there is a line.

So, tomorrow will be packing away some camping gear. Hopefully some sewing as well. I keep looking at cloths thinking I'll add to my wardrobe for the beginning of the school year, yet I keep finding nothing I really want to wear. Sewing will have to be the adds for this year, I guess. Which isn't a bad thing, really. I have fabric for garments I want to have, I have patterns for them as well... Just need to do the work. I actually did cut out a couple of things last week, so I've got a little start on it.

So, this and that and the other. If I could stick to one of those things for a couple of hours, I bet I'd have something good to show for my efforts!

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Fran said...

You want good sushi, sweetie, have I got a place for you!

Of course, it's up here. . .

We went to a new Korean barbecue place on Saturday (despite the fact that Lillian couldn't eat there, but Ryan and I found a few things she could manage), and they were newly open as well.

A place the size of a typical Village Inn, with three, maybe four waitresses and one bus boy. And they were packed to the walls.

Service was haphazard and erratic, but the food was good, if pricey. Still, we'll go back, at least once more.

Welcome back to summer vacation!