Monday, June 29, 2009

what I've been missing

When I was growing up, summers were spent in the pool. I don't mean at the pool, I mean IN the pool. My mom made sure we had swimming lessons early, and my brothers and I were strong swimmers, and we really enjoyed it. My folks paid their Elks club dues every year because their pool was in walking distance of our house. Mom sent us up ther almost every afternoon.

As an adult, I don't swim nearly as much as I did then. Don't want to be seen in a bathing suit at a public pool at all. But I still like the water. I've had Raine in swimming lesson of some sort since she was 3, except this year the city rec budget was cut way back, and they didn't offer as much as last year. She's missed out too.

Our next door neighbors gave Raine a wading pool that they'd had for their grandchildren who have outgrown it. So she's had several days in that, and it's a nice one. Tonight, though, we really went swimming for the first time this season. We have some friends who have a pool in their back yard, and we got invited over. They would probably welcome us more often than we impose ourselves, but we don't want to over-do our welcome. It was a perfect evening for it, though, and very refreshing, and relaxing. Visiting with them was good too. Raine and her friend got to splash and play and get tired out. How can that not be a pretty great evening?

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Fran said...

That sounds wonderful! I love swimming too, and I miss it. I used to swim at the pool at the fitness center there in Cruces, and if there was a fitness center here with a pool, I'd swim too.

Summer and swimming, they do just go together, don't they?

I'm glad Raine has a wading pool, but I'm also glad she got to go splashing in a big pool. Man, I never slept better than after swimming and I bet she sleeps fabulously tonight!