Saturday, June 20, 2009


I know I've been talking about the books that I've been reading, but I haven't mentioned how cool it is to be voraciously reading again. I'm reading another Charlaine Harris at the moment, zooming through them at 2 maybe 3 days each.

Its been 6 and a half years since I was able to read like this. (by pure co-incidence, Raine is 6 and a half years old right now...) Of course, she doesn't always leave me alone to read, and I try not to just be rude or mean to her about it. She needs attention too. Still, it has felt so good to just read, and get lost in the books, the characters, the plots.

I know I've been missing reading, I just didn't realize how much. Woo Hoo! and shelves and shelves of books to pick through!

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Fran said...

What an interesting coincidence! Six and a half years old and six and a half years of non-reading time. What are the odds?

Actually, I found a book that I'm going to send to you (along with the Schwartzbein book) because it's one I think you and Raine might enjoy. You'll have to read it to her, but I hope you'll both have fun with it.

And once you finish up with Sookie, I might have one or two other suggestions for you. . .