Friday, June 26, 2009

you too zoo

We are headed for Alamogordo tomorrow, to take Raine to the zoo there. Its a smallish zoo, but nice, not too overwhelming. I know, I know, its going to be hot. It is. Still, i'm going.

It wasn't my idea, it was Cindy's, and she has some other errands on the agenda. My only other activity is to visit with my cousins Bob & Louise, who live there. I used to see them a lot more often, when we were all younger, and they were a little more willing to travel. Still, they are dear to my heart, and I miss them. I'm hoping we can be home sometime early to mid afternoon.

Of course I'll try to take pictures, like a good mama should. I'll go put the camera in my purse right quick. And, really, that's about it for me today.

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