Wednesday, July 1, 2009

prepare to travel

I finished the pants, putting in the waistband, elastic and hems. Tried them on and they felt like they fit pretty well. Don't have a full length mirror in the house, but Ron said they looked nice. Pretty happy with that pattern, and will probably make another pair from it. Might add pockets next time, although leaving them off makes for pretty easy sewing.

So tomorrow is departure day. We are taking a little trip to Texas to visit some long-neglected relatives. I'm looking forward to the trip, because I like traveling, and its a long drive but not a particularly difficult one. There is scenery. There are places to stop and "rest."

Keeping up with family is tough. I mean, how do people do it when they live so far apart? Time is precious, and it gets spread thin sometimes. Keeping the balance can be tough, too. I mean, you want to keep in touch. You want to visit, but you don't want to be a burden, or in the way. We have gotten out of the habit of visiting them, with this death or that move... and now we seem to be drifting away from a lot of our family. And I'm sure we are not unique in that.

So, anyway, packing and travel tomorrow, and a lovely family Fourth of July in the works. Don't know what we'll do for it, and don't much care. Visiting will be the point for me. May or may not be able to post, so, don't be anxious for me. Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family, friends, neighbors, etc.

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Fran said...

Feel free to travel up our way!

Until then, though, have a great trip and a fabulous Fourth of July!