Friday, July 31, 2009

more of the same

I worked in my classroom today. It was HOT! in there. I got a couple of fans moving some air around but the sweat! Oh my goodness. I got more desks in the room. It seems more crowded, but there should be enough seats for everyone. The newly aquired desks really need to be cleaned, but at least there should be enough seats for everyone. I think I got most of the copies made that I needed. I wondered why people weren't in there making copies all day long, but the rizo machine wasn't even there until late in the afternoon, and I got there first.

So the preparations are at least at a satisfactory level. I haven't had the "I can't seem to find my classroom (or a functional restroom)" dream, but I have had other stress related dreams. That and the waking up every 10-15 or even 5 minutes to see if it's time for alarm to ring. And the students haven't even started yet.

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