Wednesday, July 22, 2009

more about yarn

Or maybe patterns. The yarn shop that I got to visit was awesome, as I mentioned yesterday. I got a very cook pattern book called Crobots. yay! Expect to see some pictures of some soon. As soon as I get the dragon finished that I've been working on. Yep, one for Ron. Raine is sure that her daddy doesn't need it nearly as bad as she does, but no. It's for him. He's pretty cool looking. An experiment in variagated thread that went RIGHT.

Have I mentioned my thing about variagated thread? Well, on the skein, they look cool (at least the ones with good colors do... ) So I'm always tempted by them. But they can go so wrong so easily. I don't like it when the colors group up and make splotches. Its called pooling in the craft trade (aren't you glad you know that now?). This one did not pool badly. Since I was working in the round, I got some stripeys that were cool. It also has some tweedy-ness and it just came out looking mostly like what it is supposed to: camoflage.

Anyway, expect to see pictures of him soon. Unlike most of the dragons I've made this one hasn't named himself yet... or maybe he has, but he's hidden it (ha ha). Then some crobots... but I don't know which one first. Should it be the dogbot? or maybe the Geishabot? Of course the zombiebot will have to make an appearance here soon, too...

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Fran said...

Camo dragon? Definitely need pictures!

And I had no idea what that was called. "Pooling", huh? Cool.