Friday, July 24, 2009

quality time

This summer, I've been spending some quality time with my cousin, Roxanne. it's been great. We sewed her some clothes, and chatted and visited and played with my daughter and her grandson. Some really quality time. We've both enjoyed it.

Today she finished sewing up a top while I cut out a skirt. One with godets. She had some perfect yellow fabric for it, with a nubby stripe, texture not color stripes. It was one of those times when you might start out a little doubtful about the fabric, but the more you work with it, the more you like it. I think this skirt is going to turn out to be fabulous. It may be some work, I'll admit, but fabulous.

Her mom came over and sat and talked with us, too. We talked about this and that; sewing, family members, cooking. You know, that every day kind of stuff. We supported each other. We bonded. Some more. We took the baby outside and let him run around the yard. He sat on the porch swing with us and we sang nursery rhymes. He picked up pears that had fallen out of the tree. He even ate a little bit of pear that his great-grandpa cut for him. The breeze was nice, and the afternoon was cooling off. It was one of those moments to savor and extend as long as possible.

Now that my folks are gone, I sometimes feel my family is falling apart. Growing apart. Then, there will be a day like this one, when I know that its not. It's changing, of course. That is the nature of things. They change. But the change is OK. Things evolve. They may not be the way you pictured them once upon a time, but that doesn't mean that they are bad, or wrong, or that you can't find your place. Your good place. Somewhere in a Friday, summer afternoon turning to evening, sitting on a porch swing with people you have known all your life.

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