Thursday, July 9, 2009

i fix it

So part of the deal with cleaning the bedroom is really getting to some stuff that has been sitting there a long time, waiting for me to get around to it. Gathered up mending. Not for clothes, something WAAYYyyyyy more important: toys. Fabric toys. Some that should, with the right care, last forever... or at least until I don't care any more.

There were some bunnies that I made, that needed a little mending where arms or ears had been tugged just a little too lovingly. I didn't want them to go beyond repair, so on my dresser they sat. Now they have their boo-boo's mended. Ready for play or dressing up to be decorative once more.

There were also some dragons that I didn't make. Raine's had developed quite a rupture in a seam and the innards (some chalky kind of rocks, probably meant for aquariums) were becoming outnards. Bad news. Now also repaired. It took you long enough, Mom.

Happy to finally face up to it and get the needle and thread and thimble out. Happy most of all that they are no longer sitting on the dresser saying "Fix me!" and missing out on getting their fair share of play time. Still, repair just isn't as satisfying as initial fabrication.

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Fran said...

Oh isn't that the best feeling? Finally getting a chore out of the way? Doesn't it make you just SMILE?