Saturday, July 25, 2009

morning person

I got up and got to the Farmer's Market this morning. Last year, Carl and I went almost every Saturday through the summer and fall and we really enjoyed the produce that we got. This summer it keeps passing us by. Today I was up, and I remembered, so I went and enjoyed. The tomatoes looked lovely. I found some little yellow ones, just right for popping into your mouth, and they were very tasty.

There was also a lot of gaming today. Ron and I played WoW, and then we went and played DnD4e. It has taken us a while to get the hang of these rules, and the way they've organized the powers and stuff, but we finally are getting used to it. Now if only our rolls would help us be awesome. But no. Not going to happen.

So, now I'm up late, after getting up early, so I'm pretty tired. I'm a morning person, and it definitely isn't morning now. Good night to you all...

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