Wednesday, July 29, 2009

nom, nom, nom, oops, eek, a dragon!

Dinner tonight was one of those that you eat making yummy noises with every bite. It was fabulous. Carl made an Indian dish with shrimp and mustard greens, with a coconut milk sauce that is out of this world. O.M.G. He took a picture of his plate, and I wanted to include it here, but it didn't come up on the memory card from the camera like it should have. It was lovely to look at and even better to partake of. Oops, you can't see it OR taste it, though, this time.

On the other hand, I got the major parts of the camoflage dragon assembled finally, and I took pictures of that and I could find those, so here they are. I did something different that I usually do with the assembly. I found some buttons and used them as ends to sew the arms and legs in place. This is the first dragon I've made with arms and legs that will move. He still doesn't have his back ridge on, but other than that, he's complete. He turned out rather well, too, I think.


Fran said...

He's got moveable arms and legs? How cool is that!

And if you do find a picture of the nummy dinner dish (perhaps another one will have to be made and photographed? I know, you're muttering, "Darn!" but all in the name of sharing, dontcha know!), I'd certainly love to see it!

Dina said...

His stripey-ness is much more apparent in the picture than it is in person, too... isn't that weird? I think I figured out his name finally, too. Commander. He probably had to go by Manny or something until he grew into it.

I'll see what Carl thinks about the repeat performance. He might be willing to be talked into a personal encore (say, fixing it while you are here...)And it doesn't have to be shrimp, if you are seafood leery. That sauce is man-oh-man good.