Thursday, July 23, 2009

torchwood review

Woah. Fabulous. Wait, do I need to explain a little more? Probably.

Torchwood is a spin-off from Dr. Who. The heart of Torchwood is the quite attractive Capt. Jack Harkness, who, through no fault of his own, can not stay dead. He just can't. He is joined by some techno geeks, personal assistants and ex-cops to help out Britain - if not the world - with the problems of those nasty aliens who either want to take over Earth, eat all humans, or both.

As a Dr. Who spin-off, and being British, you must expect those things - and I generally find them refreshing - that British television does and American television does not. Not everyone in the cast is beautiful. Nor do they have perfect teeth, nor a perfect figure. The show can be clever, and still show evidence of the British humor I've come to enjoy as well.

Not every episode of Torchwood is as good as this miniseries. I'll say that right of the bat. The miniseries begins season 3 of the series. Season two ended with a couple of the team members dead. This season begins with a reduced team, trying to recruit... Well, I don't really want to do much plot spoiling, but there is exciting drama, political intrigue, nasty yucky (both gross and definately not good or helpful) aliens who want 10% of Earth's children. They've been here before, and gotten what they wanted. Wait! Who was involved then? WHAT? Well, there is loss, and success. Drama built well through the episodes.

There are, by the way, five episodes. BBC America is showing them this week, two episodes per night. For instance tonight was 3 and 4, tomorrow night will be 4 and 5. We started with 1 and 2 and the power went off during the first part of episode 2. Yikes. That was enough to get Carl to download from Bit-Torrent. Now, we've watched them all, although I must admit that I need to see parts of the last episode. They will be available on DVD either this weekend or next. I would really like to buy them, although I think BBC tends to set their prices rather high. Still, this series is a watcher!

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