Monday, July 27, 2009

prepare for fall

Sewing, that is. How do I prepare? Shopping for supplies? Patterns? Fabric? Nope... preparing for this fall's sewing (OK, and possibly beyond) means putting scissors to fabric around the pattern. In other words, I've spent a good part of today pinning pattern pieces to fabric, unpinning, moving them around a bit, repinning, marking bits, and - finally - cutting.

Why is that called preparing? Well, of course, I need something cut out before I can sew it. That part is obvious. I hope. But it isn't my favorite part, which I think I've mentioned before. My solution is to get all the stuff together and then just cut out a stack. Then I can pick from the stack to sew. If I feel like wearing something new, voila. Carl's birthday is coming up? No problem! Starting a Saturday sewing circle? Got it covered. See? Prepared!

Some people are content with a stash of fabric. Me, I need a stash of cut garments, ready to sew. I used to try to group them according to color of thread used to sew, and then get a production line going. I've found, however, that getting one project at a time out, and being able to finish it in a sewing session or two seems more productive and intrinsically rewarding while the production line is more overwhelming, and often sits. And sits. And sits... I think you get the idea.

I've got several things I would like to wear soon, so I hope I can cut some more tomorrow, but having the table out blocks the room pretty well, so I need to finish the lot soon. Then, it will be back to shuffling the patterns to the fabric, and procrastinating cutting anything out for a while.

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