Saturday, July 18, 2009

some old dice

When all else fails, trade dice. Or trade back. Remember how I talked about loosing well last weekend? Well, it was gaming night again, and we were back in that same dungeon, and facing more foes. And my rolling this week? Ahhhh not so hot again. I started with the old faithful dice that I've had for a long time, thinking they would work out when all others failed me. Still, I couldn't hardly roll to save my own life (and I'm the HEALER, for goodness sake). Finally, though, the dice warmed up and I did a little better.

See, I know people who make a character, and find dice for that character, and those are the ones they use for that character ONLY. Me, I'm not that way. I know that once I touch a die in a game, especially a 6 sided die, its ruined. Well, not broken, technically, it just doesn't roll well any more. For anyone. My old faithful dice, though, they have personality. Or maybe I should say, they help me create character for my characters. The rolls are interesting, which make the character interesting...

Once they warmed up tonight, those dice reminded me why I liked using them for so long, and resisted getting other dice for so long. Good dice...

On another front, I'll be AFK (away from keyboard, for those not online gaming knowledgeable) for a couple of days while I go to Albuquerque for a conference for school. I'll post again when I return.

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Fran said...

I used to have three sets of dice, because one would be good, one would be okay and one would totally suck. And I never knew from night to night, which would be which. So until I got the feel for them, interesting things could happen.

I took a critical hit to a little finger with those dice. Gotta love 'em!