Sunday, July 26, 2009


When I was at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, I picked up a couple of cucumbers. This afternoon, I peeled one, and I sliced it. Oh, it smelled wonderful, fresh and light. I bit into a slice, and all I could think of was, hmmmm this needs salt and vinegar.

My parents kept a jar or bowl of easy refrigerator pickles in the fridge almost all summer. People who came to the house would know they were there, walk into the kitchen and find crackers, pull them out and help themselves. My dad never minded, unless you forgot to make one for him. We never called them pickles, they were always cucumbers and onions.

The recipe couldn't be easier. Peel and slice a cucumber or two. (figure out what you want to put them in, then you can see how much you need, a bowl that will hold one cucumber is OK). Slice a small to medium onion, depending on how much you like onions. Put the cucumbers and the onions in the bowl. Sprinkle salt over them. fill the rest of the bowl with half vinegar and half water. Make sure your cucumbers are covered with the liquid. Shake it gently to mix the liquids, and mix in the salt. Put this in your fridge for a few hours. Buy more cucumbers so you can put them in the vinegar mixture when you've eaten the ones you just made.

These are a great light snack on a cracker with cheese, or in a sandwich. The can also hold up to a little cheese if you want or need to leave the cracker or bread out. And they are yummy with cottage cheese or just on the side of your plate with dinner.

All this realization and memory flooded into my mind with a bite of plain, farmer's market cucumber this afternoon... And yes, of course I pulled out a bowl and made some. mmmmmmm

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