Tuesday, July 28, 2009

take a moment

I had a hectic day today. It was chaotic and full, and - fortunately - reasonably successful. What do I mean by that? Well, I picked up and cared for and dropped of children as needed. Carl & I shopped. I got teeth filled. We made it to dinner at Grandma's.

My dentist experience gave me a feel for how it might feel to have had a stroke. The whole right side of my face was numbed, up to my eye, and including my ear. Its better now, and did not present a problem at dinner, thank goodness. I'm not used to getting shots, my last dentist used gas, but it did the job and the fillings were done quickly and I got to come home.

After I got back from the dentist, I finished cutting out the couple of things that I didn't get to yesterday, and added them to my stash. When we got back from dinner, I ironed and picked patterns for 3 more pieces. I even cleared out the living room so others could use it. WHEW!

Tomorrow will be hectic again, with my niece visiting, and I'll be picking up the kids at Grandma's so they can go to the pool. She'll be staying at our house tomorrow night as well, so I had to make arrangements for rides to splash camp and back to Grandma's for the rest of the week, since I'll be starting back to work on Thursday. It will probably be calmer, there.

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