Friday, July 10, 2009


We reached one today. After about a month of tentative wiggling, and careful chewing, Raine lost her first tooth this evening. She had been rather stressed over it, as I'm sure many children are. She worried when she was at the dentist that they would pull her loose teeth out. She worried later that she would have to go back and then they would pull some teeth out. Her friend Ezekiel had to have a couple pulled, and she figured it would be her turn next, I guess.

Still, We have managed to get the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy. She asked what the tooth fairy looked like, and I told her kids don't get to know, since the tooth fairy only comes when they are asleep.

I'll bet the next one will be a little easier all the way around.

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Fran said...

Well congratulations to the big girl on completing this first step!

Now she has teeth she'll have to maintain, although come to think of it, the way dentistry is progressing, I bet soon tooth decay will be a thing of the past.

Lucky dogs!